Days of Our Lives Grad Matt Cedeno Lands Devious Maids

Marc Cherry’s Devious Maids keeps adding familiar soap faces to its cast. According to Deadline, Days of Our Lives alum Matt Cedeno (ex-Brandon Walker) has joined the Lifetime drama in a recurring role that will be upped to series regular if Devious Maids gets a second season.

Reportedly, Cedeno will play "Alejandro Reyes, a successful recording artist. Back home after three long months on tour, Alejandro just wants to lounge by the pool — while behind his back, Odessa and the new maid Carmen are maneuvering themselves for Total War.”

Devious Maids already features such former soap stars as Susan Lucci, Brianna Brown and Grant Show

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    The rich Latino character is a devious ploy. It’s a smokescreen to detract from the obvious racism of this soap w/c cast all Latina actresses to portray the help.

    This soap is a version of “the Help” w/o the racial segregation issues and yet this soap discriminates against racial minorities!

    Now hollywood’s all for racial diversity among the leading ladies bec they’re going to potray the help? How offensive!

    Majority of the Latino characters have to be poor as the help while the white characters are rich. hollywood always has to have the white characters above the minorities.

    I’m guessing these Latin characters are going to be hypersexualized and the reason the writers will use is bec it’s a soap. hollywood loves to disseminate those kind of stereotypical images of hypersexualized Latino culture like high birth rate and many unwed mothers.

    hollywood loves to hypersexualize blacks and Latinos while asexualize Asian americans thus being white becomes the “norm” and the white establishment is portrayed as the ideal.

    This soap is going to get a lot of support bec Eva Longoria’s behind it. She was instrumental for the politically liberal and progressive causes of hollywood and she is going to be rewarded by hollywood. Too bad she had to throw her own community under the bus by casting all Latina actresses as the help. Racism as usual from hollywood.

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    bottomchef, so are the actors just doing this for the paycheck and they don’t care about racism? I think you are being a bit dramatic but just don’t watch the show if that is how you feel.

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    Probably bec many racial minority actors have to settle for whatever scraps are thrown their way from hollywood’s racist casting directors. The treatment of Asian americans are horrid bec Asian roles are often whitewashed. hollywood loves to preserve the institutionalized racism and propagate white privilege. That’s why white chracters are more humanized while racial minority characters are often stereotypical.

    hollywood loves to be racist towards racial minorities but the only minority that hollywood obviously cares for are lgbt people. It’s obviously an advantage to be a closeted gay actor. Why’d you think some nobody and quite frankly an unattractive actor like hugh jackman gets the best role as wolverine despite being an unknown to american audiences? Same w/ the very ugly and short nobody jeremy renner who now has the born supremely ugly and mission improbable and revengers franchises! bradley cooper was a relative nobody but hollywood rewards him w/ the lead role of the hangover “comedy” w/c was very racist towards blacks and Asian americans. it’s bec they’re white gay guys. hollywood wants to make them successful bec lgbts are the “right kind of minority” according to liberal hollywood w/c loves “diversity”.

    the untalented cooper’s pr people push him as people’s “sexiest” cover choice and again a part of the newest “sexiest” list despite cooper looking like a rodent. it’s bec white gays have to be worshipped as the ideal of physical attractiveness while racial minorities have to be “otherized”. blacks and dark skinned latinos and asian americans can’t be portrayed as the physical ideal bec hollywood has to preserve the white establishment. it’s how hollywood puts down and suppress the presence of racial minorities. hollywood hypocrisy at its best.

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