Ronn Moss on Why Ridge Missed Stephanie’s Bold and Beautiful Farewell: “They Didn’t Ask Me”

The Bold and the Beautiful fans now have an answer for why Ridge missed his mother's farewell. When asked by a fan on Twitter why he didn't return for Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) endgame,  Ronn Moss responded:



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    It was evident.

    Ronn Moss and Brad Bell obviously had a major disagreement, I’m guessing over money and lack of storyline, Brad took offense and didn’t even a write a decent ending to Ridge.

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    Ridge should be presumed dead. At this point, it’s about the only thing that would have made sense. They even could have worked in the current Stephanie storyline … that she’s feeling worse after getting news of Ridge being probably dead and all. Instead we have a MIA Ridge for whom everyone is asking & who’s absence makes NO sense.

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    The focus of B&B is get Caroline front and center from now on. Not interested in them sidelining everyone for these young characters, and I’m under 25. I can already see them setting up the summer for the Caroline show. And Lord knows, that girl can’t carry that show the way Kimberly Matula did for 9 months!

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    [quote=Fashionista]Never watched this show but have seen photos of Ms Moss … those scarves, that ‘lifestyle lift’ look, those earrings … oh my… she is pretty isn’t she[/quote]

    I am on the floor laughing!

    I have been watching the show and I don’t care if Ronn and Brad did have differences. They should have sucked it up for the good of the show, and in honor of Susan, and had Ridge show up for a couple scenes. They could have at least cleared up the disastrous way they wrote him off and let him pay respect to his “mother.”

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    The only possible positive out of this is that whoever is playing Ridge when the character returns to the show, it will give that actor something juicy to play: emotional scenes of regret that he allowed his breakup with Brooke to cause him to miss his mother’s death. I hope they’ve cast a real actor in the part, because Moss couldn’t even muster sorrow and emotion if told his favorite scarf had been ruined by the cleaners.

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