Who Should Run ELQ on General Hospital?

Beloved patriarch Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle) has joined Lila (the late Anna Lee) in Soap Heaven on General Hospital. Now the question remains, who will lead the Quartermaine family into the next generation?

Daughter Tracy (Jane Elliot) seems a likely choice. She's certainly as ruthless as her late father. For years, Tracy's son Ned (Wally Kurth) served as the gatekeeper for both the Q family, and their Fortune 100 corporation ELQ. Perhaps ol' Eddie Maine will give up his Rock & Roll ways to stick around and head ELQ yet again?

Back from the dead grandson AJ (Sean Kanan) may not have as successful a business track record as Tracy or Ned, but he's just as ambitious. Plus, we're sure Monica (Leslie Charleson) would vote her shares in favor of her son.

Edward always had an affinity for scheming, self-preserving Skye (Robin Christopher). Might he put everything in the hands of his adopted granddaughter?

Although he only learned Baby Danny was his biological great-grandson on his deathbed, would Edward have provided provisions for Jason's (Steve Burton) heir in this will? Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) ending up with control of a block of ELQ stock would likely cause her in-laws more than enough reason to bicker in Monica's living room!

Then there's Michael (Chad Duell), AJ's son, who is gingerly making steps back into the Q fold, after growing up a Corinthos. Maybe Grandfather wanted to infuse ELQ with some younger blood?

Considering Edward's potential last requests for his empire might prove for naught, as unhinged ex-wife Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) tampered with his will. Could cuckoo Heather walk away with control of the family business? You tell us:

Who Should Run ELQ?

Who Should Run ELQ on General Hospital?

  • Heather Webber would be a hoot atop ELQ! (8%, 108 Votes)
  • Edward should leave everything to Jason's heir, with Sam serving as trustee! (12%, 164 Votes)
  • ELQ needs a fresh, young vision; Michael is the perfect choice! (14%, 194 Votes)
  • AJ has grown into a better man; let him lead the family firm! (16%, 226 Votes)
  • Ned is the ultimate gatekeeper; give him the reins of ELQ! (20%, 281 Votes)
  • Tracy is the obvious choice to lead her Daddy's company into the future! (30%, 413 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,386


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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of luverica

    I have this strong feeling that Edward already knew that A.J. was alive and arranged for him and his SON Michael to take over ELQ, just to stir stuff up, which we know Edward likes to do. Plus, it’ll be his way to finally pull Michael more fully back into the Q fold. I think that would be awesome, especially considering the joy of watching Sonny and Carly, two of the most hypocritical characters in daytime drama history, have the wind knocked right out of them.

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    As much as I dislike Tracy at times for treating Monica, AJ, Alice and Skye like dirt, she is the rightful CEO of that company. However I would like for other Q’s and maybe a few non-Q’s to take a place in that company aswell, and put it on the map again.

    Jabot Cosmetics circa 2003 is a good example of the dynamics.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Yeah I agree with luverica. Even though Tracy would deserve to run ELQ. She tried to prove to Edward now for years that she was the right choice.
    I have to say I would love it if Edward split his shares of the company into pieces and left some to AJ, some to Tracy and some to Michael in hopes that he takes over ELQ one day when he gets his father’s shares.
    Since since Carly … at least I think she does … owes a portion of ELQ and Skye could get some shares for her and Lila too, I’d love to see some business storyline with unlikely allies.

    I don’t want Heather to have anything to do with ELQ. Her marriage with Edward was annulled and IF she did something to the will and wrote herself in, I don’t see how the will could ever hold up in court. Edward filed a restraining order against Heather after her release. Please don’t let her be in the will.

  4. Profile photo of mufasa

    Okay, I was SCREAMING at the television – please – Edward would NEVER have the will and testament in the freaking drawer!!
    I know it’s tv, but come one….

    It’s OBVIOUS Heather changed something – or that Edward DID have AJ run the company and she has a part of it.

    By the way – tired of Heather escaping – let’s let her go and move on.

  5. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    even if Heather tampered with the will or the Q’s think something is fishy about it, wouldn’t they just go to the lawyers and get the original documents that were entered in the court???

  6. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Tracy all the way. I am so sick of soaps doing the ‘I’m a male, and I’m family, so I am taking over the company with no experience!’ I don’t want to see Michael or AJ heading a multi million (billion?) dollar corporation. What experience do they have…ZILCH.

    Tracy has been holding things down somewhat, I would LOVE to see her have an office and being someone’s boss.

  7. Profile photo of Cath

    I voted Tracy, since she’s been trying to prove herself capable of running the company for years & she’s the last one of her generation.

    But let’s be honest, the true fun is in watching the Quartermaines battle it out over control of ELQ. So I say, let the squabbling begin! LOL

  8. Profile photo of Mirage875

    I would love to see Ned and Tracy working together and help run ELQ together.

    I just want Ned back in the thick of things with his family and ELQ.

    Ned and Tracy are the only ones that can run that company properly and successfully. And they are REAL Q’s unlike a interloper like Skye.

  9. Profile photo of hvmissy

    love to aj win over tracy & ava. love for them take a hike. um love to see aj & micheal wk together as father & son. love sonny, to leave. love it will be this wk. let kate, leave pretty soon love for her drop her story completely. Pleaze my vote is for aj. thanks

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