Stephanie Forrester Breathes Her Last Breath on The Bold and the Beautiful!

An era has ended and an unknown future awaits The Bold and the Beautiful, as Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) died in Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) arms. Stephanie told Brooke she wanted her to have her ring as a parting gift. If you haven’t read the piece by Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens about why these two needed to be together in the end, you should check it out.

Brooke to Stephanie: “I’m not sure I knew what love was until I realized I loved you.”

I did have to chuckle when Stephanie though Eric (John McCook) had arrived, but hadn’t and said, “Never around when you need him.”

While a touching episode, I do have serious concerns about the impact of Stephanie’s death on Brooke going into the future. I would love to see Stephanie’s passing have a lasting impression on Brooke. If within the next couple of weeks Brooke goes back to ogling Bill’s (Don Diamont) crown jewels, or other such scenes, I will be disappointed.

The touching episode featured Stephanie’s loved ones telling her on video how they felt about her. My favorite testimonies were from Rick (Jacob Young), Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Felicia (Lesli Kay). Which of the video messages was your favorite?

At the hospital, Katie (Heather Tom) begged for Taylor’s (Hunter Tylo) help. I fully expect B&B to end up with two lead actress nominations in 2013.

Thank goodness Stephanie didn’t die the same week Edward Quartermaine died on General Hospital. I’m not sure I could have handled it.

Goodbye Susan Flannery and Stephanie Forrester. You will be dearly missed by this The Bold and the Beautiful fan.

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    I made the decision to give B&B up after the split of Donna and Justin for no reason and without ever writing for them. I warred with myeslf over whether I should watch this. I don’t think that I will. I will let it go go the way of the final scenes of ATWT that were on my DVR for over a year until they were deleted due to lack of space for things I actually do watch. However, it is definitely the end of an era on B&B. No Ridge and no Stephanie. The page is turning.

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    I cried like a baby throughout the entire episode! Haven’t cried that hard at a soap since I don’t know when (Cassie’s death on Y&R maybe?). Bravo to the incomparable Susan Flannery on one last great master class performance. She’s such a natural actor and makes you feel like what you’re watching is real. She and Stephanie will be greatly missed :(

    I loved the juxtaposition of Katie finally holding her baby and Stephanie dying. Brad Bell has done some amazing writing lately and proved to all of the naysayers who didn’t like the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle that he could write adult stories and showcase the vets. I think we’ll see a mix of that triangle and the vets going forward. It won’t be the same without Susan Flannery/Stephanie but I am very much looking forward to B&B’s future!

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    I thought the best acting by the great Susan Flannery was when she briefly broke out of her near-death trance and looked squarely at Brooke and said, “You hurt me.” To me, that was the most authentic moment. I’m sure SF will be a top contender at next year’s Daytime Emmys.

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    I’m a crier and my eyes were dried. Susan acting was okay, but I didn’t see anything from Brooke. It was bland. I expected Brooke to have more tears. Neither were Emmy winning.

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    Although I won’t miss the character of Stephanie at all, she did a great job in this scene as well as Brooke. Both were stellar. The only thing weird to me was them sitting on that bench outside. My practical side wants to know what to do – do you leave her there to call someone or just wait until Eric makes his way back to Big Bear. Guess we may or may not get the answer to that question.

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    It’s been years since I watched B and B, but I was home and tuned in to see the last scene. I thought it was well done. Good job. I guess B and B will continue to increase in the ratings if they continue the quality I saw on Monday. I think Bill Bell would be proud to see his tradition carry on.

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    I loved the episode, though I think it would’ve been even better if Brooke had said her piece, then at the last minute Eric had arrived, Brooke excused herself and Steph and Eric said their last goodbyes. I am dissapointed that just one ep later Brooke’s back to her old tricks and I think it’s a shame they had to put the Katie scenes in the same episode. I think that the flashes to the DVD with the characters on was enough time away from Stephanie without clogging the episode up with other storyline that could’ve waited.

    As for the DVD, I loved Thorne’s short but sweet part, it payed tribute to the history of the show. I think Pam’s could’ve been written better and should’ve been longer.

    I really hope Pam doesn’t go back to Chicago, I’d love to see the character developed and taking a central role.

    I haven’t missed Ronn Moss once, but Susan Flannery I will!

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