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AJ finds Monica looking at Edward’s photo, and questions why Thanksgiving in the Quartermaine house is still happening due to the circumstances. Monica says Tracy insisted everything goes to plan to honor Edward. 

Tracy’s visits the family crypt to tell Alan they’re father has passed away. She wonders how she can do this alone.  Ned arrives, and Tracy is thrilled he’s home.  He can’t believe Edward is actually gone, but reassures his mother they’ll survive, because that's just what Quartermaines do. Tracy believes Edward was the glue that held them together, and wonders what will become of the rest of them.  Ned thinks she’s the toughest of them all. 
AJ has a flashback of him and Edward.  Skye arrives with Lila Rae, and is thrilled to see AJ alive. The two have a happy reunion.  She also has a flashback of Edward.  Monica is happy to see Skye, who introduces her daughter to everyone.  Skye heads to the crypt to show Lila Rae her namesake’s grave, much to Tracy’s anger. 
Sonny stops by Michael’s to offer his condolences about Edward. Michael warns him not to turn Edward’s death into a contest between him and AJ.  Sonny swears he didn’t stop by to fight. Michael asks Sonny if he would really have killed AJ to keep him away. In turn, Sonny asks Michael if thinks what he did to AJ was wrong. He claims he only did it to protect Michael.  Michael wonders what he needed protecting from, since AJ was never given a chance.  Sonny believes he was a better father.  Michael says he needs to get to know AJ now, and Sonny warns him to be careful. 
Olivia and Steve are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly’s, when Olivia has a vision of Heather. However, it's only Shawn. Steve calls Ferncliff and checks on his mother. The asylum reports Heather is in her room resting. However, Heather is actually in disguise sitting at the counter at Kelly's, reading a newspaper article about Edward’s death.  Olivia talks about Monica’s losses, and AJ's surprise return from the dead.  Steve admits he helped fake the autopsy. 
Ned mentions Brook being on tour with Lois, and Dillon making a film in the Middle East. They both send their regrets for not being able to make it. AJ offers a truce for the day, but Ned isn’t ready to accept. Monica wants them to come together, because it would mean a lot to Edward.  Tracy accuses AJ of killing Edward, since he was the last one in the room.  Monica corrects Tracy and admits she was the last one in the room. By the time AJ arrived at the room, Edward was gone.
Tracy doesn’t want Skye to stay, but Monica insists and an argument breaks out. Heather sneaks into the parlor, and examines Edward’s will.  As Skye leaves the room, she accidentally comes across Heather. Heather grabs a knife and holds it to Skye’s throat. 
Michael wants them all to stop fighting.  Suddenly, Skye screams and everyone runs to her aide. They find Heather holding Skye hostage with the knife.  They all watch as she drags Skye backwards out of the room, only to be clocked in the head by Alice with a baseball bat.  Heather is being taken back to Ferncliff, as Steve and Olivia show up, shocked.  Later on, Heather sits in her room and chants about knowing something the Quartermaines don't. 
AJ likes what Michael said about family, but Michael quickly warns AJ they won't bond overnight. Monica says Edward loved Thanksgiving, and several flashbacks of Thanksgiving throughout the years are shown. Ned offers a toast to Edward and announces there will never be another like him.
The family discovers Heather ruined Thanksgiving dinner, and they’re favorite pizza place is closed.  While they all complain about being hungry, the doorbell rings and Alice finds a pile of pizzas waiting for them.  Tracy declares, like Edward always did, they sing first, and then eat. As the family lifts their voices, Edward and Lila watch over them, and then walk into the light together. 
In Loving Memory of John Ingle.  1928-2012

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    **As I’m Canadian, I celebrated my Thanksgiving a month ago, but all of you celebrating this week, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. There is no new episode until Monday**

    Jane Elliot got me at the 2 minute mark of the episode. When she turned and saw Ned, that look on her face just had me in tears.

    I think the Heather shenanigans were inapropriate for the episode and I don’t know why they would have been added, unless she changed something with the will, which it didn’t appear to be the case.

