Stephanie’s Exit Nears on The Bold and the Beautiful

If this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo is any indication, viewers are in for more tears as Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) farewell continues. Watch this week’s B&B promo after the jump!

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    Are they going to have Stephanie die in Brooke’s arms, of all people? Actually, that would be kind of cool; a powerful final moment of forgiveness between two people who have been sworn enemies through most of their lives.

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    I thought she was going to be on until December, loving her farewell storyline, but I wish they’d devoted the current episodes to her and made the most of Kristen and Felicia’s return instead of all the crappy Lope and Brill scenes.

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]”Multiple occasions” LOL! That’s what I thought. But wasn’t Brooke also married to Brad Elliot (aka John McCook).[/quote]

    Yes. You see, Brooke likes to “keep in the family”. She has been
    – married to Eric twice
    – married to Ridge multiple times
    – married to Ridge’s brother Thorne once
    – married to Ridge’s other brother Nick once

    In addition she has had an affair with her son-in-law, accidentally boinked her daughter’s boyfriend and had this flirtation thing with her stepson.

    She has altogether five children: two with Eric, one with Ridge, one with Nick and one with Deacon (her former son-in-law).

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    Okay, okay….I’m loving this story, but why would Stephanie die in Brooke’s arms? It should be Eric, and if not Eric, Taylor has been Stephanie’s friend throughout the majority of the run of this show…so why Brooke? I mean, I get the one final moment of forgiveness, but how many moments do we need? Good Lawd!!! THey might as well start the episode after Stephanie’s death with “The role of Stephanie Forrester will now be played by Brooke Logan” because that’s exactly what they are trying and FAILING to do.

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    I have to agree that Stephanie definitely should not die in the arms of Brooke. What about her husband, daughters, son, grandchildren, Taylor; anybody but Brooke.

    Sony must be really pissed off at Ronn Moss. Most of us thought as much when they didn’t even given him a decent story before he left.

    If Brooke is at the helms, this show will sink fast because nobody caused trouble like Stephanie Forester and she didn’t care what she did to get her point across.

    God Bless you Susan Flannery for all your great acting!

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