Ratings, Rants and Raves: Bold and Beautiful Inches Up; General Hospital Hits 2-Year High

Stephanie Forrester's (Susan Flannery) long day's journey to a bench at Big Bear is proving to be ratings gold for The Bold and the Beautiful. (Source: Soap Opera Network). B&B went up in total viewers, households and among women 18-49 the week of Nov. 12-16.
Almost 140,000 more people tuned into B&B than had the previous week. The 30-minute sudser was up one-tenth of a point in households and among W18-49. Among W18-34, it held steady.

The Forrester family, friends and various sex buddies all gathered to say goodbye to Steph, as Eric (John McCook) surprised his wife with performances by Celtic Woman. I never knew Stephanie was Irish until last week, but it was a beautiful tribute none the same. Although, if I start coughing and someone hires a Kenyan dance troupe to perform when I requested New Edition, I won't be happy.

My favorite part of B&B last week was the renewed battle of Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) vs. Taylor (Hunter Tylo). Doc Hayes was concerned about all the time Brooke was spending with Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) and Baby Will. Taylor accused Brooke of trying to do to Katie's (Heather Tom) marriage what she'd done to Ridge and Taylor's. Does anyone else ever want Brooke to scream as loudly as she can in Taylor's face: "I HAD HIM FIRST!"?

The slap my Logan gave the meddling shrink was almost as good! Give me more of this. With Flannery gone, I need to see grown women front and center on The Bold and the Beautiful. Hope (Kimberly Matula), Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and the other one are fine for the summer, but during the winter months, I need more.

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    Restless Fan

    I’m on the fence about Y&R right now. Parts of it I like and other parts I’m bored by. I don’t like what they have done with the music. It’s gone too generic and I find myself really missing those special Y&R scores. There were things that needed fixing, the music was not one of them. I think the fundamental issue may be that JFP is making too many changes too quickly. The show is starting to feel very un-Y&R. I hope she does not fall into the trap that Maria Bell did which is, damn everyone!! My way or no way! Not gonna bode well for the future of the show if she does not tap into what makes Y&R special. Which is the music! The sweeping camera moves! The glamor! along with rich realistic storylines.

    I still think a smart move would be to bring in Kay Alden or Jack Smith as a co-head writer to JG. They will and continue to be the only writers who truly get Y&R’s essence.

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    Okay, now it’s time. I have come to the point where I totally agree with this article on DAYS. It really needs to step up it’s game. It is exactly like Jamey said, it has all the makings of a good soap opera. And one thing I could add to the list of things DAYS has going for them, is that unlike GH a little while ago, DAYS already HAVE the vets.

    And regarding this weeks plots: Kristen gets to stick it to Marlena because she deleted a few TEXT messages?!? What? Meanwhile, Hope, Billie, Jennifer are having a BOOKCLUB meeting??? I think that was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. What is this, 1953? What’s next, are we gonna see people having sex out of wedlock?!

    And yes, it is stupid to put Eric in a priest collar. I mean, what’s the point? Either he’s gonna lose it anyway after sexing up Nicole, or he’s NOT, which is even worse. Oh and btw, I love Greg Vaughan, he is hot, but I just don’t see any chemistry between Eric and Nicole. Nope. None what so ever.

    And one more thing: As much as I like Will & Sonny and the fact that they have a big storyline, I’m still uneasy about Gabi Hernandez of all people being in the middle of it. CB is just not strong enough of an actress and the character is totally un-rootworthy. She is not a heroine. She is not a young Sami. If the girl in the middle would have been, say, Melanie, or Abby (if they weren’t cousins), this story would have been so much better! I can already see it now, Gabi is gonna be the poor girl in the middle whining, while the men do all the heavy lifting.

    I’m still gonna watch but something better start happening – soon!!!

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    B&B deserves to slip. If you read the boards, viewers have been saying over-and-over – STOP THE TRIANGLE, show a true love story, back-burn Brooke, stop the Logan love, Hope is not a main character, show the other characters, Rick is too creepy, where is Amber. GH has been listening – they are using vets, less mob, more real-life stories, more drama, great job blending OLTL and GH, loving the characters they are bringing front and center, less Sonny/Carly/Jason. GH deserves to move up in the rankings. Love the new writers.

