SPOILERS: Cricket Causes Drama For Paul and Nina on The Young and the Restless!

Cricket/Paul/Nina: The gumshoe is horrified when Cricket shows him a video of Ricky drowning his girlfriend Rachel. Cricket embraces a devastated Paul, which turns into a passionate kiss. Unfortunately for the pair, Nina walks in and spots the two swapping spit. Cricket tries to explain what caused the kiss, but Nina isn't trying to hear what her best friend has to say. Later, Cricket leaves to give Paul and Nina a chance to work things out.

Paul attempts to tell Nina what occurred, but Nina isn't buying what he's selling. Nina ends things with Paul, and heads back to Kay's house to pack up her things. Cricket visits Nina and attempts to convince her friend she has the wrong idea about her and Paul. Nina is unmoved by Cricket's speech and sticks to her guns.

In good news, Michael informs Paul he has dropped the murder charges against him. Paul is glad he doesn't have to spend time in jail, but is still troubled about killing his son. Cricket is ecstatic about Paul's freedom, but gets the shock of a lifetime when Paul suggests they rekindle their romance.

Phyllis: Red busts Adam spying on Jack.

Jack: His actions start to make Phyllis nervous.

Katherine/Jill: Kay stuns Jill when she reveals she has made her the CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill is happier than a pig in slop, but gets heated when she reads the fine print in the contract. Katherine has a clause that states Jill is the CEO, but just as a figurehead. Jill rips into Katherine for what she's done. As the two old rivals start sparring, Kay begins to have chest pains!

Jill gets scared, and starts telling the grand dame how much she's come to care about her. Jill admits she doesn't want to see anything happen to her and runs to call 911. Katherine stuns Jill when she confesses she's not having chest pains, but was just testing her! Naturally, Jill is pissed at Katherine, but the two laugh about the entire episode.

Billy: The Abbott playboy attempts to keep Victor from snitching on him being aware The Black Knight was alive in Los Angeles.

Cane/Lily: The lovebirds skip out on business to have a romantic getaway.


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    Killing off Ricky/getting rid of Peter Porte was still a monumental mistake. A decent writer would have showed Ricky’s attempt to fight off his mental psychosis in a relatable way, not just killed the character off. If anyone should have been killed off, it should have been Eden. Josh and Jill need to bring Ricky back. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Paul is gonna be written off this show soon. It hurts my heart to have to say it, but it appears to be written in the stars. So sad.

    And I REALLY dont’ want to see Paul get saddled with that bug, Cricket, as he is pushed off into the sunset.

    Cane and Lily need to go off on a romantic getaway and NEVER return. They seriously sicken me.

    I am shocked to see no spoilers for Josh Griffith’s new muse/obsession, Avery Clark. Something tells me that she will continue to be on 10 days a week.

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    Hmmm I will say I like the pacing of Y&R it no so fast, and I do like the Sharon/Adam/Chelsea story.

    I will say change doesn’t happened overnight, but again there some dead weight characters who are a waste of space. I don’t see why they need to be there. Such as Jeff Bardwell, Kevin Fisher is angry again, and Daniel needs to go. The actor needs to hit primetime.. I was never into Lily/Cane I wish they would already hit the bricks! Ronan can go as well too!

    Some of the sets on the show 50/50, but I say this; Why did poor Marcy Rylan have to get the boot? Nobody talks about Abby, but Lily/Cane are still floating around Genoa City. Devon if your not going to use him get rid of him, but I do think Bryant is a good actor (No recast). As for Noah this actor was on Lincoln Heights on ABC Family and played Charles and in real life he 27 yrs old. Kevin Schmidt I thought was good and his real life age fit the age Noah is suppose to be on the show.

    I keep saying it a work in progress unlike Days- tragic!

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    I love that they have asked Christine to stay on. I don’t really think we will see Paul being written off. I am very glad that Yasir Arafat, I mean Daniel is not coming back. Bill Bell would have told him to clean up his appearance in a heartbeat. It was getting terribly difficult to watch him. I miss Marcy Rylan very much. As for Cane and Lily… I like them. Kevin needs to go yesterday. He is an annoying little troll, as a character. This is the best Noah that we have had in the role. And I will say it again, Avery is now my new favorite!!

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    [quote=1titanman]Daniel needs to go. The actor needs to hit primetime..[/quote]

    Actor Michael Grazaidei (Daniel) will be leaving the canvas around the Christmas holidays. So, I’m betting that he’s already taped his last scene’s by now and is off to get some work in prime-time.

