Bill Unveils His Crown Jewels to Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) snuck into Bill’s room to find something for the baby and got a reminder of just how cocky Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) can be. She inadvertently got a royal preview of Bill’s crown jewels, as he came out of the shower.  When Brooke asked if he was going to cover himself, he responded by saying most women would squeal or cover their eyes, but she didn’t.  As she was leaving, Brooke told Bill he was “one of a kind.”

Meanwhile, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) desperately tried to convince Katie (Heather Tom) she needed to return to Bill and their baby. She warned Katie that if she didn’t, Brooke and Bill could end up together. Katie insisted her child needed someone other than her.

At the Big Bear cabin, Eric (John McCook) tried to make a weakened Stephanie (Susan Flannery) more comfortable. However, when Rick (Jacob Young) called he revealed Thomas (Adam Gregory) was insisting on another vote, and Eric needed to return to Forrester. Stephanie told Eric to go. When he said he wouldn’t leave her alone, she told him to call Brooke.

At Forrester, Pam (Alley Mills) was hurt when she learned Brooke was going to be with Stephanie.

Liam (Scott Clifton) asked Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to move back in with him. She agreed to move back in, but insisted on keeping her place because she didn’t want to move too fast.

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    [quote=beansmorgan]OMG, was that sound effect in the actual show, or just the preview?! That was maybe the wurst thing I’ve ever seen in my life! [/quote]

    Raunchy. Brad Bell never ceases to disappoint me.

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    I am just not liking this redo of the show. Sure, Ronn Moss is gone so Brooke needs something to do or someone, but after watching her whine, weep and moan about Ridge leaving her why couldn’t they just put her to work at Forrester?! Wouldn’t that have been amazing that while Stephanie is dying she tells Eric to install her as CEO because she is the best choice.

    The idea of either Brooke or Bill getting over the 2 people they presumably LOVE MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF within a matter of weeks OR that Brooke wouldn’t be more concerned with her sister Katie and the child than with Bill’s body and member, is just ridiculous! Honestly, just have Brooke mature!!! If there ever was someone that Bill needed it would be Steffy and then you would have a dynamic love triangle between father and son.

    Speaking of Liam, seriously, the show needs to bring on a stud who is more like Steffy to make Liam jealous! Have the guy flirt and tease Steffy to the point where Liam can see that as much as he wants to be more like Steffy (fun loving, etc) he is really a nerdy bore. It would elevate this story beyond belief if Steffy cheated on Liam with the guy (we can’t have a tough girl not be a selfish bitch) and then Liam dumps her and goes to Hope who in turns tells Liam that he’s not worth it anymore AND although she doesn’t have a man, she’s not interested in being a “second best’. It could then be Liam trying to figure out whom he loves and how to win that one over… or he could just start partying and become addicted to alcohol ro drugs and go into a downward spiral. Then both or one of the ladies tries to help him and then fall in love again.

    THe idea of him MOVING on so quickly from one step sister to another and doing it more than once makes him out to be one of the most selfish and boorish characters on TV.

    As for the board meeting with the head of the mail room (Thorne) and the head mail delivery guy (Justin) being there along with a newbie designer (Caroline) and a 22 year old head of PR (Steffy) and a 24 yr old interim CEP (Thomas) along with Rick… honestly AND sadly… the only character possibly old enough to possbily be president since his aging over the years puts him at around 33 was dumb. Eric walking in and being corporate was great and I hope the show truly changes course and places him in that role and then everyone just works.

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    I may in the minority but I want Brooke Logan to do something scandalous with $Bill! A Brooke Logan that is oversexed is the Brooke Logan I know and love, not the Brooke Logan we have been subjected to over the last two years_ hand wringing over Hope’s love life. Brooke Logan is the last survivor of soapdom’s yester-year when soaps would feature trampy women you still rooted for (GL’s Reva Shayne, AMC’s Erica Kane, KL’s Abby Fairgate.) Plus, I think Brooke and $Bill have chemistry, certainly more than Katie and $Bill. As much as I enjoy Heather Tom’s acting, I’ve never seen her various soap characters have much chemistry in romantic pairings.

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    LOL @ the horse sound!

    MEanwhile, can soap writers officially retire the “angry executive storms into the room shouting at a minion to do something…” That’s such a cliche. Who’d work for someone who talks to you like that?

    Just a pet peeve. It happens on Y&R at least 3 times a month.

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    I am taking the morning and getting caught up on B&B. I haven’t watched regularly in awhile, but with Susan Flannery exiting the show, I knew I’d want to watch her final weeks as Stephanie.

    The show is good. I can tell they are transitioning to the new generation of the core families on the show, and I appreciate and understand why. The show has wisely chosen strong actors to play those roles.

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