Marlena Gets Caught Snooping on Days of Our Lives

Kristen (Eileen Davidson) caught Marlena (Deidre Hall) snooping in her room. When Kristen asked if Marlena had found anything, Marlena admitted she had, but planned on sharing it with John (Drake Hogestyn). The two women struggled over Kristen’s tablet. Kristen fell to the floor, just as Brady (Eric Martsolf) arrived on the scene. Earlier, he realized Marlena used his phone to send a text to distract Kristen.

When Brady convinced Kristen to let them read the important file on her tablet, Marlena insisted the file was all for show. Brady stopped Kristen from calling the police, but didn’t see Kristen smirk at Marlena. After Marlena left, Brady told Kristen he believed she has changed.

At the Brady pub, John and Eric (Greg Vaughan) talked about Kristen’s return to Salem, and how Marlena was having a hard time dealing with it.

After behaving like a caveman about his sister, Rafe (Galen Gering) followed it up by acting like a jealous caveman when he found out Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) are working together again.

At Gabi’s (Camila Banus), Nick (Blake Berris) continued to say Gabi was pregnant with Chad’s (Casey Deidrick) baby, but she denied it. As things escalated, Will (Chandler Massey) soon arrived at her room. After convincing Chad to leave, he admitted to Nick that he was the father of Gabi’s baby.

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    Loving the Will/Gabi story, but I don’t want Nick going all creepy or trying to keep Will from his child, and I think that is where this is going.

    Brady and John are such morons. I can’t even watch them. This woman tried to murder Marlena, but they take her word over Marlena and expect Marlena to forgive her? WTF? Those two deserve Kristin. Put Marlena and Roman back together and leave the idiotic Black boys in Kristin’s evil clutches.

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    I really do enjoy Luke’s Rafe snarking. :)

    I like the baby storyline in theory but with Gabi as the focal point… a character I don’t like and the weakest actor of the main 4 in that story… and I find myself wavering from meh to ick. It’s a shame. With any of the previous teen story regimes or with virginal Abby as the focal point, I would’ve liked this story a lot more. I just can’t with Gabi, especially cause that means more Neanderthal Rafe and cripplingly obsessive Nick.

    I love Kristen gaslighting Marlena. It’s the only storyline I look forward to on this show. ED is life.

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    For me, Kristen and Brady are the gold on this show right now. As for the pregnancy bit, I’m having a hard time getting behind it, mostly because I find Gabi okay in a secondary storyline but her having to carry this, not to mention her possibly being tied to the show’s two core families FOREVER, doesn’t sit well with me. Still, not sure about this pregnancy going to term especially considering Chad’s renewed interest in seeing her pay; I have a feeling he’s gonna do something that may result in disastrous consequences for Gabi(and of course her fetus). Either way, still think the worst thing to come out of this story will be the impending breakup of WilSon if or when Will’s lying ass finally tells Sonny what’s up(frankly, I think it should’ve been one of his first conversations, but what the hell do I know).

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    I don’t care that some call it sick, I LOVE Kristen and Brady together. For me, they are the reason for me to still watch this show. The storyline between Marlena and Kristen is a little bit slow … but it’s entertaining. It’s not comparable to the 90s stuff but it’s okay.

    Enough with Rafe. Enough with Gabi. Can someone please get rid of the Hernandez’!?!?!?
    This Sami/Rafe love game with EJ as the constant loser is beyond stupid.

    I don’t really like the pregnancy storyline … but I kind of made my peace with it. Still don’t understand Nick’s acting though. He has become a character I totally dislike. And it’s not Gabi’s fault – as I thought in the beginning.

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    Enough with Rafe. Enough with Gabi. Can someone please get rid of the Hernandez’!?!?!? This Sami/Rafe love game with EJ as the constant loser is beyond stupid.


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    I don’t like where they are taking Marlena. She is a shrink, shouldn’t she be a bit more together mentally? More cool and collected? I know she had been traumatized in the past by Kristen, but should she have worked all this stuff out in 15 years? Having her doing all kinds of trifling teenager stuff is not what I want to see. Her snooping around was pretty sad for me to watch. I half expected to hear Benny Hill’s chase theme song because this is how ridiculous it is for me.

    I also happen to like the possibility of a Brady and Kristen. I will also say that unlike many, I think that the plot for Kristen is very good. Mainly because we really don’t know if all these weird ‘coincidences’ are by design. Eileen Davidson is playing the part well. She is playing Kristen as a woman who may have something to hide. I also wanna point out Davidson’s skills at making the character of Kristen so different from Ashley on Y&R. They are literally two different characters. Props to Eileen D. for this!

    I hate the Gabi Anchor Baby storyine because I really don’t want the Hernandez family tied to Salem forever. Also don’t want Dr. Baywatch (Daniel) tied to Jennifer who never even mourned Jack! These Sunset Beach/Passions retreads really should just vanish from this show. No offense to Galen Gering, Camila Banus, or Shawn Christian, but I will NEVER accept these awful shoehorned in characters. The worst thing that could happen is that this horrible SL ruins probably the best couple on Days right now…Will and Sonny. They barely had a chance to have any fun or good times before throwing something stupid like this in the mix. How about a storyline where they are happy, but then the newly ordained Eric has a problem with them? How about a storyline where Nick makes big problems for WilSon because he has a problem with Gay men…because he was assaulted in prison? That would be a bit better to me than having to watch Gabi Glycerine crying and holding her stomach in every scene.

    Dannifer…I won’t even say what I think. To quote Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz…”Being a Christian woman, I can’t SAY it!”

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]I don’t care that some call it sick, I LOVE Kristen and Brady together. For me, they are the reason for me to still watch this show…..[/quote]

    There have been plenty of “sicker” stuff on soaps. If a possible Kristen and Brady pairing gives some people the vapors, I guess those are the same people who would be throwing themselves in the path of an oncoming train at the mere idea of Kristen and EJ hooking up, which is what I would pay money to see.

    (Of course, these current writers seem to lack the imagination and talent to execute either of those pairngs well.)

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    :love: I am loving Kristen back,she is lighting some fires and putting some excitement back in Days and I hope they keep her for a long time to come. What would really be fun is to have Brady and John both fall for her,very juicy.

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    Kristen and Brady ARE hot, there’s no denying that :)

    At least the two main storylines are Kristen/Brady/John/Marlena and Will/Sonny/Gabi/Nick. They at least have the potential. Especially with Chad coming in to the latter mix.

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