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    JG and JPF are a failure. Their stories are boring as hell and the ratings keep slipping. I liked Nick/Avery at first, they’re on way too much and the daydreams are stupid. NuNoah being hot

    GH is on fire. Liz/Patrick would make a lot of sense and be very soapy. GH totally missed the boat.

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    Days is just awful all around! Nothing is interesting or even makes sense! Not a single story or current duo/romance is worth watching. I’m tired of Sami’s man hopping, the baby story is torture, making Eric a Priest was unnecessary, Daniel & Jennifer are awful, and so on. None of the characters have any depth. Get new writers please!

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    Days is just awful all around! Nothing is interesting or even makes sense! Not a single story or current duo/romance is worth watching. I’m tired of Sami’s man hopping, the baby story is torture, making Eric a Priest was unnecessary, Daniel & Jennifer are awful, and so on. None of the characters have any depth. Get new writers please!

    My sentiments exactly. Nothing is happening. The people in my own life have more interesting lives than these Salemites. *YAWN*

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    DAYS is dreadful. Sami is on her way back of becoming Rafe’s little Stepford wife and again the EJami story wasn’t even told.
    And then there is the Eric as a priest storyline. What a giant fail is that?
    The only hot thing happening in Salem is Kristen DiMera. And her storyline isn’t even that good besides her insanely hot/sick chemistry with Brady.

    I find Y&R rather boring. The show just lost me. I would maybe more invested if I’d care about the characters as much as I did a year ago but MAB just destroyed too much … and JG needs to up his game to make me start caring again.

    GH is great with everything relating the Quartermaines. Some of the other stuff though is not really working for me. This Britt character has to go. Still can’t believe she’s on contract now. I stopped caring about Connie/Kate a long time ago, same goes for Johnny – who I only enjoy in his scenes with Lulu … and well that ship sadly has sailed in favor of Lante.

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    Now as for Days I’d make one small change to the head writing team demote Tomlin and Whitesell or fire them and install Lorraine Broderick as the sole Head Writer. If she can’t turn things around then let the show go. But her track record speaks for herself. She was a student of Agnes Nixon and turned the ratings around for the 6 weeks she was temporarily in charge of All My Children as the transition HW. And her previous tenure as a HW on AMC and other soaps has brought ratings success and critical acclaim. That is where I would rest my case.

    Better yet, coax Bridget Dobson (Santa Barbara) out retirement. She could make Kristen the new Elena Nikolas. Didn’t Lorraine Broderick give us Kate’s alien twins: Rex & Cassie? No thanks!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: As someone who often rants and raves about the writing on soaps. I’m going to have say that you have to give Josh and Jill time. The average amount of time it takes a soap to get things going in the right direction is about 6 months. In the case of Y&R Josh decided to embrace Maria’s mess and write out of it over a period of a few months. So in the beginning it will be a little shaky. But by this time in February we should know where things are going. We’ll also see what the fan reaction is to it.

    Just think for the first 2 months of Ron’s reign at GH things were not looking up. There were tons of complaints. He too embraced the last regimens writing and wrote out of it over time. But now the show’s ratings have improved and it is heading in the right direction in terms of getting its ratings up!

    So you have to remember that soaps can’t just turn around in 1 week or even 1 month. They never could.

    Agnes turned a failing Another World around. In 6 months it was beating GH’s ratings! Bill Bell turned a failing Days around and in 6 months it was in the top 5 of daytime soaps. Give it time folks, give it time.

    Now as for Days I’d make one small change to the head writing team demote Tomlin and Whitesell or fire them and install Lorraine Broderick as the sole Head Writer. If she can’t turn things around then let the show go. But her track record speaks for herself. She was a student of Agnes Nixon and turned the ratings around for the 6 weeks she was temporarily in charge of All My Children as the transition HW. And her previous tenure as a HW on AMC and other soaps has brought ratings success and critical acclaim. That is where I would rest my case.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Garyjr: No she was Head Writer on Days in October 1999. Just one month before she quit. So the Gemini Twins did not come from her. Know your soap history! So she would be perfect since she is already on the show as a Breakdown Writer. And since we already know soaps are not going to coax long gone ex-writers back then she would be the last hope! Sally Sussman Mornia said she was never coming back or I’d asks for her.