    Anyone else notice Chad Duel and Sean Kanan broke character when they were hauling Heather out the door? Both, especially CD were laughing and had to pull themselves back together.

    I’m really hoping this episode wasn’t it, that we have some sort of funeral/memorial thing on Monday, that would allow other residents to offer their condolences. No reason why someone like Lulu, who was Tracy’s step daughter and lived in the mansion, shouldnt’ be allowed to attend something.

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    The whole Heather thing is redonculous. It is obvious that Ferncliff cannot reign her in and she should be locked up elsewhere. This SuperHeather crap diminished the episode and the memorial.

    I doubt that there will be any more memorials and it that case this was ruined by the Heather Shenanigans, especially after tuesday’s episode.

    If Edward had not been buried yet, why was his memorial plate already hung?

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    this WOULD have been a great tribute episode if Sonny, Sean, Heather, Olivia, Steve weren’t in it. For crying out loud couldn’t they RESPECT John Ingle to give him his very own episode.

    this is a big slap in the face from CarTini to the fans.

    why was Sonny and Sean plot about kidnapping a mentally ill woman part of this!? Is it only okay to kidnap & torture people when Sonny does it because he’s doing it for the person’s own good?

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    The final scene was my absolute favorite moment in GH’s entire history! (Sorry Tony-listening-to-Maxie’s-new-heart scene) It was incredibly beautiful. I completely lost it when Lila stood up. I’ve watching it about 10 times now.

    How odd was it that Skye was was wearing the same dress she had on in the flashbacks with Edward? Was this on purpose or a complete oversight by the costume department?? Strange too that Ned was wearing a green sweater in the present AND in his flashback with Edward.

    I think they threw Heather into the mix for the sole purpose of having dinner ruined. I didn’t mind it. Loved when AJ said “And then that happened”. Hilarious!!!

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    The whole Heather thing was unnecessary. There was no reason for her to be in this episode. Neither was Steve or Olivia.

    Sonny coming over to Michael’s to make sure Michael loves him more was so immature. He was trying to sabotage Michael’s relationship with AJ. Sonny is so sickening. He’s always kidnapping someone yet he gets mad that AJ and ConKat evaded the law.

    All the Quatermaine scenes were great especially Skye and AJ’s scene. It was so good for AJ to see his best friend again. Those two are the best. I was so worried SK’s AJ wouldn’t have that great brother/sister chemistry with Skye but they did have it. Ned looked great and seeing him fight with “Jr” again made my heart rejoice. We need to keep all those Q’s on GH. Especially Skye. AJ needs someone else in his corner besides Monica. Also we need more Quatermaine storylines beside AJ/Michael. Alexis needs Ned. Jax needs Ned.

    Anyone else surprised they didn’t show a Jason/Edward flashback? When Lila died, they showed flashbacks from AT’s Emily and SJB’s Carly even though they weren’t on the show anymore and someone else had taken over their roles. I know Ron and Co can save money but I thought they would at least show a Emily/Edward or Jason/Edward flashback.

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    And not to get too technical but hasn’t it been established in the past that the Q’s den is to the right of the foyer? Everyone entered the foyer from the left after leaving the den in this episode. I also couldn’t get over the fact that the food was in the den. The Q’s DO have a dinning room.

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    I thought it was a great episode! A moving tribute to Edward, complete with Thanksgiving shenanigans… it was complete. If I could change anything, I’d have deleted the Sonny scenes. His ship has sailed for the love of God! He seems like a slippery, creepy little man without purpose. When Olivia “saw” Heather at the diner, I jumped! Glad Heather’s back and you just know she’ll figure heavily in the will. Her last scene back at Ferncliff in a straightjacket was hilarious and creepy at the same time. So good to see all these Quartermaines. Now, if they could just rebuilt the Webber family…

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    I understand what you are saying about Sonny, Shawn, Heather, Steve and Olivia being in this episode…but in reality…Edward and Sonny did have a relationship….a BAD one… but a relationship. For years Edward has hated Sonny for first taking Jason and then Michael away from his family. So I was personally glad, that Sonny gave his condolences to Michael. At least he acknowledged that Michael did suffer a familial loss. They could have left out the Shawn/Sonny scenes at Kellys. They were not necessary, and had nothing to do with Edward.

