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Tracy is floored to see AJ standing in her living room. Once the shock wears off, Tracy becomes enraged because AJ is alive.  Monica tries to assure her things aren’t as they seem, and she can explain.  Tracy scoffs at her, and AJ warns Tracy to stop badgering his mother.  Monica admits she faked AJ’s death and assisted him out of the country.  Tracy is sure AJ is back because he’s out of money, and is still angry about what happened to Alan. Monica wants Tracy to keep the secret for Alan’s sake, but Tracy decides to call the police. 

Dante informs Lulu the adoption agency responded and will be sending over a social worker to go over their application.  Lulu’s surprised at the speed of things and feels they need time to prepare.  Lulu admits she panicked and changed the application form to make the families sound better.  Dante wants to cancel the appointment to give them time to tell the truth, but Lulu thinks they don’t have time. She feels it's best to go with the story she made up.  
Dante gets a call from Tracy about a fugitive, but the line goes dead before Tracy can get a word out. Alice puts Tracy in a chokehold that knocks her out cold.  Monica tells Dante everything is fine.

Carly informs Todd that Michael was asking questions about AJ, and she told him the truth. Carly’s upset Michael seemed so disillusioned, and wonders who would have told Michael the story in the first place.  Carly decides Monica has to be the culprit in this situation. Todd assures Carly that Michael will be fine.  Carly tells him about her episode with AJ on the docks, and Sonny convincing AJ is dead. Todd realizes this is what Starr meant when she said Michael had a secret.  Carly heads out to find Michael, but thanks Todd for listening and being her friend. 
At Starr's place, Michael’s concerned he accidentally told his mother AJ is alive.  Starr reminds him this could be dangerous for AJ, who is still a wanted man.  Michael is angry Carly never gave AJ a chance to be a father, and questions whether AJ was telling the truth about Sonny’s involvement.  He explains to Starr about the meat hook, and Sonny using AJ’s alcoholism against him.  Michael is unsure of his feelings for Sonny now.
Michael decides he needs to talk to Sonny to see if AJ is lying. Starr reminds him Sonny is at the custody hearing, and it’s probably not a good time to talk to him.  Michael agrees and wants to speak with AJ again, instead. Before leaving, he tells Star he knew he could trust her.

At the commitment hearing, Diane arrives as Connie’s lawyer, which upsets Sonny.  She tells the judge the hearing is only because Sonny, who was humiliated by Connie on their wedding day, is manipulating Trey. 
Sonny takes the stand and testifies it upset him to hear that Connie had married Johnny, but he only wants to get Kate back. Sonny affirms Connie is a symptom of the illness. 
Connie takes the stand and says she was in a terrible relationship with Sonny, and couldn’t get out. However, Johnny helped her escape and they fell in love, which led to marriage.  Connie assures the judge Johnny is a legitimate businessman now, and accuses Sonny of turning her son against her. 
Johnny gets on the stand and Alexis asks why he married Connie. Johnny claims he’s in love with Connie. Alexis pushes the issue saying he knows Kate needs help and suggests he has something to lose. She instructs Johnny to do the right thing and tell the truth.  Johnny assures Alexis that Connie has no leverage against him, and they love each other. 
Diane takes Trey to task and makes it look like he wants revenge on his mother for abandoning him at birth. Trey says his friend was hurt by Connie, and feels she’s a danger to the general public.  He also admits he wants a relationship with his mother, but can’t have one while she’s sick. He only wants her to get help.
Diane asks the motion to commit be dismissed, affirming Kate Howard is the alter and Connie is the dominate personality.  
Dante agrees to go along with Lulu’s story, as the adoption agent arrives for their interview.  Lulu explains the Haunted Star is a family restaurant, not a floating casino, and Dante is a boring detective.  She also says Luke was in the peace corp., and Laura is a psychiatrist.  As for Dante’s parents, she claims Sonny is a coffee importer who made his millions when he invented small coffee cups.  The agent seems to buy Lulu's lies, until she angrily admits knowing all about Olivia being attacked with LSD. The jig is up for Dante and Lulu.
Alice informs the gang that Tracy will wake up in fifteen minutes, and wonders what should be done with her.  AJ jokes they should kill her, but knows Tracy will call the police the second she wakes up.  Alice and AJ take Tracy down to the boathouse, as Michael arrives to speak to AJ.
Carly confronts Monica about AJ being alive. She demands to know where she's hiding him.