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    Very happy for B&B! It’s been must see tv every day. Loved the Taylor/Brooke rivaly being re-ignited. Every word Taylor said was true but she probably deserved that slap lol. The Forrester party was very moving and those scenes of Stephanie saying goodbye to everyone individually had me bawling. Their ratings are very well deserved!

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    I thought Days was really good about three-four weeks ago with Caroline’s Alzheimer’s story, but then, after she and Bo left, I found myself wanting more to happen on the show. The show has not been focused on core legacy characters in a long time, and I’m not invested. Who cares about Daniel? Rafe? Gabi? Even Nicole? (I mean, I like her, but I like her with relevant characters. Eric is a start, but he’s been neutered, for lack of a better term.)

    There is a decided lack of balance here. I’m afraid we do need some new writers. But then the pendulum would swing again and I’d have to “learn” the show all over again. The sands of the hourglass are running out for me… and I LOVE THIS SHOW!

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    These people just took over Y&R a little over a month ago. GEEZ…the poor show just can’t catch a break on this site. Either way, as David said, when Gods Ron and Frank took over GH, there wasn’t a parade going on here either. It still SUCKED (and still does to me but I digress)…you have to give people time to clean up stuff that was going on. They basically ended MAB’s stories, which means that now they are at the point where just about EVERY story going on is in the beginning build up stages. That’s what happens when a new regime has to fix everything about the past regime.

    Meanwhile, B&B has been good. I still don’t agree about this whole story propping Brooke, but there’s no debate that the writing has been absolutely spectacular. I knew Brad Bell was a capable writer. He wrote the HELL out of B&B up until around 2005…then he lost me. But when he wants to, he steps out and shows that he’s still one of THE best in daytime.

    As for GH…I just can’t. I try, I try, I try to see what everyone else finds so orgasmic about this damn show, and I Just can’t. It’s all too silly for me. It feels like I’m watching a less silly version of Passions. It’s still tooo freakin campy to be taken serious, its plots are waaaaaaaay over the top, I see little to no character-driven story, and while the acting is AMAZING, I don’t get what differentiates this show from what Y&R was last year this time. Everyone knows that I’m your local Y&R propper, but seriously…even if I wasn’t, what about GH at this time is different from Y&R a few months ago? Ridiculous stories involving vets with amazing acting. Bad dialogue, too campy, some characters are out of character…what in the world is so different, besides the two men writing the show. It almost seems like they are so popular because they are HOT…lol. Could that be the case? If so, I’d say yes they are attractive, but GOOD LAWD…attraction does not a good soap make…

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    My obsession with B&B made me research the origins of all the family names of all the families on B&B. However, i wasn’t exactly sure that she was Irish because the name could also make her Scottish

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    Jaime – Thanks for saying everything I’m thinking about Days. They had tremendous build up to their cliff hanger in July and momentum going for them when they came back in August but they friggin’ blew it like idiots. All we’re getting now is the same old thing told the same way. Didn’t we just see Nicole go all apeshit all over Daniel and Jennifer last week? But no, we’re getting another round. And who honestly believes that Sami would ever want any more of Dudley Rafe Douchebag after she’s sampled EJ’s goods? Putting a weak actress like Gabi in a front and center story while giving Abbie nothing to do is crazy. I’m all for a change in writers – again – and this time I hope Days hires someone who can tell a decent story. Lorraine Broderick is already present, Steve Kent. Promote.her.now.

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    [quote=david46208]Now as for Days I’d make one small change to the head writing team demote Tomlin and Whitesell or fire them and install Lorraine Broderick as the sole Head Writer. If she can’t turn things around then let the show go.[/quote]


    Tomlin and Whitsell need to go, like yesterday! I will never forgive these fools for firing Matt Ashford (yet again), and then leaving us with the insidious Dannifer pairing to deal with – day in/day out. These people cannot write for crap, and I agree with the poster above, who commented on that simply fabulous Book Club Meeting held by Billie, Hope & Jennifer. What a freaking embarrassment! Even the actresses appeared to be embarrassed. It really was like a scene out of 1953, and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

    Add to the above mess what everyone else here is so astutely pointing out:
    Eric returning as a Priest (which one of those insipid Ass-Clowns thought-up that particular nugget? Are we about to be subjected to a “Thornbirds” storyline?), The aggravatingly dreadful “Safe” (Kill. Me. Now.) being forced upon us for the 999,999th time – at the expense of the red-hot “EJami”, Gabi (of all people) being forever cemented into the DOOL landscape by forcing poor Will to have a baby with her (forgive me, but never have I wished for a Soap Opera miscarriage more than this one!) – why don’t these morons just go ahead and shove a WTD? storyline down our throats for Rafe/Sami/E.J.?, senile Ma Brady returning – sans Bo (how in hell are they going to explain that exciting twist?), and last, but not least, mad-cap hi-jinks with John, Marlena & Kristen.

