SPOILERS: Will Adam’s Move to Help Sharon Cost Cheslea’s Family Everything on Young and Restless?


Adam/Chelsea: The Newman black sheep learns about Gloworm being torched, and immediately contacts the arsonist he's hired to cover for Sharon. Adam blasts the firebug for what he's done. He's all for Sharon not being charged for the ranch's fire, but not at Chelsea's expense.

Speaking of Chelsea, she grill Adam about the fire at her family's place of business. Adam insists his hands are clean. Chelsea lets it go, but later decides to do some sleuthing on her own.

Noah: Poor lad discovers some shocking information about his mom.


Ronan/Phyllis: The two go out on a date, to see if a real relationship is possible. While on the date, both Ronan and Phyllis are a bit uneasy. Ronan figures out Phyllis still wants Nick, while she deduces all he wants is a physical relationship. After ending dinner early, they head back to Phyllis' place. Sucks to be Ronan, because Red asks him to scram!

Later, Phyllis calls Nick and pleads with him to hold off on meeting with their divorce attorneys. Nick refuses her request. Phyllis asks  Avery to come to the meeting with Nick and their lawyers. Phyllis is stunned when Avery tells her she can't, because she and Nick are an item!

Things go from bad to worse for Phyllis, when Nick declares he has no plans to reconcile with her. Expect a livid Phyllis to look for a little payback. 

Katherine: The grand dame lends Nina a shoulder to cry on.

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    Somehow I still hope the make Noah gay. The story about this secret missing “thing” in New York would actually assume it to be right. Don’t know what else he could be hiding. And with all the guys coming on in the upcoming weeks, I might just hope Noah’s love interest is among them.

    Phyllis needs to let go of Nick. Didn’t she always say that Sharon looked desperate by going after Nick? Phyllis is passed this state a very long time ago.

    I don’t expect that we will see much of Nina anymore. Her relationship with Ronan seems broken and I don’t see how Josh Griffith would fix it after so many attempts.

    Even now that she FINALLY gets some character development or let just say a real character at all, I still don’t like Chelsea. :P Team Sharon all the way. :D

  2. Profile photo of tedew

    noway … good one!

    soapjunkie88 … I agree and hope so too but still doubt Noah will reveal that about himself.
    Phyllis does need to let go of Nick just like he has of her. I still can’t stand Phyllis but neither of them should subject themselves to each other again.
    However … I do like Chelsea.

  3. Profile photo of kintex

    That was fast, Christine is staying so Paul dumps Nina next week? lol I thought they were actually going to get some sort of story or triangle with the 3 characters.

    I am team Sharon and Adam. I think they should try Jack and Chelsea.

    Between her daughter supporting Nick & Avery and Noah loving Avery’s cupcakes, the odds are stacked against Phyllis.

  4. Profile photo of Mets82

    Good for Avery!! Im glad nobody has to placate Phyllis and her huge ego. Shes sickening. I mean if you dont side with her, forget it. You know what, I wouldnt mind Avery and Nick sticking it to Phyllis.

    I dont understand one thing about the spoilers about Adam. It says “He’s all for Sharon not being charged for the ranch’s fire, but not at Chelsea’s expense.” I dont understand what that means. They think Chelsea started the fire?

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    I am hearing rumors left and right that Doug Davidson is gonna be the next “casualty”……and that they are keeping Lauralee Bell, who should have been sent out of town right after the trial, was kept around by Griffith and Phelps to play into Paul/Doug’s exit story.

    They need to get rid of those lame ducks, Cane and Lily, instead. And that Eden chick who serves no purpose.

    Furthermore, if Paul is gonna be leaving the canvas, I love the character too much to see him be forced to walk off into the sunset with that annoying BUG…..

    Now back on topic:

    I understand totally Adam trying to help Sharon to help atone for stealing her baby, and all his other misdeeds. I also understand Chelsea wanting to beat Sharon like she stole something and Adam’s mixed loyalties. This story is perfect soap! It makes sense, unlike all the crap that Bell wrote for the latter of 4 years.

    I am on Team Sharon, for once! I want to see Sharon and Adam unite to bring down those self-righteous Newmans! Especially Nikki and Tricktoria. I never thought I would give a damn about Sharon again after the hatchet-job that Bell has done on her, but I am happy to see that this character might NOT be irredeemable and that there might be light at the end of the tunnel after all………

    It’s amazing what new writers can do for a show!!

