Kevin and Chloe Could Lose Their Home on The Young and the Restless

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) asked Gloria (Judith Chapman) for a loan, so that he and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) wouldn't lose their home. Gloria refused, telling her son she doesn't have enough to help him because the insurance money hadn't come in yet.

Kevin’s continued emotional downward spiral made him seem even more erratic. His life seems to be closing in on him, and we all know what happens when he ends up in a confined space.

Chloe went to Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and suggested they go into business together. With Chelsea’s designs and her knowledge of the fashion industry, she insisted they would make a good team. When the women shared their plans to their respective husbands, they didn’t get the encouragement they anticipated.

Jack’s (Peter Bergman) reliance on pain pills appeared to be getting worse. He called the doctor for another prescription, claiming he'd lost previous one. 

At Newman, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Kyle (Blake Hood) decided to team up to bring down Adam.

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    See :bigsmile: everyone bitches but I loved the episode of “hard love” between Gloria & Kevin. It was real and emotional, Gloria didn’t get any pleasure out of refusing Kevin her “Angel” but she has own her mess to contend with Glo-Worm. As of today of course Michael stepped-up to give Kevin the money but for not for him but Chloe and his responsibilities to them and that is good character driven soap! :) It so family dynamic soap…but of course this is “boring” to some and I guess to the website because there is no masks, doppelganger, super villains, and the Wonder Twins fighting evil doers it’s being bashed…go figure…we are still NO. 1 at CBS! :)

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    RealityCheck 33

    The Phyllis & Kyle friendship is bullshit. Phyllis hated Diane and took a rock to her head in the park. Kyle hated her. This new found alliance against Adam, is beyond stupid. Bad move by the new writers. They should watch previous episodes before they make these kinds of bone-headed moves.

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    Excuse me BONEHEAD…but Previous episodes…maybe you watch Y&R and be at least a fan of Y&R because you are ASSUMING your predictions so maybe YOU should know more about the history. You want to go head to head on history …bring it on sir! >)

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    Loved the Phyllis/Kyle interaction, despite the fact that it’s highly improbable since Kyle’s never liked Phyllis(and the way Kyle was grinning when Phyllis walked off makes me think the writers might possibly make him forget about Eden very soon, if you get my meaning). As for Kevin, even though I think the character was ruined long ago he still manages to sink to new depths of uselessness. This latest arc is utterly ridiculous, right up there–or down there, as the case may be–with the Victoria kidnapping bullshit as the worst thing on the show right now(and this is from someone, apparently in the minority, who actually likes the direction this show is going in). If they killed him off right now I wouldn’t flinch.

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    I am this close to stop watching this show. First of all since when is Lauren not rich. The woman owns department stores. Nina is now gone and how long before Christine too? I am glad to see the Black characters getting a storyline but it is funny that they are all working at Jabot. Neil is hiring every Black person in Genoa City. Kevin is losing his mind and I am just getting tired of the all Newman all the time. I hope the new regime don’t try to rewrite history to the point where we don’t recognize some of the characters. What they need to do is get Drucilla and Olivia back on this show because as of right now I might be heading to Port Charles.

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    I hope Phyllis beds Kyle. It will make a complete mockery of Phyllis and she will finally get a dose “Sharon Treatment” that was administered by MAB. Phyllis will be a joke.

    Everyone knows I cannot stand Kevin, so I won’t elaborate on that plot.

    Not really feeling the Jack addicted to drugs storyline.

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    One of the Y&R writers already spoke out on Twitter about Phyllis and Kyle, promising that the past between them plays into this. It’s supposed to be a longer storyline. So far I’m not a fan, but I’m interested to see how this develops. Maybe Kyle is playing Phyllis to get her out of his father’s life for good. Who knows…
    We’ve seen a couple of scenes between Phyllis and Kyle. I don’t think we can judge by that what this is all about. But yeah, it would be a mistake to forget that Kyle hates Phyllis for what she did to Diane.

    Chloe’s friendship with Chelsea is pretty plot-driven. I don’t know when or how Chelsea became somewhat of a fashion icon in the eyes of Chloe … but it all will end with them talking nasty about Sharon. So predictable.

