DC #699: Top 5 Things We’re Thankful For in Soaps 2012

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels count down the Top 5 Things They Are Thankful in Soaps in 2012. With the holiday's upon us, the gang is pausing to reflect on the those things that have them thankful to be blogging about daytimr.

All this and much more on today’s show!


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  1. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    Great listening to you guys! I am so grateful that I am once again excited to watch General Hospital every day … and I don’t even fast forward during my less-preferred storylines.

    One of you mentioned that Cartini has answered all the complaints viewers had over the last few years. Can I ask for one more thing??? I want to see Barbara Jean Spencer again!

  2. Profile photo of soapfan14

    I am thankful for two things in Daytime. One is the resurgence of GH. This show hasn’t been this good in god knows how long.

    The second thing is the DC blog podcast and crew. I have been a listener since May of 07 and have loved every minute of it. I have all 699 episodes saved in itunes and listen to at least one episode daily. When I had no cable/internet during Sandy you guys helped keep me sane during the endless boredom. So thank you for making me laugh and always managing to make me smile.

  3. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Thank for the podcast. I always enjoy a focus on gratitude. As much as I may criticize FV/RC (and have over the years at OLTL in particular) I am grateful for GH’s resurgence. I wholeheartedly agree that they comprise the only creative team in soaps who can transform a soap for the better because they are so invested. I just don’t feel that investment among the other soaps, specifically DAYS. I gave up on DAYS months ago and feel that TPTB have given up on the show as well. I was all for the reboot last year because, while clunky, it seemed as though they wanted the show to succeed. It now feels like there’s no care. Sadly, I am resigned to feeling that I’d rather see DAYS cancelled than uncared for (felt the same about GL, ATWT and AMC before they left the air.)

    Still, I am most grateful for Maria Arena Bell’s reign of terror ending at Y&R! I acknowledge that Y&R has a ways to go but I think it’s already gotten back to character-driven stories under Josh Griffith. I hope for Y&R’s continued improvement and it’s return to top form.

    My top 5 things most grateful for in soaps 2012:

    5.) GH’s resurgence: See above statement. Special mentions of Jason Thompson’s performances (brilliant); Heather Webber’s crazy (awesome); Jax’s brief return (he’s so pretty) and the addition of Ellie (she’s adorable and the last “new” character I have enjoyed on soaps in years.)

    4.) Heather Tom’s performances: In my opinion, Heather Tom undeservedly won out the Lead Actress Emmy last(over Debbi Morgan and Erika Slezak, no less) when she was barely featured on B&B last year. Already this year, Heather Tom has been featured in one of the more compelling stories on daytime and nailing her every scene as Katie battles postpartum depression.

    3.) Sharon Case’s performances: Yes, Sharon Newman was poorly written for (particularly that stomach-turning affair with Victor) but Sharon Case consistently brought her A-game. A lesser actor would have “phoned-in” her performances but not Case. For me, she was Y&R’s MVP and the most underrated performer of 2012 because most hated what happened to her character under MAB.

    2.) Steve Burton’s exit: This may be unpopular but I am glad Jason Morgan is off my screen! I think Steve Burton is a capable actor but often seemed “checked out” in scenes over the years, delivering one flat, emotionless performance after another. Ultimately, Jason’s exit has opened up story possibilities all over the GH canvas. With no Jason Morgan we are not subjected to the chemistry-free pairing of Jason & Sam or Jason being propped as the hero while being a mob hitman! Jason Morgan’s storyline should have had the character regain his Jason Quartermaine memories and cope with the knowledge that he left a career in medicine to take lives as a killer. That would have been compelling story. I never imagined that Jason Quartermaine would NEVER return to our screens. I would have preferred a melding of the personalities at some point.

    Also, I love Liason. If I couldn’t have Jason paired with Elizabeth, I’d rather not have him on my screen!;-)

    1.) MAB out at Y&R/New direction for show: Maria Arena Bell was a nightmare over at Y&R and I am so grateful she is gone. Happy many of her “creations” have already exited the show (Daisy, Sofia, Genevieve, YoHarmony, GloWorm, with Ronan to go soon and Sarge bumped to ultra-recurring.) Under the new headwriter, Phyllis is back in Jack’s orbit,; both Chelsea & Avery are turning into viable characters; Nick, Adam & Sharon are much improved and the recasts for Noah & Summer are very good. The show is more character-driven and we are seeing character motivations for their actions. For example: Summer’s cyber-bullying s/l but as an audience we have seen where her anger stems from and her remorse. OLTL’s cyber-bullying s/l failed because we never got insight into Jack Manning’s motivations, why he targeted Shane Morasco or his remorse. The acting was some of the worst I had ever seen in daytime. The Y&R story is already better acted and told. All in all, I am re-energized by Y&R and look forward to watching the show.

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