RUMOR REPORT: Is Erik Valdez OUT at General Hospital?!


Is Trey Mitchell/Joe Scully III on his way out of Port Charles? I'm hearing hunky, Latin actor Erik Valdez has been let go from General Hospital. No word on whether the ABC sudser plans to recast the role of Kate/Connie's (Kelly Sullivan) long-lost son.


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    While Trey isn’t my favorite character on the show and he’s actually grown on me, I’m not sure getting rid of the character is a good thing. They need to build up their young/20 somethings set of characters and they won’t do it by bringing on and off new characters every chance they get. Hopefully it’s a recast, but Erik Valdez is kinda hot, so that’s a shame.

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    Not too surprising…what is there for him to do anymore?

    Cute guy, but he was tied into the JoeJr storyline, which is over; he failed at getting his “mother” committed; his and Kristina’s marriage bombed, so there’s not much for him to stick around for.

    Although it would have been kinda fun to have Starr fall for him and kick Michael to the curb. Then Trey and Starr could have left together!

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    No Daisy

    I’m not a fan of Trey’s or his xxxl condoms but he’s done a passable job and he’s had more airtime with Sonny lately than Kristina’s had on the whole show. Id think she would(should) be recast before Trey.

    Sorry Jamey, I know you’re a fan.

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    Well I’m not surprised. This was my thought when Kristen Alderson posted pictures of her, LM and CD going to a new photoshoot yesterday. I immediately thought, okay, EV isn’t with them. Hmmm.

    The only plausible way to keep him was if they hadn’t dismantled Kate & Sonny and made her permanently (?) into Connie. Also the fact that Joe Jr. (though I won’t miss him) was let go, spoke of the coming situation.

    The shame in this is that they are keeping Kristina over Trey!!! SHE is the one that really needs to go!

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    When they killed off Joe Scully Jr I had a feeling Trey would follow. He also had an annoying habit of looking into the camera, like, he forgot his lines and was reading them off the screen. Also, have a feeling, now that Liz and Sabrina are becoming friends and she’s related to Juan, that we will soon see Liz’s real-life husband, Juan, back on the show, especially with the Nurse’s Ball. One of my favorites was Juan doing “Footloose” with Liz and the original Emily.

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    Hopefully it is a re-cast. The story isn’t complete. I think they should get a younger Trey. When you look at Kelly and Erik it is obvious that he can’t possibly be her son. He is too old. And besides we need someone for Maxie so if they could bring in a new younger guy who can mix it up between Maxi and Kristina it would be interesting.

    We need more hotties on this show. OLTL had so many studs it was ridiculous. We need David Gregory to come to Port Charles. Better yet why not have the Ford brothers come to Port Charles. I seem to have remembered Starr being involved with a guy named James. Now that Hope and Cole are gone why not have him come in to win Starr back.

    We need a guy for Maxie, Elizabeth, Sabrina, Kristina, and Connie. These characters need a male love interest or at least some naughty boy toy action. Ron has been doing a great job but we really need to work on getting some guys back on GH. there are too many single females on board with front burner stories.

    Sonny needs to find a new love interest as well. Someone who can redeem him. If Megan Ward was in the role of Kate Howard there would be much more dynamics and chemistry between them. I think many fans would accepted it. I do not want Sonny with Brenda. I am tired of Brenda. Kate Howard the fashionista should be back before the Nurses Ball and go head to head with Lucy Coe. How about bringing back Claudia? Sarah Brown is free. The budget is low but right now soap stars would just like to have a paying gig.

    One positive thing under the Guza regime was everyone had a good match. Oh how I miss the days of Maxie with Cooper Barrett and Lulu with Logan Hayes.
    Elizabeth was with Lucky, Nicolas had Emily, Sonny had Kate, Robin had Patrick, Carly had Jax, Alexis had Jerry, Tracy had Luke, even for a short time we had Dr. Lainey winters with Stan Johnson (Epiphany’s son). What happened to Leo?

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    This guy is NOT a great actor. His so-called “dramatic” scenes after learning that his father had died were more comical than anything else. Don’t know where they found him or why he was hired, but they could have done much better. And as much as the gay man in me wants to keep him around because he’s “cute to look at,” I am sick of having to watch these newbies learn how to act onscreen. It’s ridiculous.

    And to add insult to injury, he’s tied to my two LEAST favorite GH characters, Starr and Connie/Kate. I only wish that they would leave with him. Three birds with one stone……….

    Recast with someone who can actually ACT, if they must keep this character around. After all, there are plenty of qualified actors out there who could fill this part.

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    Speaking of re-casts and/or releases, where is LM/Kristina? I believe the last time we saw her she was bonding with Starr over take out. While I’m not enamored of the story EV’s character is tied in to, he still is an extension of the Falconeri’s. Whether one likes them or not (and I, for one, do), there still is story for him to fill in such as developing a relationship with Kate-Con (integrated, hopefully) as well as he is D and Olivia’s cousin via blood. Just a few thoughts… 0:)

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    TV Gord

    Too bad. I thought he was pretty good. If it turns out that he is leaving, I hope it means the character is going. I wouldn’t favor a recast.

    I was actually stunned that they killed off Joe Jr. I thought they were planning about showdown between him and Sonny for the fortunes of mob wars. I guess they decided to dump the whole idea. If that’s the case, then it makes sense for Trey to go, too. Wipe the slate clean, as though they had never been there at all.