    Honest to God, Eileen Davidson is the only reason why I am tuning in these days, and they would be imbeciles to not capitalize on her and EM’s (Brady) obvious chemistry. What woman would pine away for John, when she could be with his gorgeous hunk of a son? That being said, they will probably not (ultimately) go in that direction, if only because they are obviously trying to build all of this intense angst and drama (please!) between John/Marlena/Kristen. Also, most of us want Kristen/Brady, so they will be extra-sure to ignore it.

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    @David & Stoney…I here you! I could say it better…I does take time and am seeing the difference. It’s not “boring” as some put it when everything is falling in place. I’m thankful the stories are not half cocked and no direction at least they are setting the foundation for the stories…Feb will be the true test of JG’s strength. I’m thoroughly enjoying Y&R right now because it’s more balanced with the characters and the show. Stoney you made a great observation in a past post about “attention spans”…you’re so right.

    David, I think you’re right about putting LB as sole headwriter for Days for better direction and pacing of the stories.

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    I think the reason you continue to see B and B “inch up” is that it is basically the same show, with the same regime that it’s had for some time. I tuned in on Monday for the first time in years and was impressed, so I may have to add it to my DVR since I’ve always been an CBS soap boy.

    As for Y and R, yes there are some positive changes, but there will always be bitching about the show especially on this obviously GH slanted site. Nothing new.

    I saved the classic episode that was shown last week and really the show continues to pretty much look the same even after JFP has come on board. I think that if Josh can continue the same pace of writing that we’ll see some good story. I do like a lot of what I’m seeing so I’m not gonna be tuning out. I had to sigh though when I saw those names on that classica episode…Kay, Jack, Jerry, Ed… That’s also something that Y and R has going for it…I can’t even begin to name all the characters on that 2002 episode that are either still on today, or made an appearance this year. People have bitched about some of the newbies and their acting, but that was even an issue back then (Mac). Loved to see Heather as Victoria…she so commands the screen!

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    [quote=Ravennite613]ok please don’t shoot me but I want Brady and Kristen – they would just ooze sex ..and if you can’t have Daddy why not the son[/quote]

    Yep, I’ve been saying this for awhile now. Those two are gold together–although she and John are still simmering too–and I’d love to see some strong follow-up on that front.

    Regarding the rest of the show, I was truly loving WilSon–and so happy that both Jamey and Jillian put them in their Top 5 things they’re most thankful for–until they inserted this pregnancy BS into the equation. CB is indeed not a strong enough actress to being carrying this kind of emotionally heavy storyline, and Nick’s holier-than-thou-even-though-I-recently-got-parole-after-committing-murder ass has offically worn out his welcome with me(not to mention I’m totally not feeling the homophobic slant they’re bringing to the character). Still, the worst thing to come out of this story–besides seeing CB constantly front burner–will be the inevitable dissolution of WilSon once Sonny finds out Will’s been keeping his baby-daddy status a secret from him. And considering it’s been the best thing about the show for at least the last couple of months that’s indeed a shame.

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    The reason GH is delivering ratings is simple. Somebody at ABC and/or the production team is actually listening to what fans say they want and giving it to them.

    I’m not overly excited by Y&R but I don’t dislike it either. and I’m actually missing far fewer episodes than during MAB’s inglorious reign when I did not watch at all for more than a year.

    The sad story here is DAYS. I don’t think Ken Corday sees this show as anything more than a cash cow. And his investment portfolio must be performing marvellously well right now because it seems that he’s not paying any attention to how disjointed the show is.