    As for Olivia, Steve and Heather…obviously that was a plot point for the next story line involving Edward’s will. So this was connected to Edward, and also set up how the Thanksgiving dinner was ruined. So I get why they were in it. I mean really…there still isn’t a lot of Q’s on the canvas at this point, so they did need outside characters to fill the show. I can understand why they were on.

    I LOVED the flashbacks…but also felt that Jason, Emily and Justice should have been in some….but I am sure there was a reason why they weren’t. I noticed they used different scenes from the same episodes…maybe this had something to do with the limitations of which characters were on.

    Loved the last scene…I was really crying at that point…not ashamed to admit it either.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all…I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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    I’m a pretty new GH fan – only really starting after Cartini took over and I lost GL, ATWT and OLTL. As a 30+ year soap fan, I loved this tribute. For me, it paid homage to a wonderful actor and cherished character while providing humor, drama and emotion. To me, it was the perfect soap opera episode and Jane Elliot (who I first loved on GL as Carrie Marler) never ceases to amaze me. I can’t help but think of all the beloved actors soaps have lost over the years who never received the kind of send off that John Ingle and Alan did. Thanks Ron and Frank for creating such a special episode.

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    Daniel St. John

    I didn’t mind Heather being included in today’s episode since she contributed to the Q tradition of having dinner totally ruined. I am really curious about what the secret in Edward’s will is…may e there is another long lost Q running around.
    Would have enjoyed seeing a few more Q’s though. Maybe Brooklynn or one of the black Q family members. Maybe Sean is a Q?

    And seeing Skye today made immediately want Robin Christopher back on the show full-time.

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    What’s worst about Heather is the last time we saw her, she was flat on her back and was pretending to be Susan Moore. Yet now, she’s completely healed from falling off an eleven story building and running around as Heather again.

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    Logging in to say how much I appreciate the memorial to both Edward Quartermaine and John Ingle. Yes, there were some characters’ scenes that could have been omitted, but, overall, the memorial was well done.

    I especially loved Jane Eliot’s portrayal of Tracy. To me, Tracy was the one who showed the greatest depth, love and sincerity in her grief. Love her or hate her, she is the centre of the Q family and she held that position in this episode.

    I do regret that we may not see a few characters show their respect and support to the Qs. At the top of this list is the one Perkie mentioned: Lulu and Tracy. We have watched Tracy and Lulu’s relationship develop over the years into one of mutual love and respect and, at this time, Lulu could provide Tracy with much-needed support. Sometimes, I think that RC is so busy reaching into the past that he forgets that some rich relationships have been developed in the past few years.

    Extra scenes I would have left in today are those with Michael and Sonny because those were, essentially, about family and about Michael bridging the chasm between his Corinthos and Quartermaine families. I thought it was important to hear Sonny say to Michael: “I know you have to figure things out for yourself.”

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    I cried. This was easily the best single episode of this year. It was touching, sad, funny, scary, entertaining, genuine and it even had action. Emmy reel material.

    Thank You, John Ingle & Anna Lee.

    Kudos to Leslie Charleson and Jane Elliott, for fiting through the messy GH years of prior tptb, and getting to this point, where they can both shine front and center, as the Quartermaine matriarchs.

    I ADORE Skye :) So glad she is back. She is one of my all-time favorite GH characters. Loved when they made her a Q, hated when they took that away, but love the fact that it didn’t matter anymore, because no matter what, she IS a Q. And especially in times like these when they are so few and far, one needs to be thankful for all the Qs we can get. Also loved how they acknowledged Lila Rae and brought her along. Loved the fact that Monica is her grandma :) And I love Robin Christopher. She is such a natural and elegant, subtle force to be reckoned with. She can pull off vulnerable and wipe-the-floor-with-you fierce at the same time.

