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Michael visits AJ and the two discuss ELQ. AJ informs Michael of his desire to be ELQ CEO, and hopes to acquire the right amount of shares.  He explains that if he had Michael's percentage of the shares, he and Tracy would be tied. Then, Sam would be the deciding factor in the race. Michael wonders if AJ is asking for his help, and mentions his father's previous scandal of embezzling money at ELQ. AJ wants to make amends for everything, and teach Michael the ways of business. 

Michael doesn’t seem interested, which makes AJ question why he’s pulling away.  Michael refuses to choose between his parents or AJ.  AJ knows Sonny doesn’t like hearing the word no, and resorts to violence when he does. 

Carly runs into Skye and the two get into a war of words.  Skye accuses Carly of being the town slut, and figures Michael will see through his mother soon enough.  The two get into a slap fest that turns into an all out catfight. Luckily, Shawn and Max break them up. Skye’s worried her iPad was broken in the fight, and checks to make sure it's okay. However, she's shocked to see Blair and Tomas’ wedding announcement. Both women think Tomas has an uncanny resemblance to Lorenzo. 
Skye explains her dislike of Blair, which amuses Carly.  Skye can’t believe Lorenzo would be alive, or even if it's possible. Carly has an idea of who to ask to get more details on Tomas. 
After interviewing surrogates, Lulu’s discouraged. Dante thinks Maxie is too impulsive to be a focused surrogate.  They have a new candidate, who seems very nice until she starts asking for extra money.  Lulu assures her everything would be worked out in the agreement, but the surrogate brings up another couple's generous offer. Lulu feels manipulated and says they aren’t buying a baby.  The surrogate leaves, but tells them to lower their expectations.    
Spin is trying to get Maxie to talk to him, when an angry Ellie arrives. She found a photo from their non-wedding, and is more than upset the two didn't disclose their true relationship to her. Spin explains what happened with the wedding, but he and Maxie remained friends.  Maxie assures Ellie that Spin has moved on with Ellie. After Maxie leaves, Ellie presses Spin, and he admits Maxie declared her love for him last week. 
Starr drags Molly to see Todd, only to find him upset about Blair’s upcoming marriage. He flips out even more when Starr says she's okay with it.  Todd insists she not attend, but Starr has to because it's her mothers wedding. Starr steers Todd’s attention to Molly, and mentions the novel she wrote. She honestly believes he should publish it, because it’s good. 
Todd’s not interested, so Starr points out that Molly is Sam's baby sister. Todd realizes what Starr is saying to him, so he agrees to at least give it a look. However, Starr wants him to read it right now.  Todd asks Molly what the book is about, and is intrigued when Molly explains it’s about lost love. 
Carly stops by to ask Todd about Tomas. 
Maxie visits Lulu to talk about what just happened with Spin. Before Maxie can say anything, Lulu asks if she still wants to be their surrogate. 
Sonny arrives at the coffee warehouse, where he’s holding Connie captive.  The doctor he hired to get Kate to emerge has had enough of Connie’s wild ways and quits.  Connie screams that Sonny can’t do this to her, because people will notice she’s missing.  Sonny begs to differ, and finds no messages on her phone.
Sonny wonders why she’s with Johnny, when he’s so weak.  Connie taunts him by asking about Milo.  Sonny wants to know why she hates him so much, and trashed his life with Kate. He continues and says if Connie is the host, then she’s the one who fell in love with him all those years ago. Connie believes she was raped because of him. 
Sonny is floored that Connie blames him for her rape. However, Connie knows Joe did it because Sonny was the chosen one.  She’s angry Sonny wasn’t there to protect or save her.  Sonny swears he would have stopped Joe if he had known, and promises he won't let anyone hurt her now.  He pleads with Kate to come back to him, as Michael arrives and sees what's going on.

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    I hated Ted King’s Luis Alcazar, but I loved Ted King’s Lorenzo Alcazar. And I’m quite intrigued by Ted King’s Tomas Delgado. I’m not sure if I want him to be Tomas who looks like Lorenzo, or if he’s actually Lorenzo. Because the thought of him being Lorenzo would be so delicious. It would mean Jason failed in killing him.

    Love that AJ was all “Sonny’s a big bad man” and Michael was all “nuh uh” and then he rounds the corner of the warehouse and sees the true Sonny.

