Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy Take Third Place in DWTS: All Stars; Dish Relationship Status

The sexiest of Dancing With The Stars: All Stars final three pairs took third place during Tuesday night's finale. General Hospital's Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy lost out to reality star Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani. Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and partner Derek Hough came in second.

Monaco and Chmerkovskiy also DTR'rd (Defined The Relationship), as the girls would say on MTV's Awkward! Said Monaco:

“I hope everybody can have friendships like this. It’s a foundation of an amazing friendship.”

When Chmerkovskiy wasn't lovingly kissing Monaco on the forehead, he added this:

“It’s unconditional love fore one another. Whatever that label is — it doesn’t have to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s a relationship that I cherish. She can rely on me and I can rely on her.”

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    Although I was rooting for Shawn, I’m happy that Melissa and Tony won. Kudos to everyone this season, it was definitely one of the most entertaining and fun seasons to watch since the show began.

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    :love: I have watched DWTS from day one and this was undoubtedly the most fun season thanks to Kelly Monaco and her partner Vav. I will miss them in my living room every week and just want them to know how proud we all are and wish Howe all the happiness that life has to offer,Mwah!!

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    J Bernard Jones

    The right couple won! Melissa & Tony were simply incredible all season long! And, for Tony, who has been in the trenches FOREVER it was just fantastic for him!

    I would have been extremely happy for Kelly & Val, but after Derek’s antics I couldn’t pull for him & Shawn. (Truth be told, his last interview was very touching, though).

  4. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I am happy for Melissa and Tony!! Tony deserved it after being paired with Kare Gosselin.. I am bummed Kelly didn’t win- but I liked all three of the couples so I would have been happy either way..

  5. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I am glad Melissa won.

    I got sick of Kelly/Val. It was ridiculous already. Her boyfriend was in audience so the Kelly/Val stuff got tiring. I got sick of hearing about the chemistry. I don’t care for Val. Sometimes I don’t get Kelly either.

    Nancy Lee Grahn was a big supporter of Kelly so it probably helped her quite a bit since Nancy is quite popular and well liked. I follow Nancy but I still don’t have all the Kelly love, if you know what I mean. Oh well…

    Go Melissa….

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    Yeah, Melissa and Tony!

    I think Derek and Shawn breaking the rules probably hurt them the most.

    Val and Kelly coming in third made sense, because the duo was not as good as Melissa/Tony or Derek/Shawn.

  7. Profile photo of rozzberry

    Kelly was great, but 3rd was an accurate finish. Shawn & Melissa were setting the pace all season.

    I’m so glad Melissa & Tony won for a variety of reasons. 1. Mostly I like Melissa alot, she’s sweet,funny & not to mention a very talented dancer(the best this season that never won before imo). 2. Also I’m still a little annoyed Mark didn’t get his champ(Shawn) of his 3 partners that were selected. It wasn’t fair to the fans imo & Mark for that matter. 3. To be honest Derek’s personality rubs me the wrong way often. Although to be fair, while I still like Mark alot, he has in recent seasons displayed brief moments I’m not crazy about too.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I would’ve liked a little more of a nod by the judges or Tom to the “Fierce 5″ for their achievements in London after the performance was done.

    Overall very good All Stars season. I wonder if any of these special gimmicks will be around for regular seasons. I liked the dance fusions the best I think.

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    I thought the fierce five involvement was over kill during Shawn’s free style dance. Yes, Shawn was unable to compete in the 2012 Olympics due to an injury, but she is a very talented gymnast in her own right and didn’t need the other five girls. Mark joining Shawn/Derek for the free style would have been a better choice.

  9. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    If they wanted the five gymnasts to be involved, they should have had them perform during a results show.

    I agree that Mark would have been better for the freestyle. I hope Derek gets a partner next season who doesn’t just allow him to break rules. He does seem to think a bit too highly of himself.

    I would like to see Anna win next. She never has? Right?

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