DC #698: Sonny’s Delights

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless storylines and headlines, including:

The Bold and the Beautiful continues its farewell to Susan Flannery’s Stephanie Forrester. Is Katie losing her marbles, or has she already lost them? B&B jumps and skips back and forth between LA and Aspen. Is Thomas believable as the head of Forrester?

Nicole’s secret is out on Days of Our Lives. Can she be redeemed? More importantly, should she be redeemed?

Sean Kanan’s return as AJ has shook Port Charles. Carly and AJ face off. Does General Hospital have a problem finding a place for Elizabeth? Would Elizabeth and AJ make a good couple? Tristan Rogers returns. Kassie DePaiva teases her upcoming stint.

Victoria is kidnapped on The Young and the Restless. Does anyone want to see her saved? Should Billy and Victoria be split up? Y&R is rolling out a teen bullying storyline. Sharon is losing it. Who knew getting Chelsea angry would make her interesting?

All this and much more on today’s show!


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22 Responses

  1. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    Luke, I can’t agree on SK’s acting abilities, but to each their own. I don’t care that Billy Warlock doesn’t look like Jason, I would have preferred BW’s AJ just for his ability to be vulnerable.

    While Skye was in Llanview she was involved somehow with Blair and Max. I don;t remember the details but I do remember that Skye was a bad girl at the tme.

    It struck me when you were talking about Elizabeth and Patrick being together then Robin coming back. It sent me back to GL’s John and Harley after Reva went over the bridge.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I love GH right now. It’s the only soap opera these days that keeps me going and still let’s me believe in this genre. I think Sean Kanan is doing a great job as AJ. Not only because he looks like the real-life brother of Steve Burton. Can’t wait for more scenes between him and Laura Wright. Couldn’t picture Billy Warlock next to her somehow.

    I don’t want to see Liz and Patrick together. I really don’t. Liz and AJ would be something I’d definitely enjoy watching. :) I hope they pair them together after original plans with the Liz/Jason/Sam triangle fall apart.
    I agree about Britt. CAN’T STAND HER! I don’t know why the actress got a two-year contract out of her time she’s been on the show.

    Don’t care for Victoria being kidnapped either. How many times are they trying to break Billy and Victoria up? It’s like the only thing they can do with them. Enough of that … and while I enjoy Billy Miller’s chemistry with Amelia Heinle, I wouldn’t mind Heather Tom being back in the role.

    The bullying storyline on Y&R is lame. Why should we care?
    I love what they do with Sharon though. I’m glad it’s not explained by a brain tumor. We already had a story like this with Jana.

  3. Profile photo of icewoman18

    I think that Todd and Blair set Skye up for shooting Max Holden because Skye had an affair with Max when Blair was married to Max at the time. Blair had actually shot Max. Todd and Blair was also the first to learn that Skye’s mother was Rae Cummings and Todd didn’t like Rae for some reason. So Skye and Rae hated each when they found out.

  4. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    GH: I think Skye and Blair were both involved with Max and I think it was Skye who told the Blair was the one who shot Max. She was also Starr’s nanny for a time and it was Todd that revealed that the woman she hated, Dr. Rae Cummings was her biological mom. So there is quite a bit of history there for Ron to play with.

    Besides that, I am absolutely loving everything on GH right now (even the Connie stuff; don’t chew me out for it). I am very disappointed that they have refused to do anything with Sean Blakemore, like Reagan is upset about them doing anything Rebecca Herbst’s Elizabeth; maybe those two can be together. I honestly wish they’d introduce some new Wards for Edward’s funeral, maybe even make Shawn Bradley Ward’s illegitimate son with Liz Jackson. It would Shawn something to connect him to the canvas and keep bring back some diversity to the Q family tree. Anything with Alice, Monica and Tracy is hilarious.

    I’m liking Starr/Michael still, I just don’t want them to do Starr and Trey; if they can get Lindsay Morgan an acting coach, then she can stay, but other than that, unless she’s wearing a bikini 24/7 like Crystal Hunt’s Stacy (OLTL), she needs to go. Morgan Corinthos NEEDS to come home damn it!!!! Liking Dante and Lulu, as always. I am proud to say that Finola Hughes is now GH’s leading lady and I am ecstatic with all these returns. Sonny/Carly vs. AJ is gonna be absolutely epic.

    Y&R: Everything is flat for me, nothing interest me anymore really except for NuNoah, NuSummer and Fen because I wanna see what they can do, but they haven’t had enough story yet. I want Chelsea to turn into an absolute and complete bad ass, kick Adam to the curb, take back your son. Chelsea needs to be a gold-digging con artist again; and I know Melissa Claire Egan can do it. I’m disappointed with the lack of story for both Neil and Devon; I’m furious that they are keeping Carmine, but they got rid of Abby, makes no sense whatsoever!!!!

