Susan Flannery’s Last The Bold and the Beautiful Air Date is November 26

Susan Flannery’s finale The Bold and the Beautiful airdate has been revealed. According to EW,  Flannery’s last scene as Stephanie Forrester will air on November 26.  

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    They should find a place for Susan Lucci on that show. A new role. Maybe she’s Bill Spencer’s mom, a media mogul herself.

    I love Brooke, but the show needs a older, more matriarchal woman to fill the Stephanie void.

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    It feels like the end of an era with Susan Flannery leaving. It’s sad to see that this show has become a little bit obsessed with it’s younger cast and that Brad Bell can’t write a more balanced show.

    Guess this last air date in the end of November also means that we will most likely see Stephanie die without having said goodbye to Ridge. I’m not a Ridge fan but this is truly tragic. Another reason why Ridge should have been left presumed dead instead of walking out on Brooke over a text message she sent Deacon.

    I don’t know how B&B is going to be without Susan Flannery. But it sure is a huge loss. I don’t believe that Brooke nor Katherine Kelly Lang are ready to step in the role of the matriarch of the show. The way how Brooke is written for the past year or two isn’t how fans want her to be.
    It’s going to be a hard time for B&B.

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    B&B has gone to the dogs, Stephanie’s death will be the final nail in the cophin. They could use Stephanie’s death to create some great corporate storyline, but instead it’ll no doubt be back to the kids….

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    Her exit story seems to be more about Brooke than Stephanie. I can’t stand Brooke. Her daughters are there and instead of them having air time, we have Brooke front and center. It is time for Brooke to be back burned. I will miss Susan. Bell’s writing has went downhill. He needs to get Brooke out of his radar and use his other characters.

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    Todays episode was very moving. I will miss Stephanie, but I understand her wanting to retire, & wish her a long & healthy life. Now I wonder, will Pam try to hook up with Eric???? Could be interesting.

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