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    Alice gave me LIFE when she knocked Tracy’s ass out on today’s episode. I love Tracy Q, but she needs to be knocked down a peg or two. She is hardly in a position to be so judgmental. How many gangsters has she fallen in love with/married?

    Starr seems to drag down every scene she’s in. She’s like a walking cure for insomnia. I really wish they’d send Starr back to Llanview. I just roll my eyes whenever she’s on.

    Dominic Zamprogna is a good-looking guy, but I think he looked better with longer hair.

    Can’t wait for Carly and Monica’s showdown tomorrow…….

    Kate/Connie has gotten tiresome and is wearing thin for me. My nerves are practically non-existent. I can only handle Kelly Sullivan and her schtick in small doses. Good actress, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t feel the need for her to be on my screen nine days a week.

  2. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @alstonboy: I completely agree about the “human Ambien” that Starr Manning represents (Kristina and Trey also fit the category.) I admit to liking Starr/Trey the other day but not enough to wish for them to stay. LOL.

    I disagree with you on Dominic Zamprogna’s appearance. I think he looks 100x better with the haircut. I LOVE Dante under these writers. I like Lulu better these days but she has apparently watched too many episodes of “I Love Lucy” thinking she could pull such a stunt and get away with it. I hate that the adoption option has been dashed, leaving the surrogacy route for the couple.

    And, I am back to agreeing with you about Connie/Kate and Kelly Sullivan’s performances. Her mugging and exaggerated behavior was too much, specifically the hug of Johnny & Diane in court. My eyes rolled so far back in my head I gave myself a splitting headache. This story has gone on far too long and needs to end now. It’s such a waste of all of the actors involved.

    I am loving Michael (Chad Duell) the most in the “AJ returns” story. I really enjoyed how Michael confronted Carly about her past misdeeds and how he is sympathetic to AJ. I never loved AJ and not a fan of the actor (Sean Kanan) but this story is great for Michael, Carly, Monica and even Alice!

  3. Profile photo of diremommy

    I agree about Dom’s hair. He looks like a little boy with it cut like this. First Johnny’s hair mess, and now Dom’s, who is doing the hair on this show these days?

    I agree, Starr is so DULL. I don’t remember finding her so dull on OLTL.

    I’m totally enjoying every scene AJ is in, and I’m glad they aren’t dragging out the reveal that he’s alive. Monica, Michael, Alice, Tracy and now Carly! I really do hope they let him be a changed man, and not the perpetual screw up he always was.

  4. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Everything that happened in the Quarterbraine mansion today was GOLDEN! Hilarious, from Tracy saying AJ can’t even DIE properly to Alice taking her out with a sleeper hold. Just killer killer comedy!

    I see the Starr haters have organized once again. She can do no right in this town from the moment she crossed the city limits and had the gall to be upset when her daughter and boyfriend died tragically. She grieved too much for some yet she didn’t show the precisely proper amount of emotion for others. Then, people whined because she was too front-and-center, and now she’s dull because she’s in prop-up-Michael mode. She will just never win with some people, just as the lunatic Sam fans and lunatic Liz fans go into fits of rage when the one they hate breathes the wrong way. I find it all endlessly entertaining to read all the histrionics. Don’t ever change, people! (Oh, disregard that last statement. I know you won’t.) ;-)

  5. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    I mostly agree TV Gord. While I fond Starr’s histrionics a bit much at the beginning, I’m enjoying her now–both with Trey (talk about a HUGE improvement) and Michael.

    I like AJ’s introduction a lot. They’re moving it along at a good pace. And I agree Tracy needed to pipe down–she’s a hoot–but a hypocrite.

    Enough of Maxie pining over Spinelli–she and Elizabeth need real relationships.

    Does it mean something that our “beauty in disguise” knows Juan (didn’t watch then)?

  6. Profile photo of really

    I am loving SK and CD in this AJ/Michael story. I have never been impressed with CD but he is playing the beats of this really well. I give him props.

    KSu should take some acting lessons from Chad because she is without a doubt the worst this show has ever scene. I can’t with this story, honestly it has to end have ConJohn fall madly in love and leave FOREVER. I don’t care what you do with Sonny, I didnt’ think Sonny could get more ruined then he was because of Carly but this Skate/Connie mess has made him even worse. KSu makes Megan Fox look like an Oscar winner and I just can’t take the shtick anymore. END IT NOW!!! If this doesn’t end I am going back to youtube clips.

    Love Tracy, don’t care what she does JE is brilliant and I love having an active Q house. The Qs make GH and should never be discounted to bring it!