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    Not looking forward to Alcazar, I mean how many people are they going to bring back from the dead, and honestly if FV/RC are going to do these pop in visits I’d rather watch Lulu and Laura have a phone call or Nicolas come visit his sister, or Jax come visit his daughter, etc. I just don’t see the point of Blair or Tea, especially if they are going with Todd and Carly (who has the best chemistry with LW of any person she’s worked with on GH) so dragging out the Blair stuff is holding up Todd moving on.

    I’d also much rather watch Felicia and Maxie reform their bond as mother daughter on screen then see Star and Blair’s continue to play out. I care about Felicia and Maxie, that history and story means a lot to me on GH and I’d have really liked it honored.

    I did enjoy AJ and Michael, today and really that was it. The acting went in and out from way over the top to decent in the Skye and Carly scene, but I hate how all the have Carly do is get in cat fights, use her or loose her (I vote loose her personally) but if you are keeping her then give her some growth and a real story. Also the cat fighting is getting a little sexist and offensive. I mean really is that all RC thinks women are smart enough to do is call each other sluts and slap one another. Obviously its a soap so it should happen on occasion but not every week.

    I can’t with the Connie story, the acting is terrible, I mean just terrible. IT NEEDS TO END! IT IS ACTUALLY driving me away from the show even clips because its just so so bad. There is nothing positive to say about it. When its on I can’t decide if KSu is making fun of the genre and its actors or if she just sucks that bad. Also she is ruining Sonny and has destroyed Johnny beyond repair for a character that wasn’t that liked in the first place.

    Today was not a winner of an episode.

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    I just thought of something while watching today’s episode on my DVR tonight. I bet you that Irene manning and her people actually did the mind control thing on Tomas, too! That way, he believed he was Luis and/or Lorenzo Alcazar from around 2003 on. I don’t know how to explain the difference between Luis/Lorenzo, but I bet this will be the plot hook.

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    soapy opie

    Love Skye. She clicks with everyone. Looking forward to her interacting
    with Todd.

    Also, love Skye giving a shout-out to Pine Valley & her Uncle Stuart.

    The Pine Valley/Lanview people add a little extra spice to the GH
    “stew”, without diluting it. They’ve helped to freshen the canvas
    & broaden the storyline possibilities.

    Seriously, isn’t more fun to see Carly mixing it up with “fresh faces”,
    like Todd & Skye, instead of just going ENDLESSLY back & forth
    between Sonny & Jax, Sonny & Jax, Sonny & Jax, Sonny & Jax ……

    Is every story/character going to be perfect? No, of course not.
    But it NEVER was perfect. EVER. And Frank & Ron have made the show
    100% more enjoyable than it was this time last year. Bravo.

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    Skye has to stay! Seriously.
    LOVE her. And Carly and Skye slapping the hell out of each other and then teaming up because of Alcazar was just delicious.
    I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I don’t think we’ll actually see Alcazar though. At least not now.

    And for those who are complaining about Alcazar being probably back in the picture while people like Laura and Nikolas are MIA … it all has to do with being available and having the right story. It makes perfect sense for them to be touching on Tomas’ resemblance to Alcazar because some people where seeing this storyline potential from the start.
    And especially now that Skye and Lila Rae are back in the picture, the story is just asking to come up. Don’t see this kind of opportunity with a return of Laura and/or Nikolas at this point (even though I’d like to see them back on the show at one point).

    I don’t really like the Kate/Connie storyline anymore, but Connie telling Sonny why she hates him was good. Well-acted on both parts. If they give Connie is more vulnerable side, who knows what can happen with the character. But for me they finally need to find a resolution to this DID storyline. It’s been going on way too long.

    Molly getting all scared by Todd was fun to watch. Loved the moment where she told him what her novel was about and suddenly Todd became all interested in the book.

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    I would love to see Blair on GH more but would also like to see other characters leave to bring her on.

    As for AJ wanting to RUN ELQ all of a sudden is dumb. Let his story about clearing his past and rekindling with his son be the focus and show Tracey loving being in charge and dealing with the death of Edward. Then in 2 or 3 months when the freshness of AJ being back from the dead is done and forgotten then have him inform Tracey he will fight for the job of CEO.

    TELL a BEGINNING MIDDLE and END to a story, guys, NOT just the beginning and the END. It just makes ABSOLUTELY no sense and makes the stories dull by the time the end result comes around. TOO FAST and FURIOUS and not enough attention getting.

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    The Skye/ Carly scenes were positively scrumptious! Besides Monica, when has anyone told Carly exactly like it is? All those men fawning over her have gone to her head, but thankfully Skye brought her down a few notches. Did Carly really think she could just slap Skye Chandler Quartermaine and not get slapped back? Please. Carly has now gotten slapped twice in one month – how awesome is that!