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    Even with the new team at the reigns at Y&R, I’m still seeing the choppiness and discongruence that was present under MAB. The storylines are not flowing and interconnecting like they should. Too much is still very plot driven, i.e. Victoria’s kidnapping, Devon all of a sudden going from music to corporate with Neil…you get my drift. There aren’t any sweeping character-driven plots to keep us entranced.

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    Y&R is a mess and I can GUARANTEE from what I am seeing with the direction of NOAH and the new hire from GH who will play a cop from NYC who comes to Genoa City because of a failed relationship that Noah is gay. COOL BEANS but honestly, the rest of the show is just as dull as it was under Maria Bell. No story is worth paying attention to and none seem to have direction.

    Over on B&B, Stephanie is surrounded by her family and a bunch of Irish competition dancers and group of ladies with coifed hair and matching satin dresses while the extended friends and family gather around her to celebrate her life. I just watched the death episode and although I wanted to cry with Brooke, the CHEEZY BEYOND BELIEF video they made of the guests at the party was absolutely a waste of screen time. This show needs to get focused. (Why wasn’t Ridge there?)

    DAYS is a mess. The sets are dull and the color flat. WHEN will this soap fire its set designers and bring new ones on. Plus its becoming very much like PASSIONS (without the witches, living dolls and voodoo) with 20 characters standing around talking to one another 5 feet from other characters and NO ONE NOTICES them. THis show is a prime example of how soaps could be so much better with soooo much less cast.

    GH is better written and tighter story telling but that doesn’t mean its good. Sure the 18-49 demo is up but the ratings aren’t. They need to bring those ratings up to make it worth checking it out. Too many stories are well acted but boring as hell. Lulu and surrogacy?! Anna not knowing Duke or that she’s making out with RUBBER?! Robin just not being dead and Patrick waiting around for her JUST like Sam is for Jason pigeonholes these two characters so that as long as we the fans know these characters are alive WE will not want them to find new loves. THis is another show that could do with reducing the cast and telling even better story (Still hate that Carly is falling for a TWICE rapist/child napper/ego maniac like Todd). End the Connie story and get to something better.

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    Restless Vixen

    I gotta ride shotgun with my guys Stoney and David on Y&R. Do people REALLY remember what old school Bill Bell Y&R was like? Seriously?! It was SLOOOOOOOOWWWWW! Bill Bell was a tease…and I mean that with the utmost respect. He made us wait – he was the ultimate pleasure delayer when it came to telling his stories. He’d dangle a scene in front of us viewers and we might not see ANY progression on the actual story for MONTHS. I don’t think the new regime is going quite that slow, but they are more on the right track with pacing more reminscent of classic Y&R (certainly more than MAB ever did, contrary to her opinion). Of course Noah Newman (hot damn, is that Robert Adamson hotter than fish grease or what? Brilliant casting choice – hot and can act. Lawd!) is going to get story! Two new characters have already been indicated as connected to it. But it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Especially when the character’s mother is right in the middle of a more heavy arc. And thank the lawd Noah is FINALLY being supportive of his mother instead of being all up Phyllis’ butt…

    People complained for years about how ridiculously plot driven the show became under both LML (who dropped stories right in the middle and had pacing faster than the speed of light) and MAB (who somehow managed to get tangled into increasing convoluted messes). Now we actually get character driven scenes – and people have a problem with it. We’ve been so buried under insta-couplings and insta-weddings for so long, I think some viewers have forgotten when an actual soap courtship looks like. Finally got one with Nick and Avery – a hot, slow burn full of sexual tension. Hallelujah! Who cares if she’s Phyllis’ sister? Soaps are full of pairings that on paper would not/should not work. That’s what makes them soapy – the stuff in real life that would never fly. Since when did soaps have to morally correct? Do I love every single plot currently playing out right now? Hell no! But I didn’t like every single character or scene or plot or arc from when Bill Bell was running the show either. At least no one storyline is eating the show. If you don’t like the cyberbullying SL, no biggie. Nothing has happened since over a week ago.