  7. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Once again, I gotta stick up for Kelly Sullivan and batshit crazy (or IS she?) Connie! Or… is it “Kate”! Eeeeeee!

    The only real overacting that was done today was Sean Kanan. While I loved everything that went on at the Quartermaine’s, there were multiple times when Kanan’s expressions made AJ look like a Republican watching Tuesday’s election returns on Fox News.

  8. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Dante’s hair looks nice! I’ve been screaming since DZ got on that show that he needed to cut his hair. I wouldn’t mind it even shorter. He looks younger with short hair. Dante is only supposed to be about 26, but with that hair, DZ was looking his age, around 32.

    I ADORE Tracy & JE, but the character does need tone taken down a peg or 4. She has 0 family loyalty. If Ned or Dilion were in AJ’s position, she would’ve done the same thing. Not too many people can cast stones at AJ. Who hasn’t done something criminal in Port Charles?!

    Maybe Kate is the alter & Connie is real. If written properly, I could deal with this only if her & Johnny are the endgame. Get Sonny out of their orbit.

  9. Profile photo of curacaoman

    The timeline these days sucks! First the 3-in-1 day, now Lante submits an application in the morning, which is reviewed by lunch and they are interviewed by afternoon. This is not good, people! And did they really think that no one knows who Sonny Corinthos is?
    Also, when did Starr acquire so much stuff, requiring so many boxes?
    And enough with the ConTe mess!

  10. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Ah, this episode was so good, once again.

    Can’t wait to see tomorrow, I hope Monica wipes the floor with Carly! It slightly annoyed me that Carly didn’t make a beeline to the Q house right away, but insisted on whining to Todd. Of course, she *would* tell him of all people, cause she knows he can’t really judge her! Ha!

    Have I mentioned how great it is to see Monica front and center in the longest time?

    I love Tracy, but seriously, call the police on your nephew right away, without even hearing him out first? She is so spiteful to the rest of the Qs. I suppose that makes her who she is, but sometimes enough is enough.

    Gotta love Alice’s chokehold! Lol! And I loved how giddy AJ was after that, he was like a schoolboy who was telling Monica, “Mommy look! We won the evil old woman!” :D

    The courtroom scenes were so cartoonish. Like the judge would have allowed Connie to shout directly at Sonny from the witness stand, gmab. I did kind of like Diane’s argument about Kate being the alter – it is a possibility.

  11. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I so agree that Starr drags down every scene she’s in. When she had the nerve to say AJ sounds kind of horrible, I’m like LOOK AT YOUR DAD AND UNCLE!! She can’t call anyone horrible. That whole scene between her and Michael was ruined because of her.

    I so loved the Quartermaine scenes. So glad Alice knocked out Tracy. Tracy got the nerve to get mad about AJ shooting Alan when she tried to kill her ouwn father!!!! Hypocrite.

    Also, the Quatermaines bicker and hate each other but they love each other that they still have each other’s back. They always have covered up for each other. So for Tracy to run and tell on AJ was so no in character of a Q. Hated that.

    I hate that Luluis so on this baby kick. She’s still young. Dante is still young. Let them have some type of adventure. Not long ago Lulu said she loved the rush she felt when she got kidnapped and stuff. Let her go on a adventure. A real one not one where she goes to a whore house and pretends to be a whore.

  12. Profile photo of SavePortChuck

    [quote=Yoryla]Have I mentioned how great it is to see Monica front and center in the longest time? [/quote]

    For me, this is the most thrilling change Frank and Ron have made to GH. I’ll never forget when Leslie Charleson announced that she was canned by Phelps. Yet another very talented vet sent out to pasture. Not only is she back now but she’s been in nearly every episode for WEEKS now! “The Return of AJ” is easily my favorite story line yet under the new regime. It’s accomplishing what I thought we’d never see again… the RETURN of the Quartermaines!

    I think Dominic Zamprogna looks sooooo much better with short hair. When Dante first appeared on screen I was like “WHO is THAT??” So glad that shaggy hair is gone!

    I know I’m in the minority with this one… I don’t mind Starr at all.

  13. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=TV Gord]I see the Starr haters have organized once again. She can do no right in this town from the moment she crossed the city limits and had the gall to be upset when her daughter and boyfriend died tragically. She grieved too much for some yet she didn’t show the precisely proper amount of emotion for others. Then, people whined because she was too front-and-center, and now she’s dull because she’s in prop-up-Michael mode. She will just never win with some people, just as the lunatic Sam fans and lunatic Liz fans go into fits of rage when the one they hate breathes the wrong way.[/quote]

    @TVGord: I’m not a “whiner”, “hater” or a “lunatic” because I do not like a character on a soap opera or because I happen to have an opinion that differs from yours. Starr Manning has been a poor character since she was thrust into front-burner s/ls on OLTL in 2007. She’s better as a supporting character but still not good enough to see on-screen as often. I don’t think she has added much to GH (or OLTL in it’s last five years) but takes up screentime better shared for better characters/actors.