    DAYS: I’m sorry, nothing against the actress, Arianne Zucker is doing a great job, but I was almost hoping that she’d trip on the stairs and accidentally stab herself in the neck; this storyline made me hate Nicole. I was hoping she and Daniel would get on that plane it would suddenly crash. Without Melanie, there is no need for Daniel, IMO. Jennifer is annoying the shit out of me, Abigail needs to bang Chad immediately then get mad at him for revealing that Gabi’s baby was actually fathered by Will instead of Nick… If they aren’t gonna do Sami/EJ, I need EJ with Chloe the moment she returns. I’m sorry, anything involving Eric Martsolf as Brady makes think of soft core porn!!!

    B&B: I really need to get back that show; they bored me so much over the summer that I couldn’t watch anymore.

  5. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=No Daisy]Luke, I can’t agree on SK’s acting abilities, but to each their own. I don’t care that Billy Warlock doesn’t look like Jason, I would have preferred BW’s AJ just for his ability to be vulnerable.

    While Skye was in Llanview she was involved somehow with Blair and Max. I don;t remember the details but I do remember that Skye was a bad girl at the tme.

    It struck me when you were talking about Elizabeth and Patrick being together then Robin coming back. It sent me back to GL’s John and Harley after Reva went over the bridge.[/quote]

    ^^I’m in complete agreement with this entire post! Wow. GL’s Josh and Harley after Reva’s “death” was natural, well-paced and well-done. I loved the brief relationship and the adult way they discussed their breakup a few years later. Josh & Harley happened within months of Reva’s death and never felt disrespectful and Josh & Reva were the soap’s premiere couple! Just goes to show you that good writing/good writing can make most things work on a soap. I don’t think Steve Burton’s exit meant lack of story for Rebecca Herbst. Before his exit, Liz continually propped Jason and Sam_ no story. She should be driving story not propping nonsense, whether JaSam or this stupidity with Bitchy Doctor v. Mousy Nurse.

    And, I am not a fan of Sean Kanan’s acting but I am happy for his return for the story it has provided. I think Billy Warlock is the superior actor but I think Sean Kanan is the better fit if that makes sense.

  6. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    GH: Sean Kanan’s weak acting is almost ruining AJ’s story and Laura Wright is wiping the floor with him. I’m glad AJ is back and we’re getting more Q.
    I don’t like Liz at all, so i don’t mind her absence.

    Y&R: I’m not hating anything, but i’m not loving either. This new regime is doing ok, but i have yet to be impressed. Chelsea is indeed entertaining, she’s definitely the winner out of the Sharon/Adam/Chelsea story. JFP has barely been in the bulding and we’re already getting mobsters. Oh, joy.
    I’m liking NuNoah though.

    DAYS and BB: I’ve stopped caring last spring.

  7. Profile photo of liason4real

    Lz and Patrick? No. Patrick and Dr. Sarah Webber? Yes. Liz needs more family on the show, and having Sarah in town along with Steven would be a great start.

    Liz and AJ? Only if Jake was alive so that Jason come back to town and see his son being raised by AJ! On a serious note, Liz already went through that “nasty” Niz crap with cry baby Lucky and Nicholas. My girl deserves a hot and sexy man that is not connected to Jason.

  8. Profile photo of smellykellyjay

    I find GH’s Anna having four guys into her at the same time interesting. If memory serves, in the mid 80s, Anna went for, like, a whole year with no love life at all. This was around the time of the Laurelton murders with Terry and the O’Connor brothers, and Anna was chief of police. I think. . .

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I’m into GH in a way that I haven’t been since the nineties, but I totally get why people accuse DC of being biased in favor of that show. A 38-minute-long podcast and 22 of those minutes are devoted to GH. Where’s the balance?

  10. Profile photo of smellykellyjay

    While I see your point, SoapArmageddon, and noticed how heavy this particular podcast was with GH-related stuff, I think the DC crew should be cut some slack in this instance.

    Regan has stated that she’s a GH gal, and she’s new to B&B. I think Melody has been on and off with B&B and DoOL. GH seems to have a special place in Luke’s heart. Jamey is the DoOL expert, while Jillian seems to have a longer, stronger history with Y&R, and neither of them were on this podcast.

    Besides, from what I can tell, GH has the most buzz and the most positive buzz of all four soaps lately, and it seemed to have the biggest events last week. If the other three soaps were as exciting and eventful as GH has been lately, I figure they would have gotten as much coverage and attention on the podcast. As journalists and pundits, they go where the news is.