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    i did not like Trey when he was first introduced but he did grow on me and he is a major piece of eye candy. i do agree with the earlier post that he is too old to be Connie/Kate’s son – the actor is 33 in real life and Kelly Sullivan is only a year and a half older than him. they should recast with someone younger. i’m hoping that maybe they are opening up money for a big return (Genie Francis or Kimberly McCollough?). and i know that i’m in the minority but i would love to see Tyler Christopher come back as Nikolas. with Helena coming back, Liz alone and Lulu needing money for surrogacy he would definitely needed and would up the hot guy quotient in Port Charles.

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    I’m sad to hear this about EV. While he clearly could use a little more training acting-wise, I thought he did a fanastic job of getting up in Maurice Bernard’s face in his first few episodes. That alone would intimidate many veteran actors, but Erik came out the gate in full attack mode and he didn’t let up.

    Also, there is far more chemistry between Trey and Starr than she and Michael so Erik’s leaving will be a missed opportunity. If anybody has to go then it should be Lindsay Morgan, she is Mark Teshner’s biggest casting mistake in quite a long while.

    I agree with the previous posters that it was a mistake on GH’s part to kill off Joe Jr. so soon. There was so much left unfinished with the character. Richard Steinmetz had amazing chemistry with everyone he worked with but especially with Jane Elliot. I wonder if he had another previous commitment like Sebastin Roche did before. It would have been nice to see Tracy happy for more than a day or two unlike her Luke pairing which I’ve never liked.

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    Sorry, EV is cute but is a horrible actor. It was painful to watch him in scenes with the actress who plays Kristina(she also needs acting lessons). They should’ve kept Joe Jr. who was actually an interesting character. I still don’t get the purpose of Trey. Hopefully this means Sonny’s mob entire is finally going down.

    I would love to see Kristina, Connie, and Starr leave too. At least Connie is good at antagonizing Sonny but the current Kristina and Starr bore me to tears.

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    I don’t think so…RC just gave an interview in where he praised Kelly Sullivan’s acting talents, the Kate/Connie storyline and how good the Sonny + Kate pairing is.

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    Yeah, But the winds that blow on high are saying that Maurice Bernard is headed to the Y&R. I pray they get rid of the extreme boredom that is Sonny and Spinelli. They I think are the last of my FF time on GH. The rest of the show is so good now, just a little more house cleaning to do and I think I can sit back and watch the entire show. I may even watch the commercials

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    I hope they are just recasting the role and not getting rid of the character for good cause that’d be a mistake in my view. Kate will be back at some point and will want to bond with Trey and this storyline needs to be play out and could be a nice one. I remember when Kate first realized Trey was her son and she tried hard to reach out to him and then the shock of the whole thing brought Connie back out.

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    When they wrote out Joe Scully Jr, they said it was tied to story plans changing because of the loss of the character of Jason… HOW? I wonder. I really don’t see it. Maybe the return of AJ upturned the apple cart so to speak?

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    I think they are seeing that the ratings are going up week after week. No more Jason, not much Sonny, more vets back on the canvas, and the show is going back to what it does best. For the first time in over a decade, General Hospital is finally looking and feeling like Genreal Hospital again. The ratings will continue to go up if they focus on GH’s history and core characters. The Sonny, Jason, Carly hour nearly killed this 50 yr old institution.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Grimm]When they wrote out Joe Scully Jr, they said it was tied to story plans changing because of the loss of the character of Jason… HOW? I wonder. I really don’t see it. Maybe the return of AJ upturned the apple cart so to speak?[/quote]

    I think you hit the nail on the head. When AJ was coming back, I think they decided to dump the storyline pitting Joe Jr against Sonny in favor of pitting AJ against Sonny.

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    I don’t understand why he would be let go. EV can act and he is attractive. He also seems like a really nice guy. Trey was annoying when he first came on but he’s pretty likable now. Not to mention that the character is in the middle of a big story line. Wonder what happen.

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    I think Frank Valentini is figuring out that he doesn’t need all these new throw away characters, and now realizes his ratings aren’t coming from Sonny/Connie/Trey. The ratings are coming in from Anna, Robin, Faison, Robert, AJ, Monica, Tracy, In other words, the ratings and story is coming from the history and core of General Hospital. Id be willing to bet as the months come up that Sonny finds his way out of GH as well as a few other mob related characters. The day of Mobster Hospital has finally come to an end and the General Hospital that the audience has been begging for will finally return. The ratings keep rising week after week, they are doing something right finally.

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    I’m wondering, the actor that plays Trey looks a bit like Rebecca H.’s real life husband who used to play Juan on the show. Now that Sabrina mentioned she was related to him and her and Liz are becoming friends, I have a feeling Juan may be showing up soon and they just don’t feel Trey is really needed anymore.

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    If that’s true, that really sad. I didn’t like the Trey character in the beginning and I don’t know much about the actor, but over time, the character grew on me, as I could tell that he really liked Kristina and then finding her being held by his dad really shocked him to the core. I started not hating the character then and he seemed like he had changed. I hope it’s not true!

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    I hope its true. Hes a terrible actor and I dont think hes eyecandy. His skin is worn and leathery. Good riddence to bad ru bish. Im tired of Valentini’s bargain basement casting. Gh deserves better. SHM.

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