    Loved the snark between them later, too. Skye told Carly Blair framed her for murder, and Carly goes “Good for Blair!” I have to say I love that Carly and Blair are friends.

    AJ should give Michael a little space to sort out his feelings. I get that he wants to be honest about what happened, and how he feels about Sonny & Carly, but he should be careful not to push Michael too much. They are still his parents, and talking bad things about one’s parents too much can prove to be a mistake no matter who they are.

    I was positively surprised by Starr! She was really good today in the scenes with Todd. It seems acting with Roger Howarth brings out the best in KA.

    Some felt Kelly Sullivan did a good job on the warehouse Connie scenes. I was not impressed, I thought it was horrible overacting. Every expression and sound was so overstated.

    The Spin/-ellie, Maxie/Lulu scenes were ff-material.

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    For me the best part of the episode was when Molly was explaining to Todd what her novel was about and the look on Todd’s face was priceless. I was so sad for him. I just love this Todd.

    I LOVED that Skye slapped Carly right back. I loved everything Skye said to Carly.

    If Ron C and Co don’t offer RC a contract and keep her on this show, they are dumb. Skye has so many ties to everyone in PC including Blair and Todd. I need her to stay and also need her and AJ together as brother/sister.

    I agree, the Spiinelli/Ellii and Maxie/Lulu scenes were fast forward material. Why Lulu wants a baby so badly is beyond me. Months earlier she was telling her father she wanted to live on the edge and she went in a partner for the Haunted Star now she wants to be a mother??

    Right now the guy who plays Nik is not available and Genie F has said that Laura has to come back to PC with an agenda (WHAT??) so I don’t see them coming back anytime soon. I do agree Jax needs to be in PC but I’m all for Tomas being Lorenzo. I need Lorenzo back in my life.

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    I find it preposterous that AJ, who has been in hiding for this long, can metaphorically jump out of the coffin and declare himself CEO material. I doubt he was off running some company in secret, sharpening his skills and polishing his resume. If he were campaigning for a middle-management position in the company I might buy it, but running the whole company?
    If you had the choice between a woman already doing the job and some well-documented screw-up as the CEO of your big company…well, not much of a choice there. They may not like Tracy very much, but she’s the wise choice to run the company. I think Edward may well have dis-inherited Tracy just to force her to play nice with the family for a change, since they have the power to take away what she wants. He didn’t know AJ was alive, the only person who would possibly push to take the job from her (ridiculous though it may be); none of the other heirs wanted the job, but Tracy would still have to curry their favor since they could take the job from her if necessary.

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    Sean Kanan is officially on my last nerve again. Paging Billy Warlock, STAT!!!

    I’m kind of torn about the whole Sonny/Connie deal. Hated the idea of the whole kidnapping thing at first, but some of the scenes were actually moving. Trouble is, as much as I think Kelly Sullivan has moments of awesome, she should either use Connnie’s Bensonhurst accent consistently or just drop it altogether. It comes and goes constantly and it’s both distracting and confusing (keep thinking Kate’s making an appearance).

    I enjoyed Starr and Todd’s scenes a lot, I always seem to enjoy her a lot more when she’s interacting with her dad, but overall I’m glad she’s on the show.

    I’m really not too invested in this whole Tomas/Alcazar thing because I never watched OLTL when Tomas was on it and I only saw the first Alcazar on GH, and that’s even a little fuzzy for me by this time. We’ll see I guess.

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    Once again I am smitten with all the throw away lines. When Skye complined about waiting line for her Ipad I just loved it. So happy Skye smcked Carly right back. I know Skye isn’t perfect- neither is AJ.. However I am so tired of watching Sonny and Carly just declare what ever they o is fine because they are the ones doing and blah, blah, blah..

    So classic Michael walking in on Sonny with his tied up girlfriend..

    I actually liked Starr in this episode. Her and Todd play so well off each other. Todd has the best dialogue. Plus it was funny how she could work him- him wanting to know the end of the story. How she kept reminding him Molly is Sam’s little sister.. Loved it all..

    The sour note is I do not want a triangle with SpinEllie and Maxie.. I love SpinEllie and please let Maxie move on to a different story..

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    With all this rapid-fire casting and guest appearances, it makes me wonder about these actors’ salaries. Does anyone know what, say, Maurice, Tony Or Laura make? I’m guessing all salary levels have come down substantially in recent years. Budgets have been hacked for all soaps. I’m thinking that some of the recent actors that have just returned will come back on canvas at greatly reduced rates. I find the whole business side of soaps fascinating!