  11. Profile photo of thecourt99

    And if I may add, SoapArmageddon, I think the podcast goes the way of what is hot. When no one liked GH, they rarely talked about it…because there’s not much to talk about when nothing excites you. They aren’t doing a full recap…just discussing changes and things that excite them.

  12. Profile photo of sanka9

    So nice to listen to Luke, Mel and Regan(sp)for a change even thou i love me somee Jamie and Julian – i feel like they have been overexposed lol! there is no balance in the podcast. I wonder how YR would feel sans Victor and Nikki???????

  13. Profile photo of miketom765

    Skye and Blair fought over Max Holden on OLTL. Also her and Todd were in cahoots until Todd turned on her. In short Skye and Blair don’t like each other. Skye cut off all of Blair’s hair once lol. Also the other Brain tumor story was Jana and Kevin. I believe Jana killed someone.. I want to say Carmen Mesta. and she almost killed kevin. It turns out she had a brain tumor.

  14. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This was a great podcast! So nice to hear Luke, Regan and Melodie better. I agree with everything GH – it is on fire. I’m still not sold on Elizabeth, but everyone seems to love her so I’m warming up to her lol. My all-time favorite character is of course Audrey, who is Elizabeth’s gram so maybe there is a route for me that way.

  15. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=miketom765]Skye and Blair fought over Max Holden on OLTL. Also her and Todd were in cahoots until Todd turned on her. In short Skye and Blair don’t like each other. Skye cut off all of Blair’s hair once lol. Also the other Brain tumor story was Jana and Kevin. I believe Jana killed someone.. I want to say Carmen Mesta. and she almost killed kevin. It turns out she had a brain tumor.[/quote]

    ^^Another brain tumor around the time Luke referenced was GH’s Manny.

  16. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Was AJ always such a meathead? Lol! I remember he and Jason used to work out all the time, but I got used to Billy Warlock’s more intelligent AJ. I almost forgot that Sean Kanan’s AJ was a total guido, lol.

  17. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    I’m mad at y’all at DC for making 2/3 of this podcast about GH *poking bottom lip out in protest*


    But seriously, only 5 minutes on Y&R? I know not everyone is in love with the new regime, but c’mon y’all!

    FYI gang: another brain tumor story of yesteryear was Jana on Y&R. I’m glad Sharon is bipolar and not the “done to death” DID or brain tumor.

    Okay, I think a lot of people are missing the point of the cyber-bullying SL on Y&R. I think it’s going to be a more complex and emotional arc than people assume it is. It’s great that other soaps have already done arcs about this topic, but Y&R has not. As much as I love Y&R, it is a little behind the curve on topical SLs involving the interwebs. The last socially relevant storyline with the internet on this soap was Kevin cruising for schoolgirls (Lily) on chat rooms and wooing Lily to have sex with alcohol and vintage peer pressure, but that was ages ago. I don’t count anything involving ShAbby’s Naked Heiress mess (sorry, never really cottoned onto that character) or anything involving Restless Style because both were poorly constructed. I don’t think we are supposed to care about the kid being bullied. He’s just a plot mover. I don’t think the bullying itself is what is critical to the story. I don’t think this SL is a “teen” storyline either. I think the theme to this is parents relating to their children, dealing with their kid being the bad one, and how certain behaviors are “inherited”. I think it’s a multi-generational storyline – something a lot of us viewers have been asking for from this show. Summer is harrassing this Jamie kid because she’s angry at Phyllis. For Phyllis, she’s facing how her behavior has affected Summer’s behavior and how her daughter has “inherited” her mother’s past traits of being kind of a stalker bitch. Then the story is going to transition.

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    Summer is going to stop stalking the boy because she finds herself liking him. Fen, who actually was against Summer’s plan originally, is going to pick up where she left off by bullying this boy – my prediction is it’s going to get worse than the stuff Summer did. Fen is acting out of jealousy because he likes Summer though she’s been manipulating him to do her bidding by seducing him with kissing and whatnot (sounds like Phyllis, right?). I think for Michael, he’s going to come to terms with having a son who is displaying some of his own past “evil” deeds. This is something that Michael has always worried about – having a child that’s a “bad seed” like he once was. He even mentioned this to Lauren when she told him she was pregnant. I think for Lauren, she’s going to be reminded of when she was a bully once to Traci Abbott. Lauren has mentioned a few times that she wonders if all the drama in her life with Sheila Carter was karma for the days when she was a snobby mean girl/young woman.

    I could be wrong, but I think this whole thing is going to pull from the past and the cyber-bullying is just a vehicle (though still a very relevant one) to tell a more compelling story beyond a PSA.