    I don’t know if the writers can bring Kevin back to his former glory. He has lost his touch a very long time ago. I’m not really interested in him anymore. But well … that’s the problem with a lot of characters these days. MAB damaged so many, not to mention her crazy SORASing … over some I just don’t care anymore and that makes the show kind of boring for me too. I hope that changes…

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    hey mon

    harlee, go EZ on em.

    Phyllis did hate Diane to the Nth degree, and that fact was not lost on Kyle. Plus, Kyle had to have some knowledge of the fact that Red was using Restless Style to write unflattering stories about his Mom. For someone who was just banging Eden by the pool, and rushing over to help her during her hypnosis to try to remember Ricky trying to kill her, Kyle sure is forgetful. Who would trade a 20-yr girl like Eden who’s willing to be body-painted in the sack, for ol Red? I hope that Kyle doesnt have ‘Ronan Syndrome’ when it comes to Phyllis.

    I wish that Kevin, Victoria, Billy, Eddie (who is now dead), Noah, and the upcoming Adriana, could be all tied together in a new ‘organized crime’ story-line. It would give Kevin something to do, and give him an outlet for his criminal tendencies. Cool Kevin in a leather jacket, remorselessly ordering bones broken, would be a big step up for the character.

    And, another ‘plug’ for a strip club. Summer, Eden, being kicked out of their homes for whatever reason — trying to raise cash by taking of their clothes. Carmine could have a big role, as part owner of the club, and as a guy who bares down to a g-string on a weekly basis. And the whole darn thing could be co-owned by Abby and Nikki. It would give Nicole something to do, she hasnt been seen much lately.

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    Restless Vixen

    [quote=Dyllan]I hope Phyllis beds Kyle. It will make a complete mockery of Phyllis and she will finally get a dose “Sharon Treatment” that was administered by MAB. Phyllis will be a joke.[/quote]
    This is precisely why I’m not jumping the gun and saying this is a bad storyline. What’s more is we have no idea at this point why Kyle is checking Phyllis out and conspiring with her against Adam. His motives are not clear. Just saying, let’s not forget whose son Kyle is…

    I think this Y&R is not going to be Captain Obvious with its storytelling and we’re going to have to pay more attention and take things in before we judge plots and arcs. Kind of like how it used to be when Bill Bell drove the ship…

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    [quote=Luke Kerr]

    Kevin’s continued emotional downward spiral made him seem even more erratic. His life seems to be closing in on him, and we all know what happens when he ends up in a confined space.[/quote]

    I have never “gotten” the whole Kevin character. He seems pretty useless until they need a crazy person. He can leave town and never come back as far as I’m concerned. And besides that, he and Chloe are chemistry-less!!

    [quote]Chloe went to Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and suggested they go into business together. With Chelsea’s designs and her knowledge of the fashion industry, she insisted they would make a good team. When the women shared their plans to their respective husbands, they didn’t get the encouragement they anticipated.

    I like the Chloe/Chelsea friendship/business partner SL. There are so few female friendships on the soaps, it would be really nice to see them working together, supporting each other. And, if both women’s relationships are falling apart, Chelsea could get the start-up money from Adam as part of her settlement.

    [quote]Jack’s (Peter Bergman) reliance on pain pills appeared to be getting worse. He called the doctor for another prescription, claiming he'd lost previous one. 

    I am NOT, NOT interested in a drug addiction story with Jack. He’s too mature and has worked too hard to get what he’s got. He would not succumb to drugs at this point in his life. It should have happened when he first got shot, if it was going to happen. What, he went through all that painful PT and didn’t need/get hooked on drugs? It just makes no sense.

    [quote]At Newman, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Kyle (Blake Hood) decided to team up to bring down Adam.[/quote]

    Yup, there’s got to be more to this story. I’d forgotten all the hate between Diane and Phyllis, so there is no way Kyle is going to team up with Phyllis and NOT have an ulterior motive.

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    Kevin having these financial problems just doesn’t ring true for me. Why wouldn’t he just sell his part of Crimson Lights? Everyone in town goes there for coffee so they ain’t hurting for business. Oh yeah and plus Kevin’s sister in law, Lauren FENMORE, is a millionaire. I find Kevin to be a useless character now. IMO he hasn’t been viable since about 2007/08…

    I know Y&R wants to go younger and invest in the “next” genernation but at this rate they are better off sticking with what works. Kevin, Chloe, Adam, Chelsea, Victoria, Eden, Noah, Kyle, Summer, Fen, Cane, Lily, Devon and Jamie just don’t have what it takes to lead the next generation. I’m not rooting for any of them. If all of them left tomorrow I wouldn’t care.

