CBS Daytime Launches Facebook Page

With two popular soaps, two addictive games shows and The Talk dominating its programming, CBS Daytime has launched a new Facebook page where fans can get all the latest updates in one convenient location. Be sure to give a thumb up to CBS Daytime on Facebook today!

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    At least CBS has & supports their 2 soaps, which is more than ABC or NBC does. The negativity of the CBS soaps on this site gets old, because eventually they will be the only ones left, as they are the only ones worth watching now.

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    I find it hilarious how the Y&R ratings are constantly falling a all they do is celebrating one fest after another ; well that’s what happens when executives/ head writers only want to write for their pets no matter how bad their acting is (Adam, Nick) How long until Sony will step in again and stop this mess of the new writers? or maybe CBS is going to cancel the show once and for all

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    [quote=LoveVillians]Both Y&R and B&B need to put more energy and time in creating better stories. Both shows are not worth watching.[/quote]

    Exactly. They’re doing a good PR job, but the writing on both shows is awful.

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    >) CBS isn’t cancelling Y&R or B&B anytime soon!…might be wishful desire but it’s not happening in the next 3-4 years at least. There is growth at CBS daytime across the board especially with B&B. The proof are in the ratings and some doesn’t want to believe but it’s fact. ;) Sometimes it seems anti-CBS agenda but wishing & hoping especially the death of Y&R and everything would be rosy for the remaining soaps isn’t factually correct. CBS daytime fans might be somewhat more reserve then other networks fans but we are as fiery and stanch about the love for our soap lineup (OH! we do still have a soap lineup the only network!) and we do fight for our soaps. CBS daytime fans came in droves across this country keep Sony’s feet to the fire about MTS. :love: we got her back. Some I realize, don’t care for MTS fair enough, but many of us she’s our “Susan Lucci” and we love her! :love: CBS has someone in charge of daytime again to make it great and truly supports our daytime dramas and that is fact.

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