  18. Profile photo of sodsince16

    It would be a great “sins of the father” story if Fen became a bully. Remember when Lauren humiliated Traci at her beach birthday party by making her wear a swimsuit?

  19. Profile photo of stoney07

    Yeah, I skipped all the GH talk and was left with like 30 seconds of the other 3 soaps…lol.

    Anyway, since it wasn’t really discussed on the podcast, I’ll discuss the others…

    Y&R for me is the most recognizable its been in a while. Sure, the music can get a little whacky now…but as someone who is really just seeing JFP’s work for the first time, I think she’s doing awesome with the music, the way the show looks, the new sets, etc….I’m loving the storyline direction…the conversations have meaning, the dialogue is MUCH sharper, etc. I’m not going to bash the cyberbullying storyline yet because its hardly even gotten off the ground and already it has surprised me, since Phyllis basically already KNOWS that it’s Summer behind it. I thought we’d have to sit through months of months of no one knowing what was going on. Glad they are going a different route. And even though the bully thing has been done, cyberbullying hasn’t been tackled on Y&R.

    Some people are saying the new Y&R is “boring” and it moves slowly, or whatever…this is what i say to that….Two words: BILL BELL. Y&R was never a fast paced action-packed show. That was what the ABC soaps were for…Y&R was always the slower, moody, emotionally driven show. It was more psychological drama than actual ACTION. That is why I appreciate the way things are going now. Not to mention, MAB’s stuff is still being cleaned up, while they are simultaneously crafting new stories. I am loving it. I love the Jack/Phyllis friendship being rekindled. I love love love Avery now and it’s hard to really pinpoint WHY, other than the fact that she has a personality. I love that Jill is back and in a BUSINESS story. I love that they are trying hard to redeem Sharon. I love Chelsea and Adam’s strained relationship after months of seeing them so happy in marital bliss. There’s a lot more about the show that I’m loving than small things I don’t understand.

    B&B: I have to say, I’m not a fan of Stephanie’s departure party basically being all about Brooke. Brooke was the one who got the speech, Brooke was the one who got the private moment with Stephanie outside, Brooke was the LAST one to hug Stephanie. It just all seemed too biased, and while I know that BRad Bell is totally obsessed with Brooke Logan and her sisters, I think it was a slap in the face that Thorne, Felicia, Kristen, Ridge, Steffy, Thomas, or even TAYLOR didn’t get their own private moment with Stephanie. Why Brooke? After all these years?????? GMAB.

    Heather Tom is a fantastic actress, but I’m finding it hard to even be entertained now by the PPD story. It’s something original, and it’s providing great emmy worthy scenes for Heather Tom, but meanwhile, we get ridiculous scenes of Brooke and Bill on a hot air balloon? My question was, if they found out that Katie had sent them on a wild goose chase, why the heck would they stay there overnight, and then relax and go hot air ballooning the next day? Not to mention the fact that Bill Spencer, who was supposed to be ruthless, somewhat heartless, snarky, obnoxious, is now reduced to a whining man who is searching for his wife. What happened to the man that got so pissed with Katie for walking out on him that he went and tongued down Steffy? What happened to THAT Bill Spencer? Now he’s weeping and taking pills? Geeeeez….

    I find it hard to even care about Thomas and Rick too. I know this is the original Rick Forrester, but he wasn’t slimy the last time Jacob Young played him. So now seeing him play Slimy-Rick is just…ugh. I don’t like Rick at all, and its to the point that I really want him written off. Thomas is another character I no longer connect with. I know Drew Tyler Bell was hated on this site by MANY, but I didn’t find him THAT bad. And he had a heart…or maybe it was just the writing back then, but I actually cared about THomas when they showed him. Now he’s like teeth on a stick or something. He doesn’t seem like a real person, so I’m not invested AT ALL. Caroline is a waffler and she needs to die…that’s all I have to say about her.

    I think Brad Bell dropped the ball by getting rid of Adrienne Frantz as Amber. Her storyline potential with Rick was STILL THERE. And they still had chemistry!! Not to mention she shares a child with Marcus!!! She could’ve caused some serious problems for Dayzee and Marcus, but BRad Bell also doesn’t seem interested in playing those characters either. It should be called ALL IN THE FAMILY (Logan edition) because that’s all that this show is about. Everyone else has taken a back seat and it’s quite boring to me. But to end on a positive note, this Stephanie stuff is being written really well, when it isn’t biased to showcase Brooke as the new matriarch, but I digress.

    MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO MY PODCAST, FEATURING THE FORGOTTEN SOAPS…(excluding DAYS cuz I gave up on it a few weeks ago)

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