One Life To Live Alum Sherri Saum Gets ‘Revenge’!

Former One Life To Live actress Sherri Saum is headed to the Hamptons. Saum announced on Twitter she has landed a guest starring role on ABC's juicy primetime drama, Revenge. Saum tweeted:


So far, no word on when or whom Saum will portray when she mixes things up with New York's rich and shameless. Could the Sunset Beach veteran be related to scheming social climbing minx Ashley (Ashley Madekwe)? Stay tuned!

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    I stopped watching revenge bec of the racism towards Asian americans. Takeda’s portrayed asexually bec he’s Asian american and hollywood’s completely racist towards Asians. Of course if Nolan had no romantic relationships then the audience and entertainment media would scream homophobia. lgbt characetrs have to be given preference w/c explains nolan being paired w/ tyler and now this new character. heck they had to even pair nolan w/ padma! Majority of the Asian american female characters have to be offered to the altar of white men and are romantically paired w/ whites bec hollywood’s racist against Asian american males. hollywood’s against portraying Asian american males as romantic leading men bec it would threaten white males.

    That kind of racism against Asian americans seeps through hollywood. Look at how hollywood rallied around special snowflake tr knight during that homophobic incident on grey’s anatomy. All these entertainment personalities and the mainstream manhattan media complex had to make tr knight a priority and denounce the homophobia he experienced. Yet where was hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media complex when Asian american actor rex who is openly gay spoke abt the discrimination he experience from entourage? It was even worse for rex compared to tr bec rex experienced homophobia for being openly gay and he was subjected to racism bec he’s Asian american. Yet hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media complex didn’t report breathlessly on this bec hollywood and the media are openly racist towards Asian americans.

    tr is the “right kind of minority” bec he’s a white gay guy. hollywood and the mainstream media only want that kind of “diversity” and thus white gay actors and white gay characters are given the priority. While Asian american actors and Asian american characters can be openly discriminated against by hollywood and the mainstream media

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