Will Darin Brooks Return to Days Of Our Lives?

Is Max Brady gearing up for a return to Salem? Days Of Our Lives fans were left with their mouths wide open when Darin Brooks posted a cryptic message on Twitter  Brooks tweeted:

From 2005-2010, Brooks played the role of Caroline and Shawn Brady's adopted son Max.  Max  left Salem for London with his niece/fiancé Chelsea (Rachel Melvin). The Daytime Emmy winner went on to star in Spike TV's now-defunct football comedy series Blue Mountain State.

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    Well, he is a Brady. I guess it is better to him back than a newbie or another Hernandez. However, I do not want Stephanie or Chelsea back.

    Maybe they want him in for a Chad/Abby/Max triangle? That I could live with!

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    I loved Darin Brooks on Days and would be very happy to see him come back, especially since he is a Brady. He also won an emmy for Days. As far as possibility of Stephanie or Chelsea coming back, it would depend on who would be playing them. Darin and Shelly Hennig had some great chemistry, so I would be happy if they were back. But who I really want to come back is Jay Kenneth Johnson as Phillip–I wish Days could get HIM back!!

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    Oh god, not that merry go round again. I was elated with Stephanie AND Chelsea left. This show doesn’t know how to write female characters worth rooting for. Seeing Darin’s earnest face suffer through the drama isn’t worth it to me.

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    I’d like to see him on DAYS again but they are in need for some capable writers first. Look at the cast they have and what they do or better say NOT do with it. Tomlin/Whitesell have a few obsession too much to really creatively make it worth for Darin Brooks to return.

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    I personally am a fan of Chelsea so if he brings her back then I am ok with it.

    First commenter mentioned a Chad/Abby/Max triangle?

    I am way behind in late April.

    Is Cameron/Abby history already? He just debuted where I am at.

    What Melanie leaves the show and Chad wants Abby back now? That ship has sailed.

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    What Melanie leaves the show and Chad wants Abby back now? That ship has sailed.[/quote]

    There is nothing confirmed about that, but I am just thinking they might pair Chad & Abby again, because both are now single and Abby and Cameron are over.

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    No thanks…I hated Chelsea. Well, more like I didn’t like the actress’ face. Also, didn’