Barbara Walters Talks Lindsay Lohan Dissing Her For Leno on The View

Veteran TV journalist Barbara Walters is not too keen on troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan these days. Last week, LiLo bowed out of a sit-down interview with Walters on 20/20, after her new publicity team claimed the actress wasn't "up to it."

Instead, Lohan's team decided to grant her first interview to promote Liz & Dick to Jay Leno of The Tonight Show. Babs voiced to her co-hosts on The View about how "disappointed" she was. Walters said:

We were supposed to do the interview last week to air on 20/20 Nov. 16. I spent a lot of time doing a lot of homework, watching the movie. Then her longtime press agent resigned. That should've been a clue. The next thing we hear is my interview is canceled because Lindsay doesn't feel up to it. She has a lot of problems … I said, 'Poor girl, I hope when she feels like it she will do it with us.' So today I pick up the paper and find out Lindsay]is sitting for an interview with Jay Leno.

Watch Walters chastise Lohan at ABC News!

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  1. Profile photo of Steph Foster
    Steph Foster

    Geez Barbra, this is the definition of a First World problem. That heifer obviously wasn’t ready to talk about her problems and personal life, so she ditched you for the Rent-a-Clown on the Tonight Show where she could just plug her stupid TV movie.

    SO not a big deal!

  2. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Babs should take this as a compliment. Ultimately, Babs was going to ask her about her current case (lying to the cops) and the fact that she could be headed to jail. Babs was also likely going to ask her about her recent fight with her mother and the failed intervention by her father.

    I doubt Jay Leno will ask any of that. He will focus on the movie and his writers will give her some jokes, completely ignoring the real problem.

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    From Walters’ and ABC’s point of view, she has every right to be angry with Lohan, who consented to the interview and ABC went to a lot of expense to fly Barbara and her crew out to L.A. to do the visit to the Liz and Dick set. Now that was all for nothing, because of this flighty, unreliable entitled celebrity. I think Barbara playing the clip of her talking with Lindsay was a not-so-subtle jab at her for backing out. If she wasn’t going to get the full sit-down interview, she was going to scavenge what she could from the footage they did manage to get. This is one time that I’m on Barbara’s side. (Actually, hot on the heels of telling Trump he’s making a fool of himself, she’s on a roll!)

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