See ‘How it All Began’ For The Bold and the Beautiful

You can now pick up your own 4-disc DVD box set of The Bold and the Beautiful: How it All Began. The DVD collection feature B&B's first 16 episodes. If you’ve never seen those early episodes, the box set is the perfect way to discover the magic of the Forresters, Logans and Spencers from Episode 1! Visit your local retailer, or purchase it online through sites like Amazon

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    I’m ordering this because this is Bill’s writing for the first 3 years and you can see the difference. It’s almost like he had a big chess set and placing each character into position. This is how a new soap is started and set up to move forward…Maria you were nothing like your father-in-law as you always proclaimed to be trying to ride on his accomplishments. ;)

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    One of the only “easy” classes that I took as an undergrad was a class in content analysis of media. We read and discussed various methods to establish a criteria for critiquing media content.

    My term paper in the class was about the contrast between the first week of B&B and the first week GL was televised. At the time B&B had just premiered and GL was available at the Museum of Television and Radio (yes, I’m old).

    I still recall that one of the key elements in the analysis was that although Stephanie Forrester appeared more modern than Bert Bauer because she worked outside of her home, they were both presented with exactly the same story in their first weeks. Both Bert and Stephanie were introduced as matriarchs worried about the love lives of their favorite son (Ridge and Mike), and ignoring the needs of their other son (Thorne and Ed). They both argued with their husbands about being too interfering. Some their dialogue had exactly the same intent. They were even photographed in the same way; someone would sit in the foreground and they would pace and pontificate in the back of the set. At the time, Stephanie had an office as her base and Bert had a kitchen set – but you knew both were powerful women because people came to speak to them, they did not visit other sets. Demonstrating an overall structure to soaps that remained the same over decades.

    So, I don’t need to order these DVD’s because I’m sure I’ve got that old school paper around here somewhere…

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