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    [quote=richalan67]Kevin needs to go yesterday.[/quote]

    Actor Greg Rikkart (Kevin) has tweeted that he has a very good storyline coming up and if Josh Griffith’s writing is any indication, I’m betting he’s getting a damn good storyline too that will showcase his acting chops which have sorely been missed since he won an Emmy Award for either Younger Actor or Supporting Actor a number of years ago. It was also the same year that Christian LeBlanc (Michael) won his Emmy for Lead Actor for the same storyline (to refresh your memory, it was the storyline about Kevin and his horrible upbringing and the abuse he suffered at the hands of his late father, “Terrible Tom” Fisher (ex-Roscoe Born)) that he was involved in with Greg Rikkart.

    My bone to pick with the pairing of Kevin and Chloe is this: they’ve been married how long now? There’s one thing we haven’t seen them do as a married couple: HIT THE SHEETS!!! This couple needs to be split up and split up NOW! Watching those two interact is like watching (and painfully so) paint dry. That’s how unmatched these two are.

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    Have I said how much I appreciate this new team bringing back Jill!! :love: I love that she will be in a good story surrounding CI and the scenes between her and Mrs C is priceless. Not in a geisha outfit! |( I like the spoilers so far compared to 2 months ago. I’m in agreement that not everything is perfect but it’s a work in progress. I like that Victor is involved with the Victoria story, I want Victor to KICK some ass over his little girl. As Jamey had mentioned the kidnapping story is all plot driven but I’m not complaining because when you have 1 plot driven story and 5 character driven stories I’m a happy camper. Soaps for the last 10 years or so been nothing but plot driven stories taking over the airwaves and maybe 1 character driven story if lucky. I’m loving the pacing and feel the flow is more Bill Bellish department. Not every ending episode needs to have traumatic ending. Some episodes end in a soft, quiet, romantic style every much like Bill…to drive the next day episode. Sharon Case is delivering the goods and she (the actress) seems to be enjoying this story much more where under MAB she seemed her heart wasn’t in the story. I’m likening Adam\Chelsea\Sharon. I’m still seeing how the bully story goes because people are complaining and it just got started. I’m liking this nuNoah a lot and I’m probably one of the few but I’m liking the nuSummer. I’m loving that Phack are in each other’s orbit again and Phyllis is acting more like Phyllis and the town hasn’t forgotten her deeds because it’s thrown in her face lately from many people. I love Christine is staying longer and Paul is involved in a non-psycho story. I don’t get the feeling DD is leaving, but could be wrong. The Victoria kidnapping was a sour note for me in the beginning because if wanted a wedge issue to break up Villy it could have been done more organic because loyalty of family but Thursday’s eppy was interesting because Victoria is correct she has the money and maybe she will pay him off and find out the truth on what Billy had done to stay out of jail and Victoria will actually help him. The actor who is playing this part is HOT biker looking daddy…yum! :love: My kind of man! Love those biker’s mustache like my husband. The chem could be there for between those two. She helps him get his son back and with the troubles…Victor & Nikki wouldn’t be happy! Victoria just needs a good throw down f*&King! :X

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    Why are Cane and Lilypad still on this show?

    Goodbye Greaseboy Daniel….why would have Bill Bell made him clean up his act? Isn’t he supposed to be artsy fartsy?

    Alstonboy, couldn’t agree with you more about your posting. The writing is on the wall for DD. They are only bringing the bug on for his exit story. :((

    Still so many that can leave the canvas.

    I guess if you like that stache but all I can hear when he is on screen is porn music. I am too busy laughing to take this dude seriously. Oooh, big scrary guy pulling out a gun. JMT

    Why can’t they just get rid of the chipmunk? :~

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    Yeah, I’m loving the show lately. It feels more like it did when Bill Bell was writing…Slower paced, a nice balance of romance, comedy, drama, action, etc…And yeah, Victoria’s kidnapping is kind of plot driven, but that is the ONLY thing I’m seeing from this show that IS plot driven, and it’s more character based than anything. We aren’t seeing Victoria be tortured (like MAB would’ve done)…there’s no violence really surrounding it…it’s moreso about how the characters will react to the situation and what they will do to save Victoria. That’s more character-driven than plot, though the kidnapping itself was plot. However, I don’t see how its any different than anything thats going on on any other soap…but I digress, because it’s Y&R so I expect it.

