Judith Chapman on Liz & Dick Co-Star Lindsay Lohan: "There's a Really Nice, Young Girl in There"

Could LiLo not be as much of a hot mess as the blogosphere and tabloids make her out to be? While we don't know about that, one of her Liz & Dick co-stars did have a few kind words about her.

The Young and the Restless star Judith Chapman portrayed a socialite in the Lifetime movie about the stormy love affair of the late Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Chapman shared a few tidbits on working with Lindsay Lohan to Soaps In Depth.  Said Chapman:

"The director asked me to improv at one point in a scene with Lindsay and when I did she laughed. I thought, 'There's a really nice, young girl in there."

Well there's a glowing endorsement! Chapman also revealed how Lohan reacted to news that the actress and fellow Liz & Dick'er Eyal Podell (ex-Adrian, Y&R) came from the soap world.

Quipped Lohan re: Chapman:


"Oh, I used to be on a soap opera!' I gave her a look because I thought AW has been off the air for a while! She said, 'I think I was eight years old when I did it." 

Yes, Lindsay, you were once on a soap opera, and I know the Cory family of Bay City, Illinois is just as appalled by Liz & Dick as I am.


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Go, Judith, Go!

Brian Love Big smile Love Big smile

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Like Gloria, Judith's rather good at giving backhanded compliments.

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I was hoping Jamey would have some snarky comment on twitter and did Luke see his girl Judy Chapman-

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The shade lol

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I watched Linday's portrayal and was stunned that she didn't even attempt to sound like Liz. She did look like her quite a bit so I think she'd have earned a few kudos had she tried. Seems quite lazy to me.