Go Behind The Scenes of Avery’s Apartment on Young and Restless!

It always bodes well for a soap star when she is given her own set. The Young and the Restless’ Avery (Jessica Collins) has some colorful new Genoa City digs, and the CBS soap is offering up a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the cupcake-baking, legal eagle's place. Check it out after the jump!

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    Very cool. I really like how the production designer is involved with the writers and gets input from the actress to not just flesh out the character but flesh out the environment that she lives in. I’m actually liking the addition of Avery to the cast of Y&R 0:) …

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    Hmm, space to aid in characterization? What a novel concept! Lol. Good job to all involved. I’ve actually jumped aboard the Avery train and am falling for Navery 2.0!

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    The expressions on Michelle Stafford’s face as Phyllis interacts with Avery are the best. I know it’s not a popular opinion but I like Phyllis a lot more now that she’s interacting with Jack and tormenting her sister and Adam. They need for her to get over Nick, though, or at least let her play her feelings as wounded pride rather than romantic disappointment. Phick hasn’t had chemistry for years.

    Any-way, Avery’s apartment is super cute. Any word on why Gloworm was burned down, though? From a plot perspective I get it (Chelsea’s involvement) but that it was done totally off-screen seems strange.

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    I like the idea of the new set for Avery since she was homeless. I do have a question though…maybe some industry people can help out. What would a new set like this cost? I know one of the “to dos” for the new regime was to cut costs…so this does seem somewhat counter to that.

    I am liking the Avery and Nick pairing. MAB originally paired them (too quickly) together, so I was bummed when it went in a different direction. But I think it gives Phyllis a lot more story possibilites, and keeps Nick and Sharon apart. (For now…) ;-)

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    Well, the answer to why Gloworm was torched was in today’s (Wednesday) episode: the swinging new hot spot Avery and Nick went to for their date.

    I have a feeling it is to be the ” new place in town to see and be seen ” amd will probably be the place Neil takes his date this week.

    And I have to ask ( and Nick will agree with me ): Where is Avery’s bedroom. Great “condo”, a lot of space, but has anyone seen a bed in there?

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    I absolutely LOVE Avery!! She has become my favorite character , and very quickly. These new writers have nicely fleshed out her characters. That was a bit of a pun after seeing her “girls” on today’s episode. How cool is it that they have incorporated the actresses’ being a gourmet chef into the character of Avery! Love the digs too.

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    Personally, I think Avery’s appt. looks to much like cornucopia . Orange webby curtains,brown pillows, tanish couch, and her in black. Seeing so much dark clothes on people. Are they in mourning? I think Avery is dingy. She’s hallucinating like Sharon. She’s so faky when it comes to Nick and romance. I would believe it if she was Sharon’s sister and not Phyllis’s.
    I like Phyllis more now that she’s spending time AWAY from Nick. She’s calmer, less repetitive.
    Someone has to wake up and make Sharon confess to the right people. She isn’t owning up to anything. She lied to Noah, Adam lied to Noah, who do they think they are helping? Make her stand up on her own and face the music. Her psychiatrist needs to get her in her office and get her help to face up to her deeds.
    Poor Faith. They finally let her out of the bedroom and they scare the bejeezus out of her by putting her too close to Mommy. When is the last time she spent time with a SANE Sharon? I can’t remember… can you?

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    It looks great! It reminds me of All My Children for some reason…the white walls and such. Y&R always reminds me of dark brown wood and walls for some reason. Nice to see they are brightening the show up a bit.

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    Love Avery, love her with Nick, and especially love that the new regime seems to be setting her up as an integral part of the canvas and not just the show’s go-to when someone needs a lawyer.

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    I like Avery, but she’s quickly becoming a show eater. And I am not really onboard with her relationship with Nick yet. They MIGHT have some potential, but I could do without seeing Avery on nine days a week. Dial it back, Josh Griffith.

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    What a great idea to give Avery(Jessica)an apt. On Y&R,we fans of Jessica Collins love it because,it makes her character that much more believable and fun kudos to the “Powers to be”.

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    Does anyone recall when SOW included those hypothetical maps of the soap towns? I remember studying them almost religiously because the sets told us so much about the characters.

    The Genoa City that I remember was a post-industrial urban town with a recently renovated loft area where manufacturing used to take place and still housed Chancellor and Jabot industries.

