Victor to Billy on Young and Restless: “You Stay Away From My Daughter!”

Victoria Newman Abbott (Amelia Heinle) is home safe, if not sound on The Young and the Restless. While the displaced corporate exec recovers from her kidnapping upstairs, her dad, brother and husband are whipping out their portfolios in her tacky living room, with the biggest one deciding who gets to be her ultimate savior.

After Nick (Joshua Morrow) softens a bit, informing Victor (Eric Braeden) how determined Billy (Billy Miller) was to save Victoria, the spiky-haired hunk leaves the other two men to talk amongst themselves. Of course, TGVN starts a blusterin' and a blackmailin'. Watch the Y&R spoiler vid after the jump! 

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    Jamey – stop describing that heffa as an Executive LOL!!!! Every freakin character has been doing this during her kidnapping and i can’t stop rolling my eyes everytime i hear that.

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    yep…. that was a bit creepy, on the family jet on the way home.

    today’s episode is a rerun from 19**?, one of Victor and Nicole’s weddings at the Colenade Room…. what year is this from? I have forgotten.

    But it is great to see old characters like Cassie, a younger Phyllis, and a younger Sharon.

    What is Heather Tom’s natural hair color? The blond look, or the current brunette?

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    As I exhaustingly keep posting; most of us here are quite fed up with so many things Newman. Brutish Victor. Haughty Nikki. Simpering Victoria. Neanderthal Nick. It’s always don’t stray from the Newman path or face banishment.

    That cycle is so old and tired now.

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    tashikins … they probably should all be front and centre. But like most of us agree, Victor should not be manipulating and winning all the time.
    Something new and interesting with the old faces with some new faces added to the mix needs to happen; not the same old same old all the time.

    By the way … I agree that Victoria being cuddled by Nick was all rather odd.

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    [quote=tashikins]I like the Newman. I like the Abbots too. I also love the Winters. Want to see all of these families front and center.[/quote]

    To each their own but I agree with you tashikins I love all the families. MAB written Victor all one note villain and yes he does win but not all the time. I might be minority here but I’m seeing more of Victor character again, more restraint and not as vial or mean spirited. Victor blackmailing Billy is in Victor’s makeup so I’m OK with this Victor. MAB would had Victor be steaming mad and wanting to avenge Nikki for her silence on the kidnapping. He’s more balanced now. If you looked the Abbott\Newman is continuing in the next generation it seems the set up of Billy\Nick which is good soap. The ground work looks like it’s being laid for the future. It’s accumulating with the animosity between both characters. :)

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    Totally agree harlee490, I am seeing this too, and very relieved to see the Victor I have always loved coming back. No, he will never sit back & let his kids just do as they please, but at least now we are seeing the man he once was.

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    hey mon

    Twincest. Nick and Vicky. That was the ONLY way to describe that comforting on the Newman Jet between those 2 loving siblings.

    Then, as soon as Vicky is safe for a half an hour, Nick calls The 2nd Summers girl for a booty call.

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    Did not see the episode and the interaction between Nick and Vicki but hey mon, they are not twins so “twincest” is not an appropriate mmoniker. Secondly has the world become so tainted by sexual depravity that we have to construe every act of affection–even between family memeber–as some form of perversion?

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    Yeah I thought the cuddling was a little odd, but I think it symbolized the inevitable breakup of Villy.

    Why they can’t have a couple who is married for a long time and finds ways to work through things? Shick did it for 10 years.

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    tashikins … you actually missed an episode?!?!

    Also, the “twincest” nitpicking aside I’m sure that moniker was meant in jest. Anyway … those two really are joined at the hip so the moniker probably was rather appropriate. I agree though that it was not perverted but rather odd in that Victoria at that point had no reason not to be comforted by Billy. It’s just that yet again she has given her spouse or partner every reason not to linger in the affair.

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    LOL tedew. I actually miss most episdoes. I only catch up on my days off and on holidays from work.Does that make me an imposter or pseudo fan (lol). I LOVE Y&R though.

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    [Quote]Why they can’t have a couple who is married for a long time and finds ways to work through things? Shick did it for 10 years.[/Quote]
    Well Villy ain’t that couple. I’m ready for this couple to f*cking end already. Holy sheesh. Talk about boring and whiny. Billy became a bore ever since he got saddled with this 110 pounds sack.

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    hey mon

    Obviously, I dont think that Victoria and Nick are having sex with each other.

    After all, Nick’s been in town for 10 minutes, he’s got to get on the phone and head on over to Avery’s. He’s got that Summer’s girl pheromones on his mind, so only Red or Avery is gonna do. (Sort of how it is with Sharon and the Newman-male ‘scent’. Hey, maybe it’s part of Sharon’s bi-polar disorder).

    But I do think that it was weird that Victoria would rather be comforted by her brother than her hubby. Today’s ep has Vicky wandering around her dark and empty house like something out of a horror flick. Calling Sharon’s psychiatrist, you are going to have to clear your schedule.

    And Poor ol Billy looks like ‘sad sack’ again. Funny, tis no secret that Billy (Miller) Abbott could have any woman in town, but he’s always hankering after his 5-10 years older wife, Victoria. Billy, here’s some advice, Chelsea will soon be free, and she’s a beauty.

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