    And I’ll probably get my long-time viewer card revoked for this one…but I’m not all that mad that some of the old scores have gone away. I didn’t realize how heavyhanded they could be in some scenes until I stopped hearing them. I don’t always like the newer/modern scores the new regime is using, but I like that the new regime has been less dependent on scores in general. To keep it real, I think they can be a crutch. MAB was especially a good one for claiming she was recreating “classic Y&R” with heavy classic score use, but with not much else resembling Bill Bell’s Y&R. Less music recently has forced me to listen to the dialogue a whole lot more – which has greatly improved in my opinion. The classic Y&R scores, as much as I love them for nostalgia sake, really are a throwback to when soaps went from radio to TV and a bit outdated (the melodramatic scores are often mocked when soaps are snarked on or mocked). I say by all means, use them for some scenes with Nikki and Victor, or Jill and Katherine, or Victor and Jack. But they really don’t fit at the GCAC or especially Crimson Lights. I think as long as there’s balance, I don’t have a problem with not always hearing the old scores.

    I’m just saying, I think this new regime deserves at least a chance. They’ve barely been at it for two months and people are already asking for their heads. C’mon! If we’ve been fans of this genre and this soap for so long, why the lack of patience? Compared to fans of other TV genres, we have had to have the patience of Job, which is why I will never understand the knee-jerk reactions and need for instant gratification of today’s soap fan.

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    I guess you can’t please everyone but I am SO enjoying GH again! Yes, it can be campy at times, but it reminds me of the Gloria Monty days, that I loved so much. And, having the Quartermain’s front and center, and seeing the vets, Scorpio, Anna, Duke, Mac, Skye, Ned , and Tracy with her own storyline besides being Luke’s shadow, and Monica and AJ, I’m loving it all. And there is more HEART to the storylines. I’d rather watch the vets then go back to the Bob Guza days of the same old Mob, car explosion storylines, they would just bring in a new Mob enemy, the rest was the same junk over and over.

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    I’d like to cosign RestlessVixen’s entire post! I have a ton of Y&R episodes on my DVR to plow through but did watch the week in question and thought it was really good. The scenes between Phyllis & Ronan were particularly well done and it was the most I was EVER interested in the character of Ronan! Viewers wanted a “fix” for Sharon’s behavior under MAB, well, we have it. Sharon Case continues to do fantastic work as Sharon battles mental illness (a real, organic problem faced by millions.) I recall DC pundits and commenters stating that they would accept “any” explanation to explain Sharon’s behavior and here it is. I don’t particularly care about Summer & Fin but Summer’s anger has been explained and the cyber-bullying story is character driven. OLTL’s bullying was lauded here at DC when that was as far from character driven as a story could get. Now, Victoria’s kidnapping was plot-driven mess but, overall, the show is the most character-driven soap currently on the air. It takes time and viewer’s patience. At least the show isn’t actively poor and offensive. I don’t enjoy some things about Y&R but it’s clear that Josh Griffith can lay longstory and the people who pen the daily dialogue are very good as the dialogue has returned to a much more naturalistic tone and less outlandish. I’ll stick with Y&R for drama and GH for escapism.

  26. Profile photo of stoney07

    THANK YOU!!! I was beginning to think I was the ONLY ONE who felt this way.

    I may have been born in 1989, but I know for sure that growing up, Y&R wasn’t non-stop action, a climax EVERY DAY, gunfights, psychos, sleazy sex, etc…Y&R was a slow-build on ALL fronts, romance, action, etc…

    When I watch now, I see a well developed soap with characters that all have distinct personalities. We have vets, newbies, etc…real characters with REAL problems. And while I’m not that interested in Kevin’s story, it’s much more realistic than the “Chipmunk” or “Angelina”…and the story involves his relationship with Chloe, his sanity, his business dealings, etc…and I think it’s pretty good.

    Sharing/Adam/Chelsea is a classic triangle. No other explanation needed.

    Neil/Cane/Devon at Jabot could be interesting, and now throwing in the new character with Lily would be good if CK brings her “A Game”. I like Neil with Leslie too…

    Jack’s pill addiction could be good. They haven’t really started it, so I won’t judge it too soon.

    Jill’s back. Victor’s IN CHARACTER. Sharon’s OOC behavior has been explained….I don’t get what all the gripes are about, except the fact that this is Y&R. For years we’ve heard how OLTL was the red-headed stepchild of ABCD….well, I think we’ve found the red-headed stepchild of daytime in general, at least on this site….and it just so happens to be the top rated soap….go figure.

    And I agree to whoever said that right now, Y&R is the most character-driven soap on the air. Boring or not…

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