  14. Profile photo of Yoryla

    TVGord, you’re comment wasn’t jerky. It was your opinion and what you felt is right. There is nothing wrong with that :)

    My opinion is Starr is mixed, she doesn’t annoy me to high heaven but I do still feel she is a waste of current space. The other storylines are so awesome, that I just can’t help but FF through her. It especially showed in the scenes with Maxie.

    But maybe this new AJ thing can bring some good stuff for her, if she and Michael were to move into the Q mansion I would love it. That would make her more relevant to me. I WANT to like her. That’s also why I wished they wouldn’t have killed her child, I liked her better as a mom. It made her look more mature.

  15. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    I simply love everything this show is doing right now. There are better stories than others, but it’s all pretty darn good from where I’m standing. LOVING the way they are reintroducing AJ back into the picture. Tracy and Alice were pure gold. Monica front and center is fantastic. And Carly bursting in on Monica is amazing. Looking forward to those scenes.

    I’m a Kelly Sullivan defender. I am not a HUGE fan of DID stories because I think they can tend to go a little overboard, but honestly I am sort of liking Connie more than Kate. And KS is a really good actor. She’s doing well as both characters and really having fun with Connie. Is that wrong? It would be interesting if Kate were actually the bad one and Connie was really who she is. I can also really see potential between Connie and Johnny. Ron Carlivati can do something like this really well, just looks at Tess and Nash from OLTL. They really became a couple that people liked, but Tess eventually had to be turned back to Jessica and Nash was killed off. Maybe this story is going into a similar direction. 10 bucks says Connie gets pregnant by Johnny.

    I never really thought Kristen Alderson was that great of an actor on OLTL and I don’t think she’s the best, but I don’t hate her. I wish they would give her something meaty to do. I like her and Michael together, but that’s about it. I never understood the reasoning behind bringing her to GH, there were other characters I would have preferred. I wish she would have come on as a spoiled, bitchy Serena Baldwin…with Lucy Coe coming back, that would been great. I just hope they do something really good with Starr soon. Not sure what, but hope they do something soon. Still hate that they killed off Hope, but I figured they just wanted a complete clean slate with the character.

  16. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I am LOVING seeing the Quartermain family back , and with so many scenes. The actress that plays Monica must be overjoyed, she hasn’t been on this much in years! She is starting to look better, (Better make-up). She really should lay off the plastic surgery. At a certain age it doesn’t help anymore, it just gives you that awful mannequin look. She pulled her eyes too much, in some scenes they almost looked bulging. But the last few shows she is looking better. Loved Alice knocking out Tracy (Jane Elliot is always so fabulous, AND, she’s had no plastic surgery!). I really like Sean Kanan in the role. They could only have brought the character of AJ back with Jason being gone, because Jason was always the golden prince who could do no wrong. I hope we now see more of AJ’s side of the story, and I will love to see Carly and Sonny knocked down a notch and have Micheal (Chad has been great in the role the last few days) side more with AJ, his real father.I can’t believe how much I have been enjoying the show lately.

  17. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I am so loving Carly getting hers!! I hope Monica tells her to shove it. I love LW and I don’t mind Carly- but she is a character that needs Karma. I hope to see everything happen to her that she did to the Q’s.. Some tramp pit her boys against each other- take one of her sons away. For to long she was written as never ever having to loose- along with Sonny so please make her loose something. I am also tired of hearing how bad AJ is- yes he has done awful things. But hello didn’t Trcy withhold her fathers meds from him. Or Sonny who bustedd into Robins house and shot her in front of her daughter. I just love to see the different POV’s coming to light..

  18. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Gosh I’m enjoying the AJ storyline without Jason in it enjoying the Tracey/Monica at the mansion

    …I waited over a decade for Carly’s come uptteance and found myself watching Billy Warlock/SJb’s storyline when she stole the drugs from Tony to spike AJ’s pineapple juice

    wondering how Robin storyline will play out who the villain is (Faison)? will we see a proactive kickAss Anna Devane?