    Also loved Ned on the scene, somehow he is sexier on GH than on Days. Maybe it’s because Justin wears all those grey lawyer suits.

    The Qs fought in their living room!!! I thought I would never see the day again. AND they had pizza!!!

    How fitting was it for Michael to come in and tell them to stop shouting. I could totally see him as the new Emily, the calm and reasonable Q. He doesn’t have to abandon Sonny, but I hope he gets enmeshed in the Q house and business even more.

    Now about the Heather thing, at first I felt the same, like “WHY is she here today of all days?”. But then I realized that was just another piece of the history puzzle they wanted to use. I mean, Heather did scheme her way into marrying Edward once upon a time. And since RM is now on the show, why not utilize her great talent. First I was afraid it would turn into the Heather Show, overshadowing Edward. But that didn’t happen. Instead, it proved for great comic relief: Alice knocked her over and saved the day again. And that was the classic Q Thanksgiving: it always ends up in a disaster. I am glad they used someone who was really attached to the Qs.

    And boy am I glad Connie was nowhere around! I was afraid when Sonny and Shawn talked about her, that they would flash to her. Luckily no.

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    Oh all the Quartermaines. :) I was so happy to see Ned and Skye. These two need to stay. No doubt about that. I loved the scenes between Skye and AJ. :D I also liked that Skype brought Lila Rae along with her.
    Seeing Edward and Lila going up the stairs in the end was heartbreaking. Perfectly done!

    I didn’t get how and why Heather had to be in this episode. Her 2004 storyline was a big mess and I rather forget about that than to believe that she ever was married to Edward. I also question how we went from her pretending to be Susan Moore to just once more acting crazy.
    I’m a Heather fan and I LOVE Robin Mattson but this is getting old. Especially when it makes no sense which sadly was the case here.

    Didn’t care about Sonny, Shawn, Olivia and Steve. Don’t even know why they had to be in this episode. And then Sonny and Shawn talk about kidnapping Connie!? It feels like RC is getting sick of the story himself. First he didn’t let us see the first day of Connie’s trail and now she’s kidnapped off-screen. Well if you ask me, Shawn and Sonny can hide her somewhere where she’ll never be seen again. The Kate/Connie mess has to go!

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    A few things….

    1) The episode would have been perfect if there was no Heather in it and the final scene simply ended with a shot of Edward’s back and head and hearing his singing. Heather’s antics and the fake Lila with bad wig were too cartoony for an episode that should have been a wonderful tribute.

    2) Why would Lila be in a wheelchair and need oxygen in heaven? The air isn’t good enough up there?

    3) So Edward’s will is just lying around the Q mansion and not safely stored in his lawyer’s safe??? Why wouldn’t Monica or Tracy look at it and know the same info that Heather has no learned?

    4) There better be another day dedicated to Edward’s tribute. It’s odd that the following played no part based on their relationships with Edward….Patrick/Emma, Felicia, Brenda, Tiffany, Lucy, Maya, Keesha, Celia Quartermaine, Nikolas, Lucky, Lulu, Jimmy Lee Holt (Edward’s son) & his wife, Charity and son, Jonah. And most importantly Audrey! Couldn’t there have been a line where Monica said “this beautiful arrangement came from Brenda” and “Audrey dropped off muffins”.

    5)They should have mined the clips more. This was a tribute to John Ingle as well as the character, Edward Quartermaine so why no clips of the wonderful David Lewis who originated the role and played it from 1978 – 1993. He even won and emmy for his wonderful betrayal. It would have been great to see even more flashbacks.

    6) The reason clips weren’t shown with Jason, Justus, Emily, et. al. is do to cost. The actors featured in the clips if they aren’t on the show get paid for their apperance. GH probably couldn’t work it with the budget.

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    I really enjoyed yesterday’s show. I’m really going to miss John Ingle as Edward Quartermaine. I just wish it could have been all about Q’s instead of having Steven, Olivia, Sonny and Heather around. They were not needed at all. Other than that, I thought it was pretty good.