    I’ve been saying it for a couple weeks now but Y&R is still off. JFP and JG better get it moving because as of right now I am close to voting with my remote.

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    who mentioned a strip club? maybe I missed it, as I actually FELL ASLEEP watching yesterday’s episode.

    It is not that the show is boring. it is just I am getting used to not having evil twins hiding in the shadows, mystery women here and there; and I guess it was Nick’s singing that finally knocked me out!!

    What? Are they going to start a BOYBAND on this show? Let’s see…. ole Tucker McCall can be the manager and he can recruit Nick; Carmine; Kevin; Kyle and Noah as “singers”, part time hookers on the side….

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    sigh….I’m just going to stop visiting the site…that’s all…too much friggin negativity about a show that is trying to turn itself around. Good lord….people aren’t tired of bashing YET????

    Anyway, stopping my visits would be too easy. I must continue on to cry out that Y&R has turned itself around. While “boring” to some, it’s character driven to me for the most part. So yeah….blah blah blah…

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    hey mon

    Tracey… that was me who wanted a strip club. Sort of like Cane looks in your ‘picture’. Maybe Cane will have to moon-light as a dancer on “Magic Nick’s” Night, too.

    Stoney, not everything has to be character driven. I never said I wanted a character-driven show. A combination of both character and plot points is the goal.

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    Stoney the good thing about this site and many others is that we all are given a chance to state OUR OWN OPINION! You like Y&R…nothing wrong with it….I think Y&R still needs major work and if it keeps at this pace it won’t be on much longer….nothing wrong with my opinion either.

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    I never said anything was wrong with anyone’s opinions. As I said, you have yours, and I’m perfectly content with stating mine as well. I just joke about this site in particular because its fun. However, I enjoy coming here, even through all the Y&R negativity.

    As for Y&R being off the air soon, it’s still the number 1 soap, and still at the top of the key demos…so I doubt it’ll be off before any of the others.

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    JC always delivers as Gloria. Her performance was the only thing worth watching. If only it hadn’t been with that son of hers Kevin. He really has outlived his use. I am sorry GR, but Kevin needs to go.

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    I’m with Stoney. The same people that were bitching about MAB and welcoming a change are now continuing to bitch.

    Stating opinion is one thing, but since Josh and Maria have completely different storytelling, why the continued negativity? I don’t get it. It seems to be bashing just to bash and again I have to question “why” and if some of the bashers are true fans.

    I don’t think anyone can ever be 100% on board these days as the powers that be try different things to get and keep the ratings.

    I’m glad that this is a much more tranquil Y and R. If people are bored, stop watching. The pace that Maria had the show at was dizzying and so contrived at times, even though she had some good stories.

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    I wonder if Kyle is going to turn on Jack and help Victor get back Newman at the same time with a twist Jabot also gets taken from Jack as well. that would be a cool twist having Kyle working for Victor.

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    Well, again, I guess I’m in the minority because I think the show’s improved greatly in the small time frame the new regime has had so far. As Stoney said, there’s alot more character-driven work and far less of the plot-driven crap–the shitty Victoria kidnapping story notwithstanding–that completely swallowed the show under MAB. Maybe that does translate to boring for some but I’m okay with not seeing a by-the-numbers murder mystery every six months or a (not)fresh doppelganger story once a year. Again, the kidnapping plot was terrible, the cyberbully mess with nuSummer is meh and this crap with Kevin and his internet business reaffirms that that character is a lost cause. But I do like Sharon/Adam/Chelsea, Nick/Avery and Jack/Phyllis/possibly Kyle(?). And I’m LOVING the new Noah(Robert Adamson is definitely sex-on-a-stick, as Jamey said)and am interested to see where they’re about to take him. Plus, less Victor is never a bad thing. At this point, I actually look forward to watching and I haven’t said that about this show in years.

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    @ChrisGa: Consider me part of the minority – I believe “Y & R” has improved as well. How do I know this? Because I am now actually SITTING DOWN & WATCHING the show, unlike the MAB years when it was on in the background and I barely paid attention.

