Will Liam, Rick or Steffy be The Bold and the Beautiful’s Lord of the Dance?

Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) long goodbye continues this week on The Bold and the Beautiful, and it looks like Liam (Scott Clifton), Rick (Jacob Young) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will get their shot at showing their Celtic dancing skills. Check out a TV Guide preview of Eric's (John McCook) Irish-themed bash for Steph after the jump!


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ok, this confuses me:

Ok, dollarBill is William Spencer, Sr.

He has Son A : who goes by Liam, a nickname of William.

He has Son B : he and Katie named the child William Spencer, Jr.

So in the future, there are going to be three William Spencers running around?

And what if Liam ever decided to pick one girl and settle down and he has a son???

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I hope Liam falls while dancing, hits his head on the fireplace and dies, then Hope committs suicide because she's so devastated.

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This is just sad. And I don't mean Stephanie dying.

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TraceyAbott, I think William Spencer Sr. was DollaBill's and Caroline Spencer's Daddy. Liam would be the Grandson of Williams Spencer Sr. DollaBill is actually Jr. I think. I admit I haven't watched this show since forever.

J Bernard Jones: LOL. Yeah, that clip was...um, well, I was thinking that since I hadn't watched the show in a few years, I was missing something. When I read your comment, I couldn't hold back the laughter. Sorry Stephanie.

Actually DollarBill is William Spencer, Jr. Senior was his father that was on the show many years ago. Is Liam's name actually William or is it just Liam? I don't know if that was ever established.

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I am appalled. How dare they showcase Steffy, Liam and Rick in what is supposed to be a dying Stephanie's farewell party?

If anyone should have danced (why does anyone have to?) it should have been Kristen, Felicia and Thorne.

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LOL. What is this? I can't stop laughing.

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To me this does make sense, most times at parties you don't see the older people dancing. It is usually the younger generation. I like it. Stephanie didn't want a crying party. She told Daizee to get it all out, because she didn't want any tears at the party.

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There's a new B&B promo out about Stephanie's Final Days...here's the link to watch:


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What the hell was that? What happened to this show? ? ? I'm ready for Ellen Wheeler to pop up

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I am glad that after 25 years Stephanie is Irish and love that they are doing a "irish wake" but there is a cheese factor to this whole plot. Sure, I loved the Celtic Woman and the step dancers but I just wish that it was a little bit more about Stephanie and more drama/acting.

Also, i wish that Ridge was there. The fact that in real life the actor is not with the show is a silly and lazy point on the art of the producers and writers. It would be fantastic that in the midst of all this that Stephanie goes up to her room or to the kitchen and there is Ridge and it's ROnn Moss. The scene could have been filmed the day the actor finished on the show and the character could say that although selfish he just couldn't be around Brooke. The fact that the character is not there and it's for his dying mother makes me hope more that both Brooke and Taylor move on from the overly selfish character and meet new men. Brooke with Bill is not the answer, either.

I am going to say I like Liam with Steffy if only so that it allows Hope to become a more confidant woman and move onto her own man. Also, the show is showing lovers having fun and on soaps that's a good thing because they match people up and then it's marriage that you never get to see them just have a blast.