    My favorite of course was seeing Ned Ashton back with his family. It was so good to see Wally Kurth on GH again. How I have missed Ned. Loved his scenes with Tracy (Jane Elliot). How I love my favorite mother/son duo- Ned/Tracy. And loved seeing the Ned/AJ rivalry. Ned needs to stay and help run the family. I think he would be ideal for the job. Seriously TPTB need to steal Wally Kurth from DAYS and get him back to GH permanently. Ned is truly needed more than ever.

    Going to miss Edward Quartermaine. He was such a fun loving character. In the end, he truly did love his family.

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    I want Skye back on GH full time (love Robin Christopher).. it would be great for AJ to have his best friend & i also used to LOVE Jax & Skye, bring Ingo back to please!

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    This episode was near perfect for me all the Q’s. Tracy acknowledging that the the last one left was so heartwrenching. Skye as beautiful as ever glad she’s back wondering what she and aj have up their sleeve in the fight for ELQ i just know they gonna team up against Tracy. That last scene was so beautiful and wonderful with Lila and Edward i coulnt stop the tears. RC/FV did such a great job honoring Edward Quatermaine.

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    [quote=FoxyMegan]Jeez .. After watching such a great tribute episode and then reading the comments here, I am convinced that some of you people will complain about ANYTHING.[/quote]

    FoxyMegan, you must have been reading my mind. I saw nothing wrong with this episode. The episode had a few other characters in it, so what. Steve and Olivia actually served a point to the episode’s storyline. Sonny’s presence was minimal but I think that scene with Michael was needed. And why shouldn’t crazy Heather be a part of this. She once married Edward to get the Quartermaine’s money. Btw, the part where she held Skye with the knife and told everyone to not move or she would kill her and Tracey’s brief antic during that scene was funny. The final scene was one of the saddest for me.

    But as you said, FoxyMegan, people on here will find something to complain about. I’m convinced that even after what Cartini has done so far for GH, they will never be able to make the GH fans on here happy. However, I for one, say keep up the good work, Cartini!!!

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=nysam]A few things….
    1) The episode would have been perfect if there was no Heather in it and the final scene simply ended with a shot of Edward’s back and head and hearing his singing. Heather’s antics and the fake Lila with bad wig were too cartoony for an episode that should have been a wonderful tribute.
    2) Why would Lila be in a wheelchair and need oxygen in heaven? The air isn’t good enough up there?

    I loved the addition of “Lila” it was a very sweet moment and was made all the mre sweeter when she got out of her chair and walked up the stairs with Edward.
    And you are really gonna nitpick the visually identifying accessories of a ghost?

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    I loved the entire episode. I love how they even managed to move storylines and introduce new threads even during a memorial. Loved the flashback scenes, and Tracy had me crying. Frank V and Ron C get nothing but accolades from me on this, and I am usually complaining. My only groan was that Heather has tampered with documents YET AGAIN! Lol!

    Best character sendoff in a longtime. Loved Edward and Lila at the end, simply beautiful!

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    Daniel St. John

    I don’t think Heather tampered with the will, she didn’t have time or any tools to convincingly make any changes.
    I think the loon just wanted to see if she was left something by Edward.

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    [quote=FoxyMegan]Jeez .. After watching such a great tribute episode and then reading the comments here, I am convinced that some of you people will complain about ANYTHING.[/quote]


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    Happy Thanksgiving all. I am as critical as the next viewer but I don’t understand the negative criticisms of yesterday’s GH. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but I thought the episode had a lot of heart. And it felt like GH with the focus on the Quartermaines. I missed the Quartermaine presence on the show. Ned and Skye fit like a glove_ can they please stay? I smiled watching a full Q mansion. It’s not the fault of these writers that the Guza/Phelps team killed half of the Q’s off!

    I watched the episode with my family last night (lapsed viewers as well as non-viewers) but all engaged with the episode. I think the episode had a lot of heart. Yes, the Heather stuff was campy but Heather IS campy! That’s why I love her, BLT’s and all. Some complained about Sonny being in the episode but, like it or not, he IS the show’s leading man! His scenes with Michael were good and connected to the larger Quartermaine story. The Sonny/Shawn scene was so very brief, I barely noticed. Olivia and Steven Lars are connected to Heather and AJ’s return. There were flashbacks, memories, Jane Elliott being stellar and a pitch-perfect goodbye to Edward Louis Quartermaine/John Ingle. Looking forward to the stories for The Qs.