  6. Profile photo of tedew

    Mets82 … the Adam spoilers simply mean that Adam does not want to see Sharon be found out but at the same time does not want that to destroy Chelsea or their marriage. I hope that this is all settled quickly so we don’t have to see Nikki rag and rant and rave ad nauseum against Sharon in addition to everything else she’s getting concerned about.

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    tashikins … so you can’t stand Sharon even though we are all quite well aware that she is not and has not be a well woman for years now? Plus you can actually put up with Nikki on a vendetta; all that coming from someone who came from lower down than Sharon ever was? The same Nikki who has killed so far as we know to this date three persons? The same Nikki who subjects herself to possible mental abuse each time she reconnects with Victor. The same Nikki who could possibly be the President of the Hypocrisy Guild of Genoa City?

  8. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=soapjunkie88]Somehow I still hope the make Noah gay. The story about this secret missing “thing” in New York would actually assume it to be right. Don’t know what else he could be hiding. And with all the guys coming on in the upcoming weeks, I might just hope Noah’s love interest is among them.[/quote]

    At this point, what with all the secretive behavior around Nick, I’d be shocked if Noah wasn’t gay. Still think the character they’re bringing on out of NY is who sent Noah that text and will end up being Noah’s “secret”, if you will. If that’s the case, the new Noah paired with the actor playing this new character will be the hottest gay twosome on TV and I’m more than ok with that :).

  9. Profile photo of tashikins

    I couldn’t stand Sharon even before she became ‘unwell’. Nikki protects her family at all cost, Sharon is gold digging and foolish. I agree that Nikki subjects herself to mental abuse–that makes me sympathise with her not dislike her. How is Nikki a hypocrite? She does not deny her past and her dislike of Sharon has nothing to do with where she came from but with how she treated with where she went. We do not dislike people for being poor–at least I do not and neither does Nikki. When exactly did Sharon become unwell? When she left Cassie with her stepfather for months? When she was stealing? When she fell in love with the man who STOLE HER CHILD? When? Nikki is delicioulsy Diva and I love her.

  10. Profile photo of Van

    Well, on Monday’s episode, Noah actually mentions “Adriana” to Nick and tells him that she cheated on him. It would seem that the mystery of Noah’s phone calls will end with this episode. Or does it? Hmmmm……

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    hey mon

    tash — I think we are all supposed to believe that Adam is not pure evil anymore. He paid the price by having his child miscarry by Summer and the accident. This is the payback for what he did to Victor and Ashley. So now we are supposed to think Adam is an OK guy, not obsessed with Sharon, and is truly trying to help her. Oh, no to mention the other buildings he is paying to have burned down.

    alston — Im hoping both Daniel and Kyle come back, and start fighting over Eden. I like her, and she should be front and center, as should Kyle.

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    So for those who don’t know and haven’t been watching since prior to 2007, the Young and the Restless has the Newmans and the Abbotts. And Kay and Jill. They are mainstays of the show and for us longtime fans, the reason most of us tune in. Nick and Sharon were the next Nikki and Victor. The Winters are important and need front burner status.

    If the new regime doesn’t write for these major characters, the remaining loyal fans will tune out. Simple as that.

    We have always loved us some Phyllis, Michael, Paul, Lauren, and the characters that support them. This would now include Adam.

    Start throwing the hate, but I am tired of people bitching about how they hate Nikki, or Victor, or Sharon, or Phil. C’mon y’all they ARE this show. Let’s all just go along for the ride and stop complaining.

    Yes, I have done my share, but it’s about the WRITERS and how they’ve treated these characters. Stop complaining about the characters, and put the blame on the writers….and yes, that now does include Josh.

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    tashikins … you are basically correct but I really don’t think Sharon is a gold digger; Nikki just says she is. Nikki bugs me because of the way she acts when she’s “comfortable” with Victor. And look at the way she turned on her once and nearly future husband Jack.

    peferrando … you are also basically correct but at the same time we need strong new characters to root for. We ARE allowed complain about the standard bearers because they just continue to do the same old things over and over and over again and again and again.

    Of course non of that means that most of us don’t continue to enjoy to varying degrees what we are watching.

  14. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    pferrando — I definitely think it’s true that the core need to remain the Newmans and the Abbotts, with the support being the Chancellors and the Winters. May as well be, it’s been that way for the past 25 years. Wouldn’t change that now, now that Daytime probably has only 5 years left.