    The Abbott’s & Fenmore’s lived in large townhomes in the city center, with the Newman and Chancelor estates on the outskirts of town. Paul, Nina and Cricket lived in the loft district. Jill lived in the same highrise that had the Colonade Room at the top (Vanessa Prentice jumped to her death from the same apartment that Victor moved to post-divorce). AND the big deal was the building of the Newman office tower which also housed Paul’s PI office a couple of floors below Newman (BTW where’s Paul’s secretary?).

    Jabot had office space in a separate building which is also where they manufactured the cosmetics, thus Ashley’s lab was in the basement; next to the gym where Brad took public showers; and below Blade’s photo studio where Cricket modeled.

    Then, of course, Gina’s Place (where John Abbot would sing – I always imagine Jamey Giddens would bust a gut if they brought back the Y&R tradition of random characters just singing every now and then). Also, the hospital and police station, the Foster/Brooks/Williams middle class family homes, and who could forget Phyllis’s old funky maroon bachelorette pad?

    Soaps don’t indicate a person’s status anymore based on their wealth – and I think it’s a missed opportunity. I’m, always reminded of the brilliant AW sets in this regard. Ada had a bigger set than Iris. But the audience knew that Iris was rich because her set was primarily a dining room where she was served tea and Ada lived in a kitchen where she made coffee. BTW I think Iris was introduced as the same age as Avery but seemed so much more mature as a character.

    And don’t even get me started on how brilliant it was to have Steve Frame as the “new money” exec in early 1970’s commission a modern home from Robert Delaney – indicating that he wasn’t stuffy like the Matthew’s family in their colonial revival home. That set was so integral to the show that the opening shot of the first 60 minute episode of AW was a sweeping crane shot from the cantilevered roof for Alice and Steve’s wedding. I was around 4 and I still recall that image. I doubt that I’ll say the same about Avery’s new sofa and painted faux brick walls.

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    hey mon

    Grazdei out. Hooray. His creepy take on Daniel can ‘hit the road’. Now hopefully, Daniel comes back as a take-charge, work-out kind of guy.

    Not really crazy about Navery 2.0. Wasn’t crazy the first time. Seems a bit hypocritical of Nick, since he went all crazy on Sharon back in 2010 and 2011, for marrying Adam. Common knowledge that Sharon needs that “Newman’ touch and feel, and no other gene-pool is going to make her happy. #ell, when she couldn’t get it from either of the brothers, she went shakin after the source, ol Victor.

    Now we have Nick addicted to another Summers sister in heat. He can’t stand the thought of giving up that pheromonic scent the Red gives off, and has gone after Avery. Nick, I don’t think Avery is going to give it to you on a desk, like Phyllis was willing too.

    Go Phack. Give Phyllis some of the stability, humanity, and security she had while being married to Jack. This whole plot-line of her trying to hold onto younger-guy Nick Newman, has been an impossibility for her character for the past 7 years. Maybe she will become somewhat likable again.

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    I’m falling for Avery because they are giving her personality and a unique personality to boot! They have weaved in JC’s chef skills which is a great touch. I’m loving Navery because this is the a first for Nick, a mature, professional love interest.

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    I would much rather see Avery than old Fire Crotch Phyllis! Gosh, we need to run her out of town or have another murder mystery!! I really can no longer stand the character. I am also tired of the over the top acting. She puts those hands up to her face and goes into her little girl routine. She reminds me of a red-headed Shirley Temple! GAG!

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    I’m loving Avery. Ironically, she was on the top of my list of “to go’s” when the new regime took over. Somehow, they have managed to make me not just tolerate her, but LIKE her. In fact, she’s my new favorite character on Y&R for right now. Sure she’s being shown a lot more, but I think she’s fun, quirky, nerdy, professional, sexy…everything I like in a woman…haha. Seriously though, I’d date her.

    Anyway, that’s besides the point. Point is, I like her…I like the dynamic she has with Phylls. I actually REALLLLY like Nick and Avery together. I like that they haven’t even had sex yet which is weird to think about, since Nick usually scores on date 1. Of course they’ve had sex before, but I choose to not remember the first incarnation of Navery.

    I love Phyllis being with Jack. She seems a little more stable…a little nicer, more fun…she isn’t just yelling or screaming anymore.

    I’m sorry…maybe I’m a sucker for the new regime, but geez…it just seems like a much better Y&R for me.