    I was reminded of last year’s Thanksgiving episode of OLTL where Matthew Buchanan (Eddie Alderson) narrated the episode before flat-lining at the end. That was poetic and unexpected. I could barely contain myself, The four days between the episode and the next new episode felt like an eternity! No other writer currently in the game has surprised me like Ron Carvialti and for that I am grateful.

    I’ll go back to complaining on Monday!

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    J Bernard Jones

    Personally, I thought it was an awesome episode and a great homage from start to finish.

    Jeez .. After watching such a great tribute episode and then reading the comments here, I am convinced that some of you people will complain about ANYTHING.

    I expected the usual nitpicking, but not this near Hurricane Sandy level of criticism.

    I thought the ending with Lila & Edward walking up to heaven was one of the best scenes/send-off’s in all of soap opera history.


    Best character sendoff in a longtime. Loved Edward and Lila at the end, simply beautiful!

    ::nodding in the affirmative::

    The pizzas….The spirit of Edward “leading” the song….the final shots of “Edward” and “Lila”… me. Totally and completely got me.

    Now, a note about the Quartermaine Mansion: I’ve been giggling a lot about the ever shifting layout of the mansion for weeks now. The study shrinks, expands and re-arranges. The living room seemed to be possessed with the ghost of a guest host of an HGTV show. The foyer and staircase have been enlarged noticeably. . Shenanigans and budgetary kung fu! And YET: The Quartemaine home — long a “character” itself — now FEELS like a “real” mansion again. Due to budget cuts and the declining importance and numbers of the Q’s themselves in recent years, the mansion has mirrored the family’s decline. It was relegated to little more than occasional shots of the entryway and almost all Quartermaine action took place in the study. Now the study is joined by the living room and we also saw Edward’s seemingly huge bedroom, with working fireplace! The Quartermaine crypt is bigger than several character’s apartments and homes! These newly redressed and enlarged sets (in this day and age) befit a family as wealthy and prominent as the Quartemaines. (Speaking of which, when was the last time we saw Casa de Sonny or Carly’s Crib??) … It is a tribute to Valentini’s set designers and crew that they have managed to pull this off, a signal that the Q’s are being re-established as Port Chuckles’ true royalty. I’m not a Quartermaine fan like some other people, but I do love them as a whole and appreciate the fact that it is not just Q characters who are getting more screen time and story but there is a real effort to underscore their position in production as well. Bravo!

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    [quote; soapbaby] but I don’t understand the negative criticisms of yesterday’s GH. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but I thought the episode had a lot of heart.[/quote]

    The episode was well done and well acted by the entire Q clan. The ending with Edward and Lila going into the light together, had be bawling.


    The entire Heather thing was a head scratcher and threatened to take me out of the enjoyment of the episode as a whole. And, not to speak for anyone else who was grumbling, but I think that’s where some of the negativity comes from.

    Heather, who can come and go as she please from a secured mental facility. Heather who fell off a building a month ago, had emergency surgery, was comatose. It was bad enough that she woke up from that, completely spry, wiht all her wits intact, without any back injury. But less than a month later she’s running around creating havoc again? Why? So someone can ruin Thanksgiving dinner? Heck the Qs themselves could have done that on their own. Just seemed unecessary.

    Now, while I may be critical of that aspect of the show, and that comes across as negativity, the rest of the episode was well done.

    I;ve always felt that specific episodes (like memorials or weddings) should be about that event alone. If this was a memorial to Edward, than that’s what it should have been. Sonny and Michael scenes were fine, but Heather, Steve and Olivia were not. Sonny and Shawn wink wink nudge nudging what I’m guessing is the kidnapping of a woman, were most definetly not necessary in an episode honouring Edward Quartermain-JOhn Ingle.

