Is Adam Still in Love With Sharon on The Young and the Restless?

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) snuck into the cottage where Sharon (Sharon Case) has been hiding and did a bit of snooping. As she was about to leave, Sharon, who had been in a light sleep on the couch, woke up and discovered her there.

When Chelsea returned home, she and Adam (Michael Muhney) argued about Sharon. She accused him of still being in love with his ex.  Adam finally agreed to have Sharon move off their property. However, when he went to tell Sharon the news, he discovered she'd already left.

Paul (Doug Davidson) told Nina (Tricia Cast) that he had watched the video of Ricky (Peter Porte) drowning a woman in a bathtub.  He said Cricket kissed him out of compassion, as a friend. Nina basically told Paul she wasn’t buying what he was selling.

Nina went running to Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) and had a full blown pity party about not being enough for Paul. Cricket showed up to try and mend fences, but Nina told her she wasn’t going to be the second choice.

Later, back at the coffee shop, Cricket asked Paul if they could just forget the kiss. He said no, because it wasn’t one-sided.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) may be the most perceptive father in soaps. Unlike most soap parents, he is rarely so wrapped up in his own drama that he can’t take time to listen to his children’s problems. (Editor's Note: That's because he hasn't had a storyline since Dru went cliff diving!)

Though Devon (Bryton James) tried to bob and weave, Neil finally got his son to admit what was bothering him. It turned out Devon’s music business career was floundering, and he was trying to come up with a backup plan.

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    It’s obvious that Sharon still owns Adam’s heart. I love that Adam is stepping up & even opened Noah’s eyes what the Newman family did to Sharon. He’s no saint but neither is the rest of the family. And looking how every single one of them treated Sharon over the years, Adam might not be as horrible after all. ;)
    As for Adam and Chelsea, I believe that their marriage was rushed. There was a baby way too soon in the picture. Both of them tried to have a picture perfect family when their lives where everything but perfect. The pairing of Chelsea/Adam never did it for me. They only becoming interesting now that their marriage is falling apart.

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    soapjunkie88. I normally agree with your posts but I just can’t get with the Adam/Sharon pairing because the writers will never erase the baby stealing episode from my memory. I can’t ‘buy’ into Sharon’s healing if she is back with Adam.
    Chelsea and Adam may not gel as a couple to some people (and some love them, so it’s open for debate) but Adam and Chelsea are perfectly suited– they are grifters, always and forever. The writers should be putting this to more effective use.

    I don’t have a dog in the race, so I’m not pro Chelsea and Adam (I guess I have to say I’m con Sharon and Adam, though) although the few times I’ve watched in the last 2-3 years, I’ve only been impressed and somewhat amused at how the actress who plays Sharon has been able to take such subpar material and role with the punches and make it work! It would seem that she (and the actress who portrays her) is finally getting a break and a chance to get off the psychosis merry go round.
    I think Sharon needs to have no romantic attachments for awhile and develop and interior life and become less fragile and needy. Adam should hang onto his own heart for the time being and perhaps brush up on his hostile takeover skills.

  3. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah, I am definitely not on board with an Adam/Sharon redux(love Adam and Chelsea and I think MM and MCE are gold together). As MsAgent stated, Sharon needs to be man-free for awhile and get her act together. In fact, this would be a great opportunity for the new regime to do something that really hasn’t been done(well, for any length of time anyway)with the character in the twenty years she’s been around–make her anything that doesn’t resemble a needy, can’t-live-without-a-man doormat. Break the cycle already.

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    Who cares? The Newmans just can’t bring it and the ratings say it all; The more Adam the worse the ratings, just have a look at the latest ratings and convince yourself! Y&R can’t attract new viewers to tune in when they are only writing for Newman fans. stop the Newman show and give the airtime to the other part of the cast! If not the ratings will continue to go down…

  5. Profile photo of mpbach

    Who cares? The Newmans just can’t bring it and the ratings say it all; The more Adam the worse the ratings, just have a look at the latest ratings and convince yourself! Y&R can’t attract new viewers to tune in when they are only writing for Newman fans. stop the Newman show and give the airtime to the other part of the cast! If not the ratings will continue to go down…

  6. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    Adumb/Sharin is a vile pairing, it’s always been. JG can not pretend that he’s “fixing” Sharon while he’s putting her back with one of the reasons why she sucks so much. Being anywhere near Adumb makes her a terrible mother and just an all around shitty person. I just want this relationship to end up in a murder/suicide, so i can get both of them off my screen! And at least they’ll be together in hell.

