Susan Lucci Slaps Steven Colbert During ‘General’s Hospital’ Spoof of Petraeus Sex Scandal!

The David Petraeus sex scandal has been an easy target for late night comedians. Steven Colbert spoofed the D.C. drama on The Colbert Report, calling it General’s Hospital. The best part of the segment was when All My Children legend Susan Lucci swept on stage at the end.

Watch a clip after the jump!

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    What good sports Susan Lucci and Stephen Colbert are! A little levity for the week. That situation, “General’s Hospital,” is a real-life soap opera… and it is ridiculous! But as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

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    I saw this last night and could not stop laughing. I think the fact this came out of nowhere and then Susan Lucci is suddenly introduced made this segment hysterical. They milked the jokes and soap stereotypes for all they’re worth all in good fun. Great work!

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    I miss All My Children. I miss Susan Lucci. And I will throw One Life to Live in there too because I miss it immensley and it’s practically a year since all that Prospect Park mess went down the drain. Argh.

    When will the Lifetime-maids-Marc-Cherry show starring Susan Lucci start? I must imagine they will have to be dropping some teaser promos during the Lindsay Lohan story.

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    Thank you, Luke, I loved it and especially loved sending along to some friends who think Colbert is great and don’t get why I enjoy soap operas so much. Really the only differences are the poses and dramatic pauses. But then again, I think Colbert does that a lot, too, huh. Will keep sharing the fun. :)

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