Ratings, Rants and Raves: GH Up By Over Half a Million Total Viewers Year-to-Date; Plus Young and Restless Wishful Storytelling!


The ratings surge for ABC Daytime's General Hospital shows no sign of slowing down. (Source: Soap Opera Network) The week of Nov. 5-9, GH was up 555,000 total viewers year-to-date.  With approximately 2.8 million viewers tuning in, GH hit a new high for the regime of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati.

Due to interruptions in the previous ratings cycle, caused by Hurricane Sandy, there is no week-to-week comparison for total viewers. However, the soap went up one-tenth of a point in households, among women 18-49 and W18-34. In the latter demo, GH was the No.1 soap in daytime for the week. Only one-tenth of a point separated GH from The Young and the Restless among W18-49.

In story, Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) managed to outsmart her captors long enough to call her daughter Emma. This prompted "Duke" (Ian Buchanan) to pay her a visit. Tracy (Jane Elliot) and Carly (Laura Wright) separately squared off against Monica (Leslie Charleson) over AJ (Sean Kanan). Sonny (Maurice Benard), Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Trey (Erik Valdez) failed in their attempt to get Connie/Kate (Kelly Sullivan) institutionalized. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) evicted Trey and Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Lante (Julie Marie Berman and Dominick Zamprogna) wrecked their chance to adopt a baby.

GH single-handedly resurrected Cliffhanger Friday the week in question. "Duke" taking off his mask for a horrified Robin, while back in PC,  AJ came face-to-face with Carly, reminded me of the days when you had to watch at least Friday's episode of your fave "story". It's no wonder this soap's ratings are increasing. A slew of beloved, glory days vets, stories that move forward at a steady clip. GH is doing almost everything right.

Of course no soap can hit every story out of the park. Connie/Kate still proves to be a rotten apple. I was embarrassed for everyone who had to take part in those Kangaroo Court scenes. No judge on a bench would buy this woman being anything less than stark-raving mad. This story is silly and pointless. I've seen better Carol Burnett spoofs of soaps.  Sonny Corinthos is a lot of things, but he's no cuckold for a poorly recast caricature of a formerly popular role.

Days of Our Lives was up year-to-date by 259,000 the week of Nov. 5. DAYS held steady in the demos. 

The jig was up for Nicole (Arianne Zucker) in story. Daniel (Shawn Christian) finally figured out that she lied about Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) killing her baby. This led to a silly sequence where Nicole threatened to goose herself with a scalpel and/or throw herself off the one-story overhang at Purple Salem Square. Yeah…

Jarlena (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall) continued to bicker about Sami (Alison Sweeney) working for Kristen (Eileen Davidson) at Countess W. Do these yahoos not realize how lucky a mother of four children by two men, who never went to college, and worked as a candy stripper for 10 years, is to be running a major, Midwest-based cosmetics dynasty? Methinks not.

Later, Kristen showed up at the Horton Cabin, where Marlena found her with John. After her last two soap stints, this is what the amazing Ms. Davidson should be singing.

The Bold and the Beautiful was up year-to-date by 10,000 total viewers. B&B also went up one-tenth of a point in all major demos.

Bill (Don Diamont) continued to bond with sister-in-law Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), as they searched for Katie (Heather Tom), and tended to Baby WhatsHisName. Kristen (Tracy Melchior) and Felicia (Lesli Kay) came home to say goodbye to their mama and Hope (Kimberly Matula) and Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) argued over who was blonder. One of those statements may or may not have happened.

I am digging Bill and Brooke. No one does forbidden, unseemly entanglements quite like Brooke Logan. It's about time my girl did something positively scandalous again. That's why we love Logan! She can't help it, she's drawn that way.

 In truth, I'm just relieved my favorite soap sex kitten is no longer running around Los Angeles trying to force Liam (Scott Clifton) to pick her child to penetrate, over Taylor's (Hunter Tylo). 

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  1. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I am so happy the ratings are going up for GH. The show has been rockin’ lately and I was so hoping the ratings would prove it. The last few weeks were crazy with all the Hurricane Sandy interruptions on the East Coast. I just hope GH continues to get more viewers because I am loving the stories lately, the Quartermaines, front and center where they ALWAYS belonged, AJ’s return, the twist with Faison impersonating Duke, Scorpio’s return, and hopefully more old favorites to return soon. Looking forward to the return of Lucy Coe!!! Less Mob, and more stories with heart. This is the GH I remember from the past. I’m hoping the ratings keep going up, because, in my opinion, GH is the best soap right now!!!

  2. Profile photo of mpbach

    That would be a great s/l for Cane and Devon – the Winters but hey: it’s the Newman show! The will never be a big s/l that is not 100 % about the Newmans. It’s only VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, VIctor, Adam, Chelsea, Nick, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, and a very very very very very very little bit of Cane, Lily and the rest of the cast/characters…. talking about balanced writing… hmmmmm….