  7. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I think it is a bit over-the-top to say ANY of MM’s pairings are “gold”. IMO, he is easily the worst actor on YR. Count me in the group who thinks the Newmans are overrated

  8. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=Dyllan]I think it is a bit over-the-top to say ANY of MM’s pairings are “gold”. IMO, he is easily the worst actor on YR. Count me in the group who thinks the Newmans are overrated[/quote]

    Haha, me saying any pairing of MM’s is gold is about as over-the-top as you saying MM is easily the worst actor on Y&R. That scenario will NEVER be the case as long as Amelia Heinle continues to get a paycheck from this show. However, you couldn’t be more right about the Newmans being tiresomely overrated.

  9. Profile photo of onnie

    shadam are an awful couple created by the hack MAB they should not get back together period. i actually like Adam and Chelsea you can actually see Adam is human not a monster like he was with Sharon

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    Restless Vixen

    Wow! Well, I feel the need to comment as maybe the lone Shadam fan! MM and SC have mad chemistry, which matters to me a whole lot more than “babynapping” – something that is so over it’s not even funny. It amazes me that some viewers are so against Shadam as if they are the first and only taboo soap couple. Pu-lease!! The best soap couples are the ones that should not be together but somehow make someeone in the audience love them in spite of it all. I find Shadam no more displeasing than Nikki and Victor. They are probably the most dysfunctional couple in soap history, but somehow MTS and EB still make me forget all the fuckery in Niktor’s past. Until Adam does something worse than wish Sharon dead, I don’t consider them to be the worst couple. That (dis)honor goes to Neil and Sofia. Their lack of chemistry and couch sex from over 3 feet away from each other is a cardinal sin to this soap fan!

    Seriously though, chemistry is in the eye of the beholder and everyone isn’t going to like every couple, but it just tickles me who Shadam is regarded by some as the poster children of “vile soap couple” when some of the most beloved soap couples have colorful pasts involving everything from rape, head shots to the dome and other crazy soap tropes. Just sayin…

  11. Profile photo of pferrando

    The Adam and Sharon pairing doesn’t work for most I believe. The baby stealing could never allow them to be a legitimate long term couple. So I say don’t even explore it again, move on.

    Josh is actually revisiting some of MAB stories/couples. Just an observation…

  12. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    It’s all relative pferrando. For example, for every person that loves that Phyllis and Nick are divorced, there’s a fanbase that wants them back together – desperately. For some that thought Ronan and Phyllis had zero chemistry, others loved them and are demanding JB be re-hired and Phonan be put together. I know several Shadam fans and see tweets to MM and SC begging for a Shadam reunion, so I don’t agree that the pairing does not work for most. I think “most” is a bit of an exaggeration. Most DC comments skew towards not liking Cane and Lily, but their fanbase lobbies for both actors in grandiose ways. And even when they have no story, they seem to be the favorite couple in the CBS SID poll most of the time (weekly or however often that mag runs) if not always.

    There’s almost no such thing as a universally loved soap couple. There are just some that are very popular, but even they have their detractors. Although Nikki and Victor are considered THE supercouple of Y&R, I hated them together for years, prefering Victor with Ashley and Nikki with Jack. I still hate them, but have to admit MTS and EB turn chicken shit into chicken salad with them much of time, even when the story for them is crappy.

  13. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    As long as they have Sharon sniveling and getting away with arson, Adam thinking he’s all it and Nick scowling like a cave man the ratings will continue to drop.
    Sharon isn’t being fixed, she’s still a nutcase and always will be. How much you all want to bet that Sharon will have to leave and go “find herself” again. Leaving Faith behind again. Keep that poor little girl away from Sharon. That’s abuse!

  14. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Shadam have a very passionate fanbase if some like it or not. And there are some soap couples that I think have done way worse to each other. MM and SC do have some undeniable chemistry together.
    And I agree with everything else Restless Vixen said on that subject. :)

  15. Profile photo of tedew

    truthtakestime2000 … to get your Dru fix try channel surfing late at night and you could just find your heroine (Victoria Rowell) flogging some anti-aging serum or something along that line. Because Drucilla just ain’t (channeling Victor’s favourite word) comin’ back.

  16. Profile photo of dede261

    Yes. Adam is still in love with Sharon. This fan is loving it. Chelsea was rushed and he was trying to get over Sharon. Chadam will implode because Chelsea is holding on out of desperation. She knows where Adam heart lies and it is not with her.