    Anyway, I hope to God Paul isn’t being let go. LAWD….I mean I know he wasn’t really being used until this year, but geez the guy is an incredible actor, and I really have a strong feeling he may be a contender for an emmy in 2013…he did some of the best work in daytime this year with the whole Ricky story…

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    [quote=noway]Why are Cane and Lilypad still on this show?[/quote]

    Because their pubescent, insipid fan base would hire 20 planes if TPTB tried to write them off. We’re stuck with the totally USELESS couple.

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    [quote=Jillian Bowe]@truthtakestime2000 *ROTFLMAO!* They suck sooo much but you are in here commenting. Have a seat somewhere dear. You don’t want to read them u don’t have to.[/quote]

    Yeah, WTF?? The Pristine/Paul/Nina spoilers are just as detailed. Why didn’t Truth tear into you about them?

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    Jillian Bowe

    @Coffe_Junkie dunno and really don’t care. The big ole’ spoilers in the headline is a tip for those who don’t want to read spoilers to keep it moving. Maybe i need to make it bigger if they can’t read it?

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    All I can say is I am REALLY ENJOYING “Y & R” now and it has been a VERY LONG time since I have admitted that, even in written form.

    Five weeks into the new regime’s work and I see SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT. Gone is the Maria Arena Bell silliness of multiple deaths, multiple marriages, silly stunt casting, highly improbable blood ties to lame pathetic characters (Ryder & Daisy), and the destruction of core characters like Sharon Newman and the Carlton family. Even better is the abrupt halting of even more silliness that was yet to come (the “Mystery Woman” following Paul; the “Claude Shirl” nonsense) simply by not addressing it or writing a lame character off (Bye bye, Genevieve – not missing you in the least!)

    What am I seeing now? Characters created by the previous regime that I didn’t like at first (Chelsea & Avery come to mind) are FINALLY being fleshed out with actual traits, personalities and faults. There is actual dialogue between characters and not just shouting at one another face to face and into cell phones. I am also starting to see some relevant social issues making its way back with the cyber-bullying story and Jack’s inevitable dependence on pain pills. I’m also liking some of the new sets being introduced (Avery apartment, the fancy restaurant Nick & Avery had dinner) – would like to see less of the GCAC and more of Jimmy’s Bar.

    IMO, there is still some dead weight to discard down the line (Kyle, Eden, Tucker, Jeffrey) but I’m sure time will take care of that. There are a few things I would like JFP & JG to address or turn around at some point:

    – the connecting of Lauren & Jill as sisters (was Neil Fenmore that much of a dog???)
    – the connecting of Tucker, Katherine & Devon as family members

    Was it really necessary for MAB to come up with fantastically unreal blood ties? I’d like to see these all come undone.

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    I’m don’t think realistically they could because then the story would be so convoluted and messy and fans could get lost in trying to keep up. I think it is what is and as long as we have good character driven stories like now to move forward I’m OK.

    PS…In my heart Jill will always be a Foster because that’s what Bill created Jill as a Foster not a Chancellor or Fenmore because of egos of some writers wanting to put their “stamp” on the soap and thinking it was wonderful idea.

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    :love: Wow,it is about time they give Paul a real love interest and none better then Christine,love it I just hope they keep it going. Paul and Nina are so boring,sorry!!

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    Why should Daniel ‘clean up’? He is hot as he is. Must everyone look alike? Is that how the world is–monolithic? Diversity is not just about the inclusion of various races but also about different sexual orientations, looks, classes, interests etc. Daniel is an artiste, many artistes do not conform to the status quo so MG looks the part.

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    I actually like that Katherine, Tucker, and Devon are related. I wish they would interact more as a family. It was messy the way they first wrote Jill as Katherine’s daughter, then NOPE, she actually has a son, Tucker, and then only Paul could figure out that Devon was Tucker’s son, but done is done. We should see Katherine and Devon together more. Plus, in this day and age, it’s actually refreshing to see an interracial family on soap operas especially when there in are so many in real life and especially on a Y&R. They were the ones who started it with a flirtation between Mamie and John Abbott years ago. Plus, I like the actor who plays Devon and he showed very strong acting chops in the stories surrounding his cochlear implant and then having his hearing fixed several months ago. Where has he been since then? I know he’s a musician but he’s got to have some other hobbies and then get involved with Chancellor. It would be so nice to use Devon to be a power player instead of bringing in these other guys. Also, I like him and Roxanne together. Tatiyana Ali has some other projects going on but I’d love to see her more often on Y&R and become and a minority lead actress on the show. IMO, she would have made a better Lily. Sorry, I just really like the characters of Devon and Roxanne and their actors.

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