Could Oprah End O Magazine?

Could Oprah Winfrey put a fork in the popular O Magazine? The New York Times is reporting Winfrey's thoughts on the state of her magazine and how it has been impacted by the end of her long running talk show.

When it comes to the magazine, Ms. Winfrey said her staff prepared her to expect a 25 percent decline in newsstand sales after the talk show ended. (It has been closer to 22 percent.) And while she acknowledged that she enjoyed “holding the magazine in my hand,” she was pragmatic about print’s future and said she would stop publishing a print magazine if it were not profitable.

“Obviously, the show was helping in ways that you know I hadn’t accounted for,” Ms. Winfrey said. “I’m not interested, you know, in bleeding money.”

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    I think I I only bought it about three times. Every time I thought it was all ads. There would be one interview I was interested in and the rest was filler. She probably made a fortune in ads.

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    I was never really a fan of Oprah’s daytime tv show. My fascination and admiration with her has always been about Oprah the business woman, but I have to wonder now how she could not have the foresight to keep the daytime show going with either herself or surrogates (a la an Oprah presents) so she can feed viewers / fans to OWN or the magazine. It’s seems like without the daytime engine everything else is stalling.

    I read this earlier this month and thought, oh lord, focus on the network and don’t try to sell me stuff – let alone sunscreen and frozen vegetables:

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