First Impressions: Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives

Eric Brady returned to Salem with a new face (General Hospital alum Greg Vaughan, as opposed to Jensen Ackles) and a saintly new job! What are your First Impressions of Vaughan as Days of Our Lives’ Eric?

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    So far, so good in my book; he’s a good actor not to mention drop dead gorgeous(not that there’s any shortage of that what with James Scott, Eric Martsolf, et al still breathing on our screens). And, to put Luke’s initial fears to rest, he’s managing to “hold his own” against the acting prowess of the great Dame Alison Sweeney :D .

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    I don’t think his acting abilities were ever in question, except by those who hated the fact that he replaced the sainted Jonathan Jackson on GH for a spell. That along with his rocking body and good looks make him a keeper as far as I’m concerned.

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    Sad to say, as a priest, I doubt we’ll be seeing him shirtless very often.

    I missed it today though, did it say HOW he came to become a priest? Didn’t they learn from OLTL when they made Joey Buchanan a priest?

    I’m tickled to see Greg back on my tv, but not sure about the whole priest angle.

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    Well… I’m still reserving my judgement. I definitely think it is great that the character of Eric Brady has finally come back.

    I like GV as an actor and he looks pretty fine to me. I also like the fact that his good looks aren’t “overstated” but he at the same time looks like a normal guy.

    I do have to admit that I did keep flashing back to Jensen Ackles and comparing GV to him.

    The one thing I’m uneasy about is him being a priest. On the one hand, if he sticks to his vows, his lovelife potential will be pretty limited. And I’m kinda thinking, does Salem need another morally high goody-two-shoes? On the other hand, if he doesn’t stay on the up and up, makes me think, do we need another gray character on the show, either? I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not sure what his place on the canvas will be yet.

    But we shall see.

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    Greg Vaughan deserves much better than this dry writing that they are giving him thus far. Give Eric a PERSONALITY. Just because he’s given his life over to a higher power, that doesn’t mean he has to be as dull as dishwater.

    As always, Greg is easy on the eyes. Just don’t make the character so BLEH. I don’t remember Eric being like this back in the day.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Greg Vaughan deserves much better than this dry writing that they are giving him thus far. Give Eric a PERSONALITY. Just because he’s given his life over to a higher power, that doesn’t mean he has to be as dull as dishwater. As always, Greg is easy on the eyes. Just don’t make the character so BLEH. I don’t remember Eric being like this back in the day.[/quote]

    I could not agree with you more… several of the storylines are being written very dryly in my opinion. If Ron Carlivati weren’t doing such an amazing job reviving GH, I’d recommend him for Days. Both Days and Y&R have become a bit flat for me lately; I saw tomorrow’s episode of Y&R and it’s getting a bit better. However, Days seems to be dragging by continuing to do storylines that have been done before, Chad and Abigail (though I liked them) didn’t need to be done again, and Jennifer and Daniel just need to die (the pairing, and maybe Daniel)

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    I guess that his mom’s demon possession made an impact on him! Or maybe he just admires John alot. It does make sense that their child (and/or step child) would chose to become a man of the cloth. Plus the Brady family has always been a strong catholic family (except they do tend to get alot of divorces and remarriages. How they keep getting dispensations for that I don’t know). I do think they need to give Eric more personality. I would like for them to give him a strong sense of humor ala Michael Horton in the 80s. I do like the idea of twins one good one evil trying to balance eachother and maintain a relationship with eachother. Giving Sami an external conscience is a good idea. I want Eric to have his own stuff too but having an ear to his sister would be nice as well. She never had that with anyone except maybe Caroline. Does it ever really bug anyone else that Brady Black is older than Eric and Sami (that is out in left field I know but it just becomes more apparent since Eric was cast). Also I think it would have been more interesting to make Brady the priest. Imagine his background with women, drugs and alcohol and trying to be a better man. Eric hasn’t had the history that Brady has. It would be more powerful of a story.

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    soapy opie

    Nothing against priests, of course. but the show brings back a very
    attractive male character (with connections to all the Big Players
    in Salem) & instantly “neuters” him, with a white collar.