  17. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I never believed that Adam and Sharon were in love in the first place. Honestly…I never saw it. Did I see chemistry? Yes. But did I see a love story? Nope. I saw Adam run to Sharon as a way to rub it in Nick’s face. I saw Sharon run to Adam whenever she saw Nick with Phyllis. I mean, didn’t they get married after she saw Nick/Phyllis taking a family photo? Especially since the day before, she said that she wanted to take things slowly? I would love to believe that she has forgiven Adam for what he did to Hope, but I never believed that she hated him. I remember she got really mad when Nick or someone else was around, and when they left, she looked wistful. Matter of fact, she acted like what he did to Hope never really mattered…and that was so out of character, I couldn’t buy anything after that.

    At this point, it is too late for me to get on the Shadam train.

  18. Profile photo of kintex

    I think Adam is still in love with Sharon but if he took a polygraph test and denied it, he would probably pass. I think he is in denial about his feelings for her because of the way their relationship ended. He was really hurt that she left while he was blind and I think he got tired of fighting to be with her. I hope they reunite Shadam when this story ends. I dont want it rushed because Sharon still has to recover mentally and I want Adam’s marriage to implode on its own without any direct interference from Sharon. Frankly I never bought the Chelsea/Adam pairing and I hope it comes to an end soon.

    Generally I like the new writing so far. The characters are starting to act like themselves again.

  19. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [quote=ChrisGa][quote=Dyllan]I think it is a bit over-the-top to say ANY of MM’s pairings are “gold”. IMO, he is easily the worst actor on YR. Count me in the group who thinks the Newmans are overrated[/quote]

    Haha, me saying any pairing of MM’s is gold is about as over-the-top as you saying MM is easily the worst actor on Y&R. That scenario will NEVER be the case as long as Amelia Heinle continues to get a paycheck from this show. However, you couldn’t be more right about the Newmans being tiresomely overrated.[/quote]
    Who would even rival Muhney in the sh#ttiest male actor on YR? (The kiddies don’t count.) His closes competitor would be Daniel Goddard, but I find him to be more tolerable because Goddard is less crazy on twitter. Kevin is a character I despise with a passion, but even I will admit Rikkaart is a superior actor to Muhney. I find Muhney to be over rehearsed, stiff, and he can’t emote. He is the male version of Amelia, but at least she blinks and doesn’t feel entitled to an Emmy.

    BTW, Muhney is Branco’s snitch who gives out erroneous information. That’s tainted my view of him even more.

  20. Profile photo of LisaM

    Joshua Morrow is their shittiest actor. He is the Ronn Moss of Y&R. Cute smile, nice body, horrible actor who does the minimum to get his paycheck unless he is trying to beat up one of the oher men lol

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    I’m not invested in Sharon and Adam at all, but it’s interesting that so many Y&R viewers who are against them cite the baby stealing as the reason why they don’t want them back together. Meanwhile, over at Days, there are scores of EJami fans who seem willing to overlook that fact that he stole her baby, too, and she shot him in the head. Look at Todd and Blair on OLTL/GH. He told her her baby was dead, too, among too many other things to list, and many OLTL fans are still praying for them as endgame. I guess these overly forgiving couples are not particularly realistic, but they certainly make for interesting and divisive viewing!

  22. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Go Shadam, even though it’s stupid and unplausible.

    I can take Shadam as the monk/celibate Adam fixating on Sharon Collins. And I can believe Sharon liking Adam because Nick has done her wrong, and Adam offers some stability.

    Let’s face it. If Adam and Sharon were left alone in a room, and the clothes started flying off, it would be a big plus for the Show. The two are loyal and belong with each other.

  23. Profile photo of tedew

    Shittiest actors aside (non mentioned even come close to Hans Gudegast; especially Mr. Muhney).

    What still irks me is Devon’s continued refusal to even give Tucker any iota of forgiveness. It irks me even more still having Victor endlessly ranting against Billy. I’m of the opinion that it was not Billy’s fault that Victoria was kidnapped and that with all Victor knows about him and his past foibles this was always a possibility which could have been avoided. I’m fed up with his vitriol against Billy while maintaining a sainted friendship with his dear Katherine. It will be something of a relief should Biily again depart for regions unknown.

    The Thanksgiving episode was silly if only for the laughable reasons for some characters to be missing in action. Why could not all have been around who should have been around?

  24. Profile photo of pjc722

    OK… one more writing/producing regime that is writing for TGVN!!!

    Here we have Victoria being kidnapped and held hostage by some UNKNOWN and never before seen enemy of Billy, whom Billy owes money to through a gambling debt. Victor, of course, goes on and on with his tirade over how Billy is a loser, Nick jumps in and Nikki stands there listening and never defends Billy. (Sure, her daughter was kidnapped but honestly Billy had nothing to do with it)

    SO Now, Vicki is back and safe and cuddling with her brother on the corporate jet while Billy is in the dog house and Victor is kicking him out.