    But the shift does need to change to the younger actors who are are part of these families. Obviously Cassie and Colleen can’t come back, because they were stupidly killed off. But hopefully, Abby can be re-cast, and maybe DAYS can give some down time to Eileen D, and she can do a cameo at Christmas or New Years.

    And let’s face it. We want to see some skin on the screen — young skin. I want to see Summer prance around like a cheerleader, or Eden in body paint. Others want to see Nick rip off his shirt, or Carmine in a towel fresh out of the shower. We don’t want to see Victor, or Nikki, in those positions. So the 60’s and 70’s year olds have to fade into the background.

    And now I read that Ronan is gone… bye bye… Phack!

  15. Profile photo of pjc722

    I like the new direction the show is taking even if they have decided that Abby has to go. I hope they don’t recast or “de-age” her so that she fits into the demo of Noah and Summer. It would be ridiculous after all the money the character has and all of her stories. Plus, Rylan has been fantastic in the role.

    Not sure why Carmine is sticking around, although the actor is some great eye candy. But i will hold out for his story. I just hope that it is a believable reason why Abby leaves town.

    As for Nikki and how she jumps sides so much is one of the reasons why I can’t take the character so much. In one week she struggles to get Jack to like/love her again after she left him to search for Victor. (BTW, why Nikki and/or her 2 kids with Victor didn’t spend their vasts amount of money to search for him to make sure he was OK but feel compelled to blame Billy, Tucker and Genivieve for knowing and not doing anything about it is absurd!) Now that Nikki has Victor again she seems to forget that Jack has been one of the only men in her life that has treated her as a person and not a possession. Lest we forget all the years that Victor didn’t want her to work, run for public office, be her own person and how when she would stand up to TGVN he would verbally abuse her to no end. Wish the writers would write her stronger.

    As much as I love Nick and Avery, the simple fact is that Nick lets his mother say that Sharon has gone through all the Newman men but now Nick is going through all of Summers’ women and not a word in sight about his “slutty ways”?!! I wish the writers were being a little more respectful of Phyllis and her relationship with Avery… although extremely flawed.

  16. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    What do you call a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, gives a baby up for adoption in her teens, sinks her hooks in to the cities rich boy. Then marries her way through the richest family in GC. A gold digger!! She isn’t crazy she’s desperate! She screwed up in a drunken stupor and has to get out of it some way. Let’s play crazy!!
    She’s a fake.
    Then right beside Sharon’s fakery we have Avery! All sweetsy pathetic heifer that goes after her sisters husband. What kind of woman or sister does that!?
    Maybe Sharon and Avery are sisters instead of Phyllis and Avery.

  17. Profile photo of pferrando

    I guess I don’t like so much complaining where the core characters are concerned. They’ve kept the show #1 since the late 80’s.

    I wonder what, if anything, we’d have complained about in the 80’s and 90’s during the show’s heyday? It was fantastic up until LML got her hands on the show in 2006/2007. Just curious.

  18. Profile photo of Van

    Carmine goes from a nothing character, acting only as Abby’s boyfriend/sidekick, to getting a story of his own? I wonder what these writers have up their sleeve? Maybe Carmine is gay! The actor has done it before in some movie. I highly doubt it though; I think the writers are going to send Carmine back to his bad boy ways, and will pen a storyline for him that will help to reflect that. Having said that, I can’t help but to recall a spoiler that came out twice, once in July, then again in mid-August. The spoiler was “a young adult recently returned to Genoa City comes out.” In mid-August, the spoiler was listed in the SOC Down the road previews. By this time, Kevin Schmidt had already left the role of Noah, so it seemed the spoiler was updated and targeted towards the actor who’s currently playing Noah. But now Noah is talking about “Adriana”, which I’m more than willing to believe is his code name for Alex. LOL.

  19. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    what? thud! Carmine is staying? OOOOH honey! LOL! Best news I heard all day, and I learned of it here.

    Maybe he will start and escort service in Genoa City and hire Nick and some others as part of his “stable”….

    He has a nice ass…. gotta give him that! :)

  20. Profile photo of pferrando

    Yeah, Josh revealed in SOD that Carmine is getting a story. We need some Young and Restless hunks who can peel their shirts off. Remember that Bill Bell did it ALL the time. Bring it on…grrrr.

  21. Profile photo of tedew

    pjc722 … your post #23 (especially the paragraph concerning Nikki and recent events concerning Victor) is so right on the mark as far as I’m concerned.

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