    I don’t get all the complaints going on here and on other boards. The minnions have spoken and we got what we wanted: CHANGE!! Gone are the silly messy “story lines”, stunt casting ad nauseum, lame and badly-plotted murder mysteries, wedding after wedding after wedding, terrible and unbelievably retconned family histories and bloodlines. What are we getting now? I see stories unfolding gradually to (hopefully) build up to a nice denouement – the way a classic Bill Bell story was told. I see characters acting in character and not on speed; I see nice new camera angles, some new sets and some redecorating at the Chancellor Estate.

    No, this is not your Mommy’s “Y & R” and nor is it the classic soap I have been following since 1981. However, I like that it is making the effort to go back (and go forward) with entertaining the audience with good, grounded storytelling.

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    what is Victor going to do with the info on Jack’s medication?

    I had to laugh at today’s several references to the $13.00 box of candy.

    And what is up with that boy Fen? All of a sudden he is this macho thug with the new hair do and attitude? Maybe he is Lauren’s son after all!!

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    Smitty … I agree with your comments on Kevin’s financial woes. Aside from the very completely unrealistic part of that deal concerning Tucker, there should be plenty of money nearby to bail him out with. Of course Michael had no trouble writing a 10M cheque right off the cuff. Like I said before, Kevin has become rather annoying lately but I think he still does need to be given some slack due to his horrendous youth. However if he is to remain around it would be very good to see him go through a complete but also realistic character change.

    Regarding Kyle. There is something about him that really bugs me. I think he’s a cloying phony and could quite easily become a turncoat such as Darlotto99 mentioned. Just don’t sour the milk Jack because you could quite easily find a knife in that already painful back of yours.

  24. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Yes what is up with Fen. He was the good boy now a thug??? Not cute. I like seeing Kyle from the back and that is kinda where he needs to be in the back because the boy cannot act. As for every thing else I am still bored with it all. It has nothing to do with the old regime I was just hoping for a little depth in the show. I do love seeing the people back at work again but I need to see some action at work and not drag it out. The scenes are too choppy. The look of the show has greatly improved although I still think the need more studio space but thats not happening with Dancing with the stars and X factor and all those other shows at CBS television studios. Yes we are still number 1 but GH has truly stepped up the game in the soap world. I still dont like Averys small apartment with that big ass kitchen.

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    [quote=pferrando]I’m with Stoney. The same people that were bitching about MAB and welcoming a change are now continuing to bitch.[/quote]

    About time someone called all of these naysayers on the carpet! Bravo Pferrando!

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    hey mon

    I was the last of the MAB supporters to say that she needed to be reined in, and only after she ruined Diane’s Murder Mystery. Of course, then she gave us Gen being ‘the belle of the ball’ as everyone fought to get Beauty of Nature back (and the miserable 2.8s and 2.9s that went with the s/l).

    I would like to see a oombination of the two types of story-telling, as the Show has become somewhat boring. Need a good old-fashioned doppleganger story-line, or a gaslighting again.

    And on today’s Show, Avery shows Nick a place that used to be a night club, could ‘Magic Nick’s”, a strip club, be far behind? Nick’s is in fantastic shape, and looks good for late 30s, I think the ladies of GC would pay to see him and Noah tag-team a dance routine.

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    All Kyle did was admire Phyllis’s rear. Most men look at rear ends. I don’t think they will make her another Sharon. After all, Phyllis isn’t related to Kyle. Sharon likes climbing family tree’s.
    Phyllis has pretty much gave up on men. She sent Ronan away, stepped away from Jack’s attempts, she sure isn’t gonna sack it with Kyle. :|:-|

  28. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Jon. I think that Carmine & Nick should strip for the ladies and the gay men who want to watch them. Cane, too.

    I would also like to see some chubbier women on Y&R, too. Chloe is way too thin, so is Red. Bring back the ol Summer — fantastic.

    I think that having a gay story-line would be great. And it doesnt’ have to be a Will-like coming-out story. I think that maybe making Kevin realize he is gay, and how that story impacts Chloe, would be a big plus, and an Emmy winner for both Liz Hendrickson and Greg Rikaart. Of course, the couple would have to have a crash course on ‘depth’ right away.

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