Will EJ Bonilla’s Marco Cause Nolan’s Kinsey Scale to Swing Again on Revenge?

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) hasn’t been the luckiest guy when it comes to love on Revenge. In Season One he slept with Tyler (Ashton Holmes), who turned out to be a lunatic. Iin Season Two, his CFO/love interest Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria inadvertently revealed one of his most closely guarded secrets — that Emily/Amanda’s (Emily VanCamp) father helped start NolCorp. Now he could lose it everything Grayson Global.

Enter former Guiding Light star E.J. Bonilla, who will debut as Marco, a man from Nolan’s past, on Nov. 25. Based on the trailer, Bonilla’s character just might just help Nolan’s Kinsey Scale score swing in the opposite direction from Padma.

Watch the trailer for “Lineage” trailer after the jump!

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    Wow, I hope so! I like Padma a bit, but I miss Nolan playing off a guy. I also love the idea of two sifferent gender people fighting for one person in a love triangle!

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    I’m glad I stopped watching this racist crap! Wow once again an Asian female has to be romantically paired w/ a white male. yeah bec white men can never be portrayed as the sexual ideal w/c explains this Padma character being paired w/ Nolan.

    I’m guessing Takeda’s still asexual and w/o a romantic relationship on a soap opera while Nolan of course gets an lgbt love interest w/ ej bonilla bec the lgbt characters are ALWAYS more significant than Asian americans. Yet there would be no revenge storylines if emily wasn’t a pupil of Takeda!

    Soaps are abt romance and of course only white people must be portrayed as romantic characters w/c explains why Takeda has no love interest and the Asian female Padma has to be offered to the white guy Nolan. How racist!

    Soaps are abt rich families and yet there are never core Asian american families? What a joke. The buying potential of Asian Americans is at 718.4 billion dollars! If the Asian american demographic were a country they’d be the 18th strongest economy on the planet! Where are the rich Asian american characters on soap operas w/c center on very rich families? According to the LA Times 40% of the rest of americans are among professional and managerial roles however 50% of Asian americans are among professional and managerial roles. Yet all these soaps and tv shows only show majority whites at corporate settings. How racist! LA Times reports that Asian americans are more likely to shop than whites and yet where are the representations from the media?

    hollywood would never ignore lgbt community but they love to mock and ridicule and belittle Asian americans. Shows like revenge epitomize the racist crap from hollywood as the enlightened and progressive and liberal hollywood fools keep ignoring and discriminating against Asians as usual!

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    Ummm, Hollywood consistently ignores or steretypes LGBT people, African-American and Latino people. I agree with your assessment on the plight of Asian American representation in popular media but I do not agree with your minimization of the struggles of other discriminated groups. Also, I offer that if you find viewing television to be such a harrowing experience, don’t watch or better, create your own.

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    Ummm NO soapbaby. There are tons of medical dramas and corporate dramas. yet they have to be told from white perspective even if Asian americans are plentiful among professional jobs and Asian americans have the highest median income compared to other groups. hollywood consistently rewards lgbt characters and gives them LEADING storylines. Modern family. new normal. revenge. queer as folk. desperate housewives. glee. glee takes all bullying storylines towards gays seriously. The lives of gay people are ALWAYS more significant to hollywood than Asian americans.

    According to the huffington post Asian american students are the most BULLIED group among ALL students. And yet hollywood has only rallied around and protected gays being bullied when Asian american students are bullied even more. It’s bec hollywood loves to bully Asian americans w/ their racist potrayals like that piece of trash 2 broke girls w/c bashes Asians as accented and dorky and asexual and foreign and w/c is run by an openly gay showrunner.

    hollywood loves to whitewash Asian american characters. Why’d you think matt bomer was cast as part Asian blayne’s brother on glee? darren is part Asian but they cast a white actor to portray his brother? They couldn’t cast a part Asian actor considering how there are very few opportunities for Asian american actors? Isn’t glee abt embracing who you are and cherishing diversity? Yet they whitewash part Asian blayne by casting a white actor for his brother and not cast a part Asian actor? That was the height of hypocrisy! If bomer was really against discrimination then he should have turned down that part. Whitewashing a part Asian character like blayne is RACIST.

    blacks and latinos are often hypersexualized by hollywood and harmful stereotypes like high pregancy rates and unwed mothers and baby daddy crappy storylines are propagated by racist hollywood while asian americans are asexualized. if an asian woman is hypersexualized than most likely she’ll be paired w/ a white guy.

    blacks and latinos are hypersexualized while asian americans are asexualized. thus being white becomes the “ideal” and the white establishment as ruling class is preserved once again by racist hollywood.

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