15 Dysfunctional Soap Opera Families We'd Go Home With For The Holidays

No. 8: The Spectras, The Bold and the Beautiful

Forget the stuffy Forresters, with their horny caterers! We'd rather spend the holidays with that wacky band of rag thieves, the Spectras, on The Bold and the Beautiful. Sally (the late Darlene Conley) likely doesn't waste time having waiters pass out nice, safe martinis; we bet our girl offers up a stiff yuletide whiskey to mix in with your eggnog!

There's also a good chance Sal's daughter Macy (Bobbie Eakes) might regale us with Christmas carols. Of course she'd have to come back from the dead again first... 


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I love me some Marhsall's. Better with James Reynolds as the patriarch!


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22 January 2011
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I knew the Hortons would be No. 1 on this list.

Thing is though, I feel that there's a lot of repressed people in that family and that secretly they really can't stand each other. Hope gets more than her fair share of attention. Maybe, that's the real explanation for Julie, Maree, Sarah, Laura, Melissa and the other Horton women choosing to live outside Salem.

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Doreen was one of the best vixens on daytime. Too bad TPTB at DAYS don't bring back Doug and Julie full-time and get rid of the nauseating Hernandez clan.

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You should've added The Newmans from Y&R to this list too!

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guilty pleasure wrote:
You should've added The Newmans from Y&R to this list too!

The Newmans have become like the most horrible and overexposed soap family. They wouldn't even want to spend Christmas with each other. Why should anybody else? Wink

Quartermaines all the way. I'd love to share my holidays with them. They can't with and not without each other. It's so great to watch them. I hope that they keep working on bringing this family back on our screens. Would love to have one or two more Q's around next Christmas (or Thanksgiving for that matter).

If DAYS were only written better I'd agree about the Hortons. But what really is left of them? The heart and soul of this family is long gone.
I'd rather be invited to a good-written DiMera Christmas.

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No Spauldings?
Alexandra, Alan and the rest of the clan knew how to throw a party.

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Nobody does it like the Quartermaines they are the best and most dysfunctional family on television.

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I figured the Hortons would be on here.

But no Spauldings from Guiding Light? Or the Lewises or Coopers? But Gilmore Girls, The OC, and a brand new show like Revenge instead????

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I enjoyed the Generations-shout out. That show had lots of potential.

I'm surprised GL's Spauldings and ATWT's Snyders aren't listed. The Snyders were so polite on the outside but so dysfunctional, it took me a long time to understand how Holden & Lily were not related after she was revealed to be Iva's biological daughter! That family swapped lovers with each other and had their fair share of drama.

I know it was a set but I have such fond memories of The Snyder Farm. I could practically smell Emma's cooking every time the set appeared.

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Maybe it's going back too far, but what about those wonderfully dysfunctional Loves on _Another World_? Donna would be delivering snarky commentary on would-be sister-in-law Cecile, while Peter is completely in the dark about his beloved. Nicole would be boycotting the whole circus. Marley would have the thankless job of referee-ing the whole mess and trying to keep the tree from being turned over, and evil daddy Reginald would be hiding in the shadows, plotting to kill them all with an exploding yule log.

But of course the mansion would be impeccably decorated.

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The Newmans would be awful. They are boring, stiff, cold, and no fun.

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Thanks for throwing some love to The Richards of "Sunset Beach" I still miss that show SO much! Great to see "Pasadena" on the list as well, that show ended its run WAY too soon!

On my personal list, I would have added The Buchannen's, The Lords, or The Cramer's of OLTL. Any one of those would do nicely for me Smile

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Absolutely loved this! I miss the Capwells, am thankful the Q's are still going strong, and always love Christmas time with the Horton family.

I wondered if The Alden family, from my all time favorite, "Loving" should have been included.

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WHAT!!! No Brothers and Sisters love! Their dinner parties and family gatherings were ALWAYS dysfunctional....I can't believe Gilmore girls beat out brothers and sisters lol....

Tommy and his wife asked Kevin for his sperm during a dinner party to get Julia pregnant with because tommy was sterile!

Kevin came out of the closet during Nora's birthday to his elderly grandmother. Justin told his grandmother during the same party that he was a drug addict.

Nora outed her late husbands mistress in the middle of a dinner party.

Julia found out during a dinner party that tommy had cheated on her and then she turned around and confessed that she had cheated on him as well!

The Walker family would have been at the TOP of my dysfunctional family dinners to attend!