    Frankly, I don’t really see any long term story for Father Eric,
    except to listen to other people’s problems & offer advice:
    “Follow your conscience, my child.”

    And, as Carolyn Hinsey very correctly stated in a recent Soap Opera
    Digest column, “giving advice is NOT a story.”

    That is, unless Nicole (and/or possibly the returning Chloe) decide
    to go after Eric, get him to question his vows & make him do
    some “very, very bad things”. Now, that could be interesting. lol

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    :love: I love,love Greg Vaughan and what a wonderful way to bring him into Days,and love the powerful chemistry between him and Nicole. Wow,I think he will be removing that white collar from around his neck soon(at least I hope so)!!

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    I love Greg Vaughn, but I too am hating the fact that he is a priest. What a waste of a gorgeous man!!
    Maybe, since he just recently became a priest, it will be short term as he realizes he’s not cut out for that life?!?! One can only hope…and dream. But really, what women are there on the show for him to get involved with? I’m a new watcher so I can’t think of (m)any offhand.

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    When I saw Greg on Days, I almost did NOT recognize him. It’s just with that very short hair and the very clean shaven face, it was pretty darn difficult to recognize him. But then again, I haven’t seen him on my TV screen since he was on Y&R as Diego. As for how long he’ll end up playing Father Eric, that won’t last long. What’s the point of bringing Eric Brady back as a priest who has taken a vow of chastity going to move the character in whatever direction other than doling out advice and listening to people in the confessional at their local Catholic church? I just don’t see this character going very far as a priest, which is why I don’t think he’ll be staying a priest for very long.

    Nk3play2, you stated in your post the following, “Both Days and Y&R have become a bit flat for me lately; I saw tomorrow’s episode of Y&R and it’s getting a bit better.” Seeing as you posted this on Friday, November 16th, how can you be watching “tomorrow’s episode of Y&R…..” when Y&R doesn’t air on the weekends………..unless you meant to say Monday’s episode on Youtube.

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    So far, Greg Vaughan has shown an easy chemistry and rapport with Ari Zucker, Ali Sweeney, Josh Taylor and Deidre Hall. I’m looking forward to his take on Eric. And does anyone really believe that collar will stay on his neck? I highly doubt Eric will still be a priest in a few months.

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    Oh Please you know Nicole will bet tempted and give in to Nicole just like Jpey Buchanan did with Jen Rappaport on OLTL & Chris Whitesell was on the OLTL writing team at that time too, Imagine that

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    Love him & that’s a first for Days who’s had trouble introducing characters in the last few years. GV had instant chemistry with Ari Zucker, Ali Sweeney & Deidre Hall.

    I don’t know why so many people think it’s a problem that they introduced Eric as a priest. They’re obviously gonna build towards a Thorn Birds type of storyline with him & Nicole and that has so much soapy & scandalous potential.

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    One of my favorite characters on “Santa Barbara” was Father Michael Donnelly (Frank Runyeon). Eventually he left the priesthood, which I imagine will happen with Eric down the road. I imagine if I had Nicole scratching and tearing at my clothes, I’d cave evntually too… :)

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    I don’t watch GH, so I wasn’t familiar with Greg Vaughan’s acting, but I thought he was great! Like Jensen Ackles, who I and everyone loved, he seems to be a good actor, he is very handsome, and he had very good chemistry with his family members and Nicole. Also, and like Jensen Ackles, there is a sweetness about him that is completely unrelated to him being a priest. And, as far as him being a priest, I am going to go out on a limb and say that won’t last forever, whether it is a Thornbirds-like story, something with Nicole or whatever.

    I really wish that Days fans would stop bashing Days’s writing, plotting etc. all the time. we are lucky to still have Days on the air. I have watched Days religiously since 1981, and while I haven’t liked everything or have been bored at times, I have always stuck with it, as Days is my constant (like Desmond from Lost)and it always will be.

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    greg is an amazing actor. he often gets written off by most people as just a pretty face, but i thought he showed real talent during lucky’s drug addiction storyline on general hospital. i’m really excited to watch him as eric, and so far so good, he’s great at playing a true-blue, good man. i just don’t want nicole to break his heart!

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