    Loved Robin’s dialog telling her captors as much as “You don’t know who you’re (bleeping) with my parents will come up in here, up in here.” I am Robin Scorpio…hot dang it… for some reason she reminded me when she was little hiding in the closet that time running out the kitchen door

    and curious as to how she will re-exit the canvas…

    Still hoping for Elizabeth in a top tier front burning storyline instead of just propping newbies…Becky’s character deserves better than the way she’s being treated.

    sitting on pins and needles waiting for the “meat hook” to come back to haunt Stumpy…

  19. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    Not the biggest Starr Manning fan, but I can take her in small doses. At least she’s not on as much as she was earlier on.

    Sean K. is overacting but I am sure he will be ok once he is comfortable in the role. The fact that he’s making some really bad decisions because of his obsession with Michael.

    Agree with others love Jane E., but Tracey definately definately needs to be taken down a few pegs. I am absolutely giddy that the Q’s are getting some much deserved airtime.

    I am so over this DID storyline, I always suspected that Kate was the alter, but what confuses me is that if she really is/was Connie then why isn’t she the supposedly sweet girl that Sonny fell in love with? However they wish to resolve this I wish they would hurry, I am sick and tired of Connie and her coarse personality.

  20. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Yorla, ITA seeing Monica upfront center instead of just being dragged out for Jason propping is a sight to behold yes she is propping but this is a large part of Monica’s story too…her history…a lot of years just totally wasted in the Frons’ Guza era of suck…they never got it that its the vet crew that drives new story for the next generation…something that Dallas 2012 writes so well…

    For those not familiar or too young to have seen this outside of Utube if you want to see Monica in action when she was written very well back in the day… here is one that was shared by another poster when she confronts Carly re: drugging AJ…”if you don’t leave him alone

    “I will kill you.”

  21. Profile photo of mipeony

    Yes, Tracey Q always needs to be knocked down a peg or two, but after hearing two or three speeches from Monica the last month or so about how Tracey should’ve just called the cops on Joe Jr right away and how wrong she was not to report him, well Tracey was just trying to do what Monica told her to do about criminals in the house! Quartermaines just aren’t Q’s without being hypocrites to one another! Loved the scenes though!

    AJ was downright ten year old girl giddy when Tracey was out on the floor.

    I’m hoping that the PC scales of balance are finally going to swing away from Sonny and Carly and be bestowed upon some others in town who go up against them. Hopefully when Carly and Monica confront one another, Monica gets allowed some good lines.

    I loved DZ’s longer locks, but I also think he looks good with his new haircut. Other than that, I don’t care about their baby storyline at all. It wasn’t that long ago Lulu was running around chasing after her father in bordellos and whining about how much she didn’t want to marry a cop because she didn’t want to deal with being a cop’s widow. It’s just too sonn for them to be on the baby train, but I guess if they want to set up a Luke and Laura grandbaby for the big anniversary GH has coming, well that’s what we’ll get.

  22. Profile photo of samIShot

    So Duke is wearing a Duke mask. Guessing by Robin’s reaction that is is Faison, though from what i read they haven’t gotten him back yet (so we will probably not see his face for a month or two)…..

  23. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    This show is ON FIRE!!!! Now we are talking, The Q’s are back in force, it went from one scene to the next of reveal after reveal. This is how you write and produce a good soap. The look of terror on Robins face when she saw that mask come off gave me goose bumps because you know she is seeing the face of the man who terrorized her family for so many years. Then AJ walks into the house and walks right into Carly. Go Monica!!! Ive been waiting for YEARS for someone to tell Carly off, and no one could have done it better than Monica. For what Carly has stolen from Monica, Her sons, and her Grandson, The Monica I used to know would have eaten her for lunch. This show is finally getting back on track. Its been a decade of hell, a decade of the Frons/Guza nightmare, but it appears to finally be over. WELCOME BACK GENERAL HOSPITAL, YOU WERE MISSED.

  24. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    [quote=wiggum]so if we assume Duke is who we all think he is(not to spoil), I never watched GH then, why would Robin be so scared of them?[/quote]

    Wiggum, You are in for a rare treat, This must be the one and only Faison. One of the most wicked, twisted villians in soap history. He was obsessed with Anna, and caused the near destruction of the Scorpio family for years. Robin lived in fear as a child of Faison because of what he had done to her mother and father. Faison is to the Scorpios what the Cassadines have been to the Spencers. It makes me so happy that Frank and Ron have gone back into the shows history and have played off the best of its stories and are bringing to life this collection amazing moments that made General Hospital the iconic soap that is will forever be known as.

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