    YET… out of all the things that Billy has been accused of NONE come close to anything that the Newman’s have done. Let’s start at the easiest target… Nikki, the matriarch walked down the aisle with Billy’s brother Jack (the only man to treat her like a woman and not a possession) and Nikki runs off the next day to search for her missing (and NEWLY wed) ex husband the very next day while their 2 kids (and his 3rd child) who are all worth 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS sit at home fighting for control of the company.

    Then you have Nick. Nick was married to Sharon and instead of consoling his wife at the death of her biological child and his adopted one, opts to have an affair with Phyllis, his wife’s enemy. Then he gets the mistress pregnant. He then has an affair with his ex-wife and gets back together with her ONLY to have an affair with his ex-wife Phyllis again and remarries her. Then he divorces Phyllis and takes up IMMEDIATELY with her sister AND HE SEES THAT AS “OK”. Shall we not forget that Nick turned his father into the government for illegal stock manipulation and has always… WHEN he needs to told Jack he was more a father figure than Victor was.

    Then we have Victoria. Her last marriage resulted in divorce because she had an affair and put work in front of her husband and child. She wind up losing custody of that child because of her father and seems to always forget that it was Billy that got her to start living again AND THAT she always knew who and what he was and accepted that. Sure, Billy bought a 1 million dollar black market baby and then the child was taken away by Nick’s ex-wife Phyllis whom he was married to at the time, but that’s besides the point.

    Now, we move to Victor. This is a man who goes around criticizing everyone else without ever looking in the mirror (if he did he would realize that at his age shaving his chest hairs off and wearing a shirt open to your navel at 75 is not an attractive sight on TV)! Victor … and the writers… seem to forget his brush with kidnapping and imprisonment (it would have been great when the ranch did burn down that someone discovered that hidden room in the basement!!!). Or that recently he hired Paul’s sister… a nut job… and Jack’s ex-wife to come back to GC with a different face and to ruin Jack (read between the lines “kILL HIM”). In the process, Victor had his hand in killing Jack’s niece and destroying Tracey’s life. Then Victor for the best part of 5 years has been verbally abusing Nikki and all 3 kids worse than if he just back handed them wearing a huge clunky man ring! He married his two sons’ ex-wife TWICE, ruined his daughter’s life by trying to control it and by all accounts gave up his 4th child so that he could be raised on a farm without him. Victor also manipulated it so that Billy went to jail in Mynamar on trumped up charges and, as well, kept Billy away while Billy’s daughter was fighting for her life and begging for daddy.

    Sure, Billy has written some bad articles about the drama in the Newman clan for his gossip rag, he has had a gambling problem, left town without a word when he discovered his wife VICTORIA didn’t want the drama, bought a million dollar baby within weeks of his wife losing hers just so she could be happy and lost custody of that child because of his quite frankly tame life and HE IS CONSIDERED BAD?!!!

    Come on, writers of Y&R, it’s time to write that the Abbotts are the good ones… since the ratio of bad seeds to wonderful flowers WAY out number the ones in the Newman clan… and the Newman’s as the bad ones to stay clear of in the world.

  25. Profile photo of shirls429

    :love: This fan loves Adam and Sharon pairing. Adam has always been my favorite and the chemistry between them is awesome. I love Melissa Claire Egan but I wish they would have put her with someone Elsa.

  26. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    @tedew and pjc722–Victor and the Newmans are the most hypocritical clan in daytime television and this is coming from someone who really doesn’t even mind them for the most part with the exception of Victor, who I find unredeemable on all levels. Yet every single regime of late insists on writing them in storylines and scenarios in which they’re the saints/victims while in turn continuing to decimate the Abbotts(which is about to be down to Jack again now that Ashley and Abby are gone and Billy’s on his way out). The Abbotts are my favorite soap family ever(and, with a couple of exceptions, I’ve watched just about every soap of the last 30 years or so at one point or another)and while I do like what the new team is doing for the most part it’s sad to see that that family will be reduced to an afterthought yet again.

  27. Profile photo of tedew

    pjc722 … your post #29 is just so right on the mark. A much better more concise rant on what I said just above in #28 and have been trying to say for months.

    Some here think that some of us are Y&R haters. But we are not. We are just fed up with Victor getting his way and winning no matter who he steps over or which laws he breaks to do so. We are fed up with Nikki boomeranging as Mrs. Victor Newman and being Madame Haughty when she is. We are fed up with sniveling Miss Perfect Victoria always running to Daddy and never siding with those she should side with. We are fed up with Neanderthal Nick who does the same but also quite often uses brute force tactics which should really have landed him in jail as a three time offender by now.

    We don’t hate Y&R we just want some new villains and heroes to root for.

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