    I don’t see anything wrong with anyone finding aspects of a show not to their liking and comenting on it. It’s why we have discussiong forums.

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    All I can say is thank goodness CarTini did put Edwards farewell episode together because if the previous hacks that have been there the past decade prior were still around all we would have only gotten was Patrick mentioning Edward’s passing to Steven Lars while standing at the nurses station. Just sayin’….be “Thankful” people, on this and hopefully many more GH Thanksgivings to come.

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    It’s been a long time since I cried watching General Hospital. And the tears started flowing when the Q’s started singing “We gather together …”. And then to have the camera pan out and see the love of Edward’s life sitting next to him … more tears! And finally to see Lila get up out of that wheelchair and walk with her husband up those stairs to the next life. It was so moving …

    I can do without Sonny any day of the week, but the reason I loved having him in this episode is that it gave Michael an opportunity to tell his “father” that he was spending Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines. I think his words were, “We’re getting everyone together …” Take that, Sonny. Michael is part of the Q’s moving forward.

    I was shocked also to see all the complaints about the episode. Like someone else said, if Edward had died two years ago, we wouldn’t have anything this wonderful to pick apart.

    I don’t mind Heather … I’ll take her any which way. Lots of things on soaps don’t make sense … so be it. Better Heather’s shenanigans than having Carly showing up to show her “sympathy”. Egads … she makes me sick.

    Love Skye and Ned … hope they can stay. Wally Kurth does not have a meaningful role on DOOL, so please give him one on GH!

    Alice used to annoy me … she didn’t seem “real” enough. But I love how much she loves her Q family. She’ll take out anyone!!!

  29. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    At the risk of annoying people with criticism, I do have to mention the thing that bothered me about the episode. How close to the house is this crypt? I do not remember it ever being mentioned as this close to the house. I always assumed it was in the local cemetary. Creepy! It is creepy that it is on the Q grounds.

    The only thing about Heather that really bugged me is that she was sitting in Kelly’s and wasn’t recogized.

  30. Profile photo of jthawk

    [quote=FoxyMegan]Jeez .. After watching such a great tribute episode and then reading the comments here, I am convinced that some of you people will complain about ANYTHING.[/quote]

    FoxyMegan – You told the truth and shamed the devil.

    In 2013, this is what I would like to see from soap fans…
    1) If you watch soaps…find something good about them. There are only four traditional soap operas left. Find something good about watching the show!

    2) For all you GH fans bitching, moaning and complaining – Ya’ll need to be glad there is a GH to bitch, moan and complain about.

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    FoxyMegan I cosign post #18!

    Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan.

    I loved the epi & cried most of the way through. I LOVED Edward & Mother Quartermaine” Lila walking up those stairs together at the end. That absolutely slayed me.

  32. Profile photo of Karissa

    I knew that Michael would fall into the Jason role as soon as he got into the Q’s orbit and that is what makes me fearful of AJ. Michael is more like Jason than AJ and I wonder if he will try to play Michael or grow jealous of him especially when it comes to ELQ

  33. Profile photo of kittyskisses

    I agree. It was an awesome episode! I think the Heather thing was the cliffhanger we have come to expect at the end of the week. A whole new Quatermaine can of worms to be opened next week.
    I cried and I loved the flashbacks. It was wonderful and I will never forget it. Way to go GH writers!

  34. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I watched the episode again on Soapnet and still cried my eyes out. Cartini has brought back the heart of GH. I still can’t believe it’s the same show from a year ago, with it’s Mob-obsessed storylines. I haven’t cried so much over a soap in years. I think anyone who has an elderly parent, or a parent that has passed like I have, just couldn’t help but cry over that beautiful ending of Edward and Lila walking up the stairs to heaven.
    I am still wondering about the secret Heather knows about the Q’s. Someone may not be dead or there is another Q no one knows about. Whatever, I’m loving seeing the Q family again. I think because of John Ingle being ill, they held off the Q storyline, which makes me respect Frank V. and Ron C. even more. I’m hoping we will see more of this crazy dsyfunctional family!

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