  3. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    I don’t want to see the Jill/Katherine feud reignited. They are too OLD to be behaving like that. Besides, if Jill killed Tucker Katherine wouldn’t be too broken up about it-she hates him.

    And Devon needs to go. Totally useless character. They need to have Tucker, Devon, and Lily plunge off a cliff together.

  4. Profile photo of Jon

    Love your Y&R ideas EXCEPT for a Summer/Kyle/Faith triangle. Too much of a carbon copy of B&B’s Steffy/Liam/Hope……yuk!

    Also we need some sexual diversity in GC! Fenmore/Scotty/Rafe would fit the bill!

  5. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    I’m really happy for GH, they deserve their success.

    Y&R is not awful and ridiculous anymore, but it’s boring as hell. I disagree with you on Avery and the Sharon/Adam/Chelsea triangle. I don’t care about Avery, she’s a nobody who needs to stop eating the show. Adam Newman is a sociopath and i don’t want to watch two crazy bitches fight over him. The scenes in that damn cottage as repetitive and tiresome.

    I’m enjoying Jack and Phyllis but i still think SyPhyllis should have paid for being such a loathsome human being. Same for Sicktor.

    I like NuNoah and that’s pretty it.

  6. Profile photo of richalan67

    LOVE Avery!! She is a breath of fresh air to Fire Crotch, I mean Phylis show! Get that woman off my screen at least 2 days a week. Gosh, her over the top acting has to stop. I hope this new regime reigns in her outburst and putting her hands on the same cheek with her head tilted to the side. I keep expecting her to burst into “The Good Ship Lollipop”! Sharon Case is rockin it. I love that they are restoring this character. She was never perfect, but MAB made her into Ye Old Town Slut!

  7. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    I like your storyline ideas for Y&R Jamey, but…I really want this new regime to fight the urge to create new familial relations on a whim and to resist continued intermingling between the Newmans and Abbotts. Cane being Tucker’s son is a no-go for me, especially since DNA proved he’s not related to Katherine. After all the foolywang with Cane being Jill’s son and Jill being Katherine’s daughter then later reversed, I think any further ways to make Cane related to a GC core family is not the best idea. Cane would be Devon’s bio brother…and BIL as Lily is “technically” Devon’s sister. Ewww, just NO! And I want the Newmans and Abbotts to start being two distinct families again. Of course Victoria and Billy being married provides a connection, but I think that’s where that should start and end. Abby mentioning all the “relations” between the families (blood and sexual) made me not want to see anymore Newmans/Abbotts date or marry, like EVER. It’s the same potential issue as the insta-relations in general on the show. Y&R is like one ill-conceived plot point away from having incest on the show. Too many relatives can make sexual pairings a challenge if they keep doing it.

    On the B&B front…I’m all for a Bill/Brooke pairing. It’s all kinds of wrong, but this is B&B! B&B has always been incestuous, so I don’t mind it. Plus Brooke needs some drama…badly! I’m not quite ready to see KKL become the wise matriarch at this point. If they’re not going to go there with $Bill and Brooke, then I want Brooke to go all cougar and not be tied to any one man. I might like that idea better since I think both Bell soaps right now are way too couples-happy.

  8. Profile photo of ldylkng

    Hell Yes! Grayson McCouch!! But if we are going to recast Scotty I would prefer Tom Pelphrey. Although I think he’s moving on to bigger things.
    Please If Jill kills anyone, let it be Cane! If Jill were to kill Tucker, it might kill Kay, and I don’t want that.

    Love Avery & Nick!

    What about Summer & Devon? Alot of possibilities there?

  9. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Marland Fan, exactly. Of course you get ratings by showcasing characters that are legendary, that everyone knows, and that people want to see. I don’t get how some of the execs think that they can transform a show into something totally new and get faces who nobody knows and therefore is not invested in them, and expect great ratings. This seems like pre-school stuff to me.

  10. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I admit it. I miss MAB, and I wish she would return. At least things happened on her watch. Psycho of the Month, Stalkers, Crazy People, A Marriage a Month. Good times.

    Josh G is boring.

    GC needs a strip club.

  11. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @Jamey G: I couldn’t agree more with you on GH and specifically B&B’s need for Brooke Logan to vamp it up. I think she and $Bill have chemistry. Heck, I think she has chemistry to every man in every scene!

    I do disagree with your ideas for Y&R. I like the current state of Y&R and think the show shines when focusing on Newmans. The Chancellors and Winters are DOA. Those characters offer nothing and no story can revive them, save Neil with Drucilla. Devon, Lily, Cane, Tucker and even Jill and Katherine could all exit Genoa City and I could care less!

  12. Profile photo of arielade

    I am LOVING GH right now, and I can’t wait to get home to watch it every day. Gosh it feels weird to type that…. I feel like they are fixing everything that we were complaining about a few months ago: too much MOB, plot-driven stories, no intelligent, rational women, etc. I am so happy I feel like it’s a dream. I hope they are not just doing this to make us happy before they cancel it…

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