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    michaelmurmur….Maurice Bernard & Steve Burton were the highest paid actors on GH. Both have (had) a 3 day a week guarantee meaning they have to be on air at least that many days a week and if they aren’t they are still compensated. Based on my experience in TV I would guess that Maurice and Steve both make somewhere between $15,000 to $20,0000 an episode. Returning (non-contract) players such as Robin Christopher, Lynn Herring, Wally Kurth probably get about $2500/$3000 an episode and they have no guarantee numer of episodes. A contract player such as Julie Marie Berman, Nancy Lee Grahn probably make in the range of $5000 – $7500 an episode and probably have guarantees of 2 to 3 episodes per week.

    As you can imagine with Steve Burton gone and his salary in the range of $45k – $60k/week you can see why there is now room to bring Anders Hove, Ian Buchanan and many others back.

    Someone like Ian working 3 days a week is probably getting what Steve would have made for 1 episode. Make sense?

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    ^^nysam, How do you know all these numbers? Do you know them for facts?

    It is REALLY difficult for me to believe that MB and SB would have made 5 to 6 times more per episode than an accomplished, veteran actor like Ian Buchanan or Robin Christopher?

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    Everyone and everything is great. Love Sky and always have she does need to stay for a while. I love the fact that every story line isn’t centered around one character anymore. Sky and Carly slapping the hell out of eachother then teaming up with eachother was great. It was what a soap is and should be. Just like last nights episode of Nashville. Cant wait to see if Tomas is really Alcazar or not. Carlavati and his team I must commend you. I am finally happy with the soap world again. Love the lighting it brings the set and the flesh out of the skin. You have stepped up your game as far as special effects sounds in the background and its not so loud it drowns out the speech of the characters great job and thankyou.

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    [quote=Yoryla]^^nysam, How do you know all these numbers? Do you know them for facts?

    It is REALLY difficult for me to believe that MB and SB would have made 5 to 6 times more per episode than an accomplished, veteran actor like Ian Buchanan or Robin Christopher?


    Yoryla yes its shocking but they were (although I think they are equal to those actors named, now FH don’t think so) it has been confirmed by several sources, ie SOD, that TG, MB and SB are the highest paid people on soaps. Well not SB anymore but when he was they were.

    Oh everyone saying TC isn’t available for visits that isn’t true, he has said he is open to visiting. I understand he can’t come back full time be he can certainly do what KDP is doing and he is way more important to the canvas.

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    I have worked in TV for over 20 years and some of it in daytime. You might be (and I might be) a fan of Ian Buchanan’s, but Ian wasn’t in demand when he was off GH. Bit parts on DAYS, BB, PC. You and I might appreciate acting chops, but many daytime execs base “value” of actors on focus groups and fan popularity. There is a reason that MB & SB were the center for years on GH. They were popular. Just as Tony & Genie were in the early 80s. As actors age their “value” lessens. TG is very talented, but just as Susan Lucci did he has had to take pay cuts over the years.

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    I don’t think a lot of these actors are doing it for the money or have much in the way of bargaining power. There is still such stupid discrimination against soap actors that it’s nearly impossible to get steady gigs in any other format and with only 4 soaps left, there’s not even much to choose from in daytime these days either. Plus, I think they’re fans of the show. I just read about how the Good Wife is able to get a lot of huge name guest stars for a fraction of the cost simply because they want to be a part of the show.

    Also, when you look at the resumes of Ian Buchanan and Maurice Bernard they’re not all that different. MB has been on GH (with a little time off) for twenty years. Buchanan was really only on GH for 3 years (and B&B for 6). Both are Emmy winners, although MB has more nominations total. And Christopher and Bernard also have very similar resumes, both even started on AMC in 1987. To suggest that some actors are so much more “accomplished” is simply stating a preference in taste.

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    If you are referring to me, I wasn’t saying that MB is more accomplished then IB or RC (both of whom I’m not a fan of) but I am also not going to pretend that MB doesn’t have a huge fanbase and that while there was no interest for him obviously in primetime and film there was in daytime. Plus MB left once and quickly came back to a regime that worshipped him and that helped. Look all three actors are daytime only actors, which is fine, but it does take your asking price down when you haven’t been a primetime name like FH. I don’t know what IB or RC is paid and if they are worth the money they make, same for MB (personally considering time he and SB leave the ratings increase I’d guess no), but then again I don’t work in the entertainment business or know what they are looking at. I just know that its been widely reported by the soap press that MB, SB and TG are the highest paid actors in daytime. Like I said originally I don’t know if they deserve it what it is, one thing I have always heard is that your draw (ie VMG and Kemo getting season high ratings on H50 and DWTS) is a major factor to getting work and better money, hence the publicists.

