Star Jones Talks Beef With Trump and LiLo Snubbing Barbara Walters With Wendy

Star Jones stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday to discuss the current gossip floating around Hollywood and beyond. Williams quickly asked Jones what she thought about Celebrity Apprentice host and onetime friend Donald Trump's controversial challenge to President Barack Obama.  At the 6:16 mark see what Jones had to say about Trump's demands.

Later, Williams asked Jones what she thought about troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan's decision to bail on Jones' ex-boss Barbara Walters20/20 interview. Watch Jones' answer at the: 8:36 mark below!


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    Ummm….Channing Tatum IS a man! Last time I checked, he was older than 18. lol. And he is powerful and strong. I think I vaguely understand what Star was trying to say, but she comes across like an old fogie.

    And I think Barbara Walters needs to just get over Lindsay “snubbing” her. This woman has been working in television since the 1800s, so you’d THINK she’d have tougher skin by now. And besides, all Lohan is gonna do is lie and she’s a horrible liar. Lohan is not worthy of being interviewed by a REAL journalist like Walters. Let Perez Hilton interview her. What a drugged out loser!!!!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I like star but her compliment about people of color voting diversely was a backhanded compliment followed by an off the wall statement on that seems to demean women as only having gender concerns on their mind. She could have just said, “The reason she would vote is because of her concerns about A, B and C. But leave it to her to do more damage to the cause of voting diversity.

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    Star does look like she putting on some lbs….However did you catch Wendy talking about the Today Professionals becoming a talk show… Days you better get it together or you will be saying final Good-Bye next year! I’ve been watching Days and it a tragic mess:(

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