Kassie DePaiva Previews Blair Tangling With “Powerful Women” on General Hospital!

One Life to Live's Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) will soon be popping up again on General Hospital, and it sounds like viewers will be in for a treat. In a blog post on her official website, DePaiva teased Blair's upcoming interactions with Skye (Robin Christopher), Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Carly (Laura Wright). Said DePaiva:

I hope everyone will be happy with this next little stint on General Hospital. Most of the time was spent with Robin Christopher (Skye), Florencia Lozano (Tea), Laura Wright (Carly)…. Three incredibly talented powerful women that I have so enjoyed sharing the stage with And most importantly my life with. I have truly been blessed and this week I am feeling most grateful for all the goodness and good people in my world.

Are you excited to see Blair mix it up with these other fiery women? Sound off in the comments! 

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    Looking forward to Blair’s visit. But GH really needs to make a decision: either have her on recurring more regularly or put her on contract with the other OLTL imports. Starr & especially Todd feel like disconnected characters on GH without some of their family around. Todd left Lanview having issues with his son Jack & there’s no way I can swallow the fact that he’d just give up on him like that, not after missing out on most of his childhood by being away from him for 8 years. And then there’s Blair. Blair could replace Kate/Connie at the head of Crimson. Plus, fans have been waiting for a long long time to see Todd & Blair reunited but now, even after those two admitted to still love one another, they shipped Blair off back to Lanview to marry Tomas, the guy who delivered Todd to his tormentors & now they have Todd stuck in Port Charles holding Carly’s purse & being up in his neck in another lame baby lie. OLTL fans who are also fans of GH were promised Mannings by ABC at the beginning of the year. How can that be when only half of the family is there?

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I totally agree with you Cath. These random visits are starting to get on my nerves. I absolutely LOVE Blair and Téa, and I think both or either one of them should definitely be put on contract. For a long time, I actually thought Florencia HAD been put on contract, it was even reported last April that she was. But I guess it was some sort of special, short-term contract

    Just make a decision – pick a side and stay there!

  3. Profile photo of Forever21

    No she adds nothing to the show and the random visits are pointless. How many times are they going to announce she is back this year? We have Carly, GH doesnt need the OLTL version. This show has many strong women who barely get any stories written for them so she is not needed keep her away.

  4. Profile photo of samIShot

    Todd is one of the best things to come to GH in a long time. The beauty of having 40-50 characters is that we aren’t overwhelmed with any 1 story. That was a staple of OLTL and it makes the pacing so much better. I agree you don’t need Blair AND Carly, but i dont mind the random drop ins. As a OLTL fan, i hope they fix this Todd/Victor thing to get that off his back…

  5. Profile photo of BigFan

    Yay! Blair is coming back. I wish she could stay. I know we have Carly but there is no reason we can’t have both. I am looking forward to the Blair storyline with Skye. I miss Skye too.

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    samIShot – Agree we that we don’t need both Carly and Blair on the GH canvas right now also. The characters are very different but the same archetype. Although I have enjoyed KDP visits to GH, I’m not really sure she fits the canvas enough to be on full time. Loved her on OLTL but I just think she doesn’t have the right vibe for GH. I think she would be a better fit for something lighter and more glamorous such as BB or Y&R. Plus if they do want to do a triangle with Carly/Todd/Blair then it won’t be any good unless Tarly is further along in their relationship than they are now. She just isn’t really what GH needs right now. I am really looking forward to seeing Blair vs. Skye again and hoping that they give Blair a better ending point this time then shackling her to Tomas.

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    I think the Blair visits add a bit of context and helps clarify the motivation behind Starr and Todd for GH viewers who did not watch OLTL. Second, Ron and Frank are probably going to bring on Ted King once the Prospect Park deal ends. Clearly there is a huge..huge..story that could be told by linking Tomas and the Alcazar Brothers. However, you have to setup the players and if that means bringing on Tea and Blair for short bursts, so be it. Remember Skye and Blair have history on OLTL.

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    I’m a huge OLTL fan, but it is time to stop all of the back and forth with Blair, Tea and McBain. McBam was just JaSam angst and was never going to be a couple.

    If TSJ aka Victor Lord Jr. shows up in PC with Tea then all bets are off! :party:

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