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    Thank you, NYSAM. I’m really quite surprised! I had no idea soap actors made that much. No wonder the industry is trouble! I would have done a little chopping a long time ago. For every Tony Geary and Roger Howarth, there are probably hundreds of equally talented actors who would work for a quarter their pay.I’m so hoping Genie Francis comes back to the canvas. Let’s hope she doesn’t demand $15k an episode!

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    nysam, Thank you for the figures. I must say I am appalled.

    And the most ridiculous/ obvious thing about this is that it goes to show that multi-talented exprience means nothing, in terms of the paycheck. You would think that someone who has travelled many soaps, maybe in different countries, learned many new lessons would be the more valuable one, over the person who has been with the same soap without budging for 20 years. But no, it is exactly the same thing in business life. It doesn’t behoove one to think that variety matters in the paycheck. Longevity, commitment and being able to adjust/ respond to your boss’ wishes in something that is ever-changing, does. Of course, many of the ones who want the variety, already realize this, and don’t do for the paycheck, but the variety itself. It is just still somehow hard to comprehend for me.

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    So if you run a company you would give a higher salary to the person who has jumped from job to job and worked for your competition over the one who was loyal to the company and spent his time refining his work with that company? I’m not getting that logic.

    Obviously there’s enough money right now to have everybody and their brother on this show and MB and TG’s salaries aren’t sinking the ship. And TG put GH on the map, as far I’m concerned he should get whatever he’s asking for. Ask the average Joe/Jane on the street who Luke Spencer is, then Duke Lavery. And I’m pretty sure he walked away with an Emmy to boot last year as well. That should be rewarded as well (even with the pitiful state the Emmy’s are in at this point).

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    Well I wasn’t talking about TG, was I? As a matter of fact, did I ever say that one particular person shouldn’t get paid as much as they do? Read more carefully, please.

    And concerning someone new, who you really want to work for you. Well if you as the employer seek this person out, and not the other way around, yeah I think that person has the right to ask for ample compensation for their work. I mean, there must be a reason, why said person would be wanted into the company. They must have something important to offer. So yes, in those cases I will say the future employee does get a say in what their paycheck will be.

    Of course, it is totally another thing to consider the fact that there might not BE available jobs for many stars – since there aren’t soaps left anymore. That is probably the reason why GH has gotten so many stars back and why they agree even on a low scale sallory. So I can understand it in that respect. But in a more stable economy, if I were to compare myself to those numbers, no way would I do the same job with such different incomes.

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    Did anyone else besides me catch the mistake the GH writers made regarding Skye’s comment about her uncle Stuart displaying an art show? Stuart was killed on AMC by his twin brother, Adam, so unless David Hayward resurrected him (David did tell Dixie he brought another Pine Valley resident back to life but refused to reveal his/her name), Stuart is supposed to be pushing up daisies. I recognized this oversight immediately as it was a major murder mystery on AMC.

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    TG was mentioned earlier, that’s why I put it in a separate paragraph generally discussing those specific actors that were noted (in lieu of blockquoting which always goes haywire on me). Sorry for the confusion.

    But back to the job analogy for a second, I’m getting a bit confused, perhaps I’m misunderstanding? Are you talking about a returning employee who was with the company and left to do other things, then came back? Or a brand new employee who has experience with a multitude of similar companies? To put it back in soap terms, maybe it would be the difference between bringing in Susan Lucci who had never been on GH, vs. bringing back Genie Francis, a former fan favorite? It’s a double edged sword because Lucci could bring in her fans and she has tons of name recognition, while Francis could being back former L&L fans. But is it fair for either of them to take a high salary at the cost of someone who has stuck with GH? I’m still on the side of company loyalty just in principle.

    I’m still not sure what you mean by the “same job with different incomes” though? I was under the impression that contract players make more than recurring ones. So at least in the case of say, Roger Howarth and Ian Buchanan, there would be a difference because RH is on contract. But maybe with some of these big names they’re throwing more $$ per episode, knowing it’s going to be less episodes overall?

    I think we also might be overstating the affect of actor salaries on the budget overall. It’s long been known that soaps are expensive to produce in general, far more so than the crappy talk shows and such replacing them. I don’t think it’s necessarily actor salaries sinking the ship, and there’s probably a bunch of other ways to trim costs.

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