Bill and Brooke Engage in a “Grief Kiss” on Bold and Beautiful

Katie (Heather Tom) returned home, excited to reunite with her husband Bill (Don Diamont). With her new outlook on life, Katie practically glowed with anticipation of reclaiming her life and family. She’s going to be in for a shock, isn’t she?

Unfortunately for Katie, Bill was with a grieving Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) at Big Bear.He was helping his sister-in-law search for the ring Stephanie (Susan Flannery) gave her before dying.

We’ve seen grief sex on soaps many times, but would you call Bill smooching Brooke a grief kiss? After all the years of Stephanie and Brooke going to war, in part because Stephanie loathed Brooke’s promiscuity, it seemed a bit ironic that less than 24 hrs after Stephanie died Brooke was kissing Bill.

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    They have chemistry, but you don’t do that to your sister. Hated how Brooke gave Katie the evil eye. She was not happy for her to be well. I give Brooke the Worst Sister Award.

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    Oh come on. Classic Brooke had to return at one point. And this is way better than getting obsessed over her daughter’s love life.
    Where Brooke goes there is scandal … you don’t do this to your sister? Brooke did it to both her daughters.

    Not to mention that Bill and Brooke do have chemistry. But KKL never had a problem with that. In the end it’s only bitter sweet that Stephanie isn’t alive anymore to comment on Brooke’s behavior. I LOVED every single time where Stephanie was there to give Brooke a reality check.

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    I just didn’t like it. On many levels. The writers just proved that the character of Brooke, for all her scientific education, her years of being called a tramp, and the numerous men she has slept with, should never have continued to kiss Bill for several reasons. Not only is Bill her sister’s husband but her sister is/was having a mental breakdown and Brooke knew all this prior. Bill, as well, destroyed her daughter’s life and love by manipulating so many situations against Hope and Brooke knew all this prior. And finally Stephanie on her dying bed told Brooke that the fact Brooke took all of her men in her life, her 2 sons and husband really just hurt her emotionally for Brooke to then turn and make out with Bill 2 seconds after Stephanie died in her arms RUINED the character for me.

    Brooke should have reached in to kiss Bill but then IMMEDIATELY said “I CAN’T DO THIS because I need Ridge right now and then she should have picked up her phone and called Ridge even if to leave a message relaying to him that his mother, her best friend, had just passed away. It could have shown that Brooke grew as a person.

    Sure, once they got home and after Bill has shown that he is angry at Katie for running and that HE ALONE developed feelings for Brooke and Brooke fights them because of her sister would the triangle begin. The SUDDEN and only days in existence relationship moved to that kiss is ridiculous and stupid… and to be honest SO BELL PRODUCTIONS m-o.

    I would have loved to have seen a truce between Taylor and Brooke at that moment. Where brooke and Taylor came together and spoke of their friendships with Stephanie and their own rivalry and then maybe later on the big fght over Katie losing her man to her big sister. I just hate the fast and furious direction all soaps are taking on stories because they believe the fans want it that way.

    With Stephanie gone, there is beginning to be even less reason to watch the program.

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    This is classic Brooke. TPTB need to realize that Brooke is not the matriarch, nor is she the heroine. She IS the person that would do this even to her own sister, all for the “sake of love”. So in that respect this is totally in character.

    However, what is wrong in storylines like this is if this is to be turned arond somehow that Brooke suddenly is the love of Bill’s life, and Katie is the bad guy/ underdog/ other woman. That is exactly how they twisted it around with Taylor/Ridge/Brooke.

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    I’m new to this show, so don’t know all the history, but I thought it was pretty disgusting…on both sides.
    It’s as much Bill’s fault (taking advantage) as Brooke’s (her sister’s husband?). I can understand a “grief kiss,” just not with her brother-in-law.
    But B&B seems to be pretty incestuous, so I guess that’s how it happens!?!?

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    This is classic Brooke. Jamey said on a recent podcast that you know he was yelling at his screen at Taylor. Well after seeing Brooke kiss Dolla Bill I was yelling at my screen like “Yep, she will always be that slut from the valley!”. I have to say I think it’s great soap. I don’t like Brooke as the meddling mother. I love to hate Brooke when she is being a sex kitten! Breaking up happy homes and stuff. The fallout from this could be good. Plus I would die to see Heather Tom’s Katie go all out at Brooke. It would be a GREAT ON SCREEN BATTLE. With my Taylor in Katie’s corner.

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    Classic Brooke. Now THIS is B&B to me. This is what I’m used to. The only thing that I wouldn’t like this story is if Brad Bell does what he is definitely GOING to do….twist it around to be Bill’s fault. Then it will be Taylor’s fault for putting the thought in their heads, which she DIDN’T, but that’s what will happen. Brooke will once again be whitewashed, and voila….back to matriarch Brooke. She’ll be there by Spring 2013

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    I love Brooke Logan as this vixen versus just Hope’s mother. Glad to see Katherine Kelly Lang with some story. Also, I think Brooke and Bill have a to of chemistry. Bill and Katie are sorely lacking chemistry. Heather Tom is a great actress but I’ve never seen her have an ounce of romantic/sexual chemistry with anyone in any of her roles. I am just happy a soap is writing something soapy and interesting for a change. Soaps need sex and intrigue.

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    The Bill/Brooke stuff happened so fast but I do like them together. HTom is a terrific actress but I don’t see the romantic chemistry between Katie and Bill.

    I agree with the others who stated Brooke is a much more interesting character as the vixen. I lose all interest in Brooke when she’s interfering in Hope’s love life.

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    Brooke Logan just can’t help herself and at 50 her panties still get wet! However I love how everybody love to talk about my Taylor, but she did tell Katie and Brooke when it comes to rich men Brooke can’t help herself. I’m no Brooke fan, but I do like it when she has no self control.

    Yes they both do have chemistry and we all could write this story- Katie going to find out and she going to be back in the hospital because her own sister is going to steal her husband blah, blah blah-

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    I agree with Smitty–I want MY Taylor on Katie’s side and “supportive sister Brooke” smacked by the new best actress on B$B Heather Tom. First Nick is really in love with Brooke, now Bill? Who loves Katie best? Bill loved Steffy now he wants Brooke? Give Katie a beautiful man and make her resent Brooke. Why must everyone forgive the tramp?

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    I don’t expect anything less from Brooke. The stank look on her face when Katie hugged Bill was priceless. I just hate that we’ll never hear Stephanie call her “slut from the valley” again.

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