Marlena’s Reaction to Kristen’s Voicemail Angers John on Days of Our Lives

Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) insecurities boil over when she deletes Kristen’s (Eileen Davidson) voicemail to John (Drake Hogestyn), not realizing it was about Brady (Eric Martsolf) being hurt. Can Jarlena survive this betrayal on Days of Our Lives?

Elsewhere in Salem, can Eric (Greg Vaughan) provide Nicole (Arianne Zucker) with divine intervention? Will (Chandler Massey) and Gabi (Camila Banus) face the reality of her pregnancy.  Rafe (Galen Gering) and EJ (James Scott) continue to vie for Sami’s (Alison Sweeney). 

For some reason I feel like I should be more enthused about a November Sweeps promo. Watch it after the jump!

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    I admit, overall the DAYS promos aren’t great. BUT this was better than the First long Sweeps promo (Nicole sobbing etc.)

    I’ve been thinking about DAYS and comparing it to GH and what is their difference. Why do I feel GH is on fire right now. What DAYS needs is action. Physical action. They have the great actors. They have the great characters with lots of history. They have veterans. They need to forget about the Daniel’s and Gabi’s and concentrate on the Bradys and Hortons and they need fiery storylines. Catfights, scheming, bitchyness.

    IMO there are too many good and saintly do-no-wrong people in Salem. Jennifer, Hope, Daniel, Rafe, Marlena, John, Brady, Will, Sonny. I mean they are all morally high people whose life is turned upside down if they accidentally kill a fly. They need to make mistakes, and I’m not talking about the mistake of forgetting your true love died and seeking weird comfort from a hairy doctor, I’m talking realizing the fact that the love of your life is gone, go off the deep end somehow, turn to alcohol etc. Become bitter, evil and bitchy. Okay, so I’m depicting what happened to Nicole. That should have been Jennifer right after Jack died, not because of Daniel, lol.

    Second thing is we have these great long-time characters, just sitting there, without a partner, without a love-life, without anything to do really, except to talk about other people’s love lives. Abe, Kayla, Hope, Roman, Kate, EJ, Rafe, Lucas, Nicole, Jennifer, Daniel, Abigail, even Sami! – they are all single and just floating. Hook these guys up already! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soap with so many single people.

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    Preach, Yoryla!

    Your post says most of what I’ve been snarking about for a while now. The writers do not appear to have a clue what to do with these characters that have such great backstory and potential chemistry.

    I’m not going to give up on Days, but it looks like Ken Corday has and NBC and Sony might.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Yorla: The long term problem with Days is exactly what Jamey once loved about it. Too many of the female characters became what both Agnes and Bill Bell disagreed with Irna Phillips on, “all good or all bad.” The sacred supercouple characters like Marlena, Hope, Jennifer, Kayla and the lesser Adrianna all became carbon copies of one another. That template type of characters was in direct contrast to what you would see on All My Children and The Young and The Restless.

    On Nixon and Bell soaps, all characters have good and bad qualities. For example: Nikki was jealous of Ashley & Brooke and Erica had a long standing rivalry. In these cases none of characters were totally good and they could be led to act in ways their loved ones would not expect. That was what made the characters so much more interesting.

    Days (more so since the Reilly days) created or turned them into these one-note characters where story was the only thing driving it (if it was at all). Then they turned to this idea that their sacred females characters could only do bad things when they under the influence of something.

    This is purely the reason that without the Dimera clan to spice things up Days is as bad as Capitol and Texas!

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    One really gets to appreciate the writing and storylines of James E. Reilly! This has been mentioned several times here, but it is really true. The first years I watched the show was his years, and I was riveted! Maybe Days was always *supposed* to be the campy and over the top soap, with the possessions and serial killers? What if that was Days’ niche? Is it now that Days is more like a “normal” show, it feels weird? Lol.

    And don’t get me wrong, I still love Days. It is my #2 soap right after GH. I ADORE Kristen and am glad that John & Marlena have storyline and are front and center.

    But the problem is just so blatant and staring you in the face now, that it simply cannot be addressed.

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    Well, I gotta say there’s one thing that is definitely working for me right now–besides Will and Sonny, and I’m afraid that’s not gonna last much longer–and that’s anything involving Kristen and more specifically Kristen and Brady. Those two have some ridiculous chemistry and I’m just wondering how long exactly before Kristen gets that back broken good and well by sex-on-two-legs Brady. That needs to happen ASAP.

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    It would, indeed, be refreshing to see Eileen Davidson paired up with someone who is not an old coot for a change.

    And although I think it would be far more scandalous and make for better TV if Kristen and EJ had a fling, Eric Martsolf as Brady also puts the sizzle in swizzle stick. Yum!!!!! :)

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