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    I have no use for this airtime whore. I’d rather see more Jill and Kay. They’ve been ignored FAR too long, and have put more blood, sweat and tears into this show than newcomer/nobody Avery/Jessica Collins.

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    i’m really loving Avery/Jessica and I like her with Nick. He FINALLY needs to get away from the two women who have dominated his life for so long and the fact that he’s doing it with Phyllis’ sister just gives it a nice twist. (I like Phyllis, but she and Nick have finally run their course and both need to move on.)

    Anyway, I love Avery’s apartment too…it really seems to fit her personality and I love that they’re incorporating her real-life cooking passion into her story.

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    I still don’t see Daniel and being creepily portrayed. If he’s creepy then what does that make most of everyone else around him?

    Phyllis may seem a little more stable, nicer and fun with Jack but don’t forget that she is still Phyllis. I agree that MS and the writers do seem to be changing the character a bit and I’m liking her take on Summer the past few days. However the hit and run must be addressed and she has to take the responsibility and the comeuppance she deserves.

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    [quote=stoney07]I’m sorry…maybe I’m a sucker for the new regime, but geez…it just seems like a much better Y&R for me.[/quote]

    Yeah, I gotta say, I think it’s gotten alot better in the last month. The stories are focused, the actual writing is better, and they got rid of just the right amount of dead weight from the canvas(well maybe a little too much with regards to Marcy Rylan and Jennifer Landon). Still, I think as a whole it’s much more balanced than it was(especially now that Phyllis and even Victor aren’t swallowing the show whole as much as they were). And I like that they managed to salvage both Avery and Chelsea and make both of them more interesting. Plus, the new Noah gets a major thumbs up in my book and the new Summer….well, ya can’t win ‘em all ;) .

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    I do have one observation…it does seem the show has been very heavy on certain characters. We’ve had a LOT of Chelsea, Adam, Nick, Avery and Phyllis.

    I hope that doesn’t mean once Josh’s new characters hit the airwaves we’ll see even less of the others not mentioned above.

    I DO like that the writing is not all over the place. It seems to flow better from show to show and so far not much crazy.

    Speaking of: Has anyone heard what’s going on with Hogan? I still cringe everytime I see his name (solo) on the opening credits. I think that would be my last order of biz to ax his ass. He doesn’t belong on this show.

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    ^^ I have no idea what is up with Hogan Sheffer and I share your cringing each and every time I see his name in the credits. His reign at ATWT was the beginning of the end of that show as he morphed the high-quality drama it had been into a cartoon! And his time at DAYS was as bad. HS continuing to work in another example of talentless people bouncing from show to show, injuring the genre.

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    hey mon

    I guess I was a shill for MAB before, and I do miss her way of story-telling. Stalker-of-the Month, Murder Mystery, Car Crashes. Josh G is a throwback to the more boring story-telling of 2006-2007. I’m surprised that Eric B is still around. He more than once said he hated the way Josh G wrote Victor.

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    I like most of what is being written. Like Avery’s new hair color. Really
    miss Abby and Heather. Abby is or I guess, was a great character when played by Marcy and so was Heather. They should get rid of some other characters, but those two, especially Marcy, should not have been let go
    with all her ties to both the Newmans and Abbotts.

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    Where has Eric B made the statement about Josh? I would like to read it, please. Well you can have MAB because 98% are happy she is gone and happy how things are progressing with Y&R.

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    It has become the Avery show. She’s not that special. They seem to go with one character or another and shove it down our throats. All Sharon or Avery or Phyllis. Get a little more Chelsea kicking Sharon’s clingy rear end. Sharon is going to take both of them down with her.
    Get her away from Faith until she has been on her meds for a month. They finally take that little girl out of her room and they stick her with Mommy Dearest?
    Child abuse is what that is! Noah should be prosecuted for it. Even Evil Adam said it was a bad idea.

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    hey mon

    I apologize. He said it back in 2008. I cannot find it on the internet, so after this last comment I will not further to it anymore.

    The summary is that Victor didnt like the fact that Victor was not being written as a romantic lead by Josh G. He thought the story-line about Victoria’s ‘hard decision’ pregnancy about Reed was boring, and he didn’t like the ‘Clear Springs’ disaster being Newman Enterprises fault.

    But, as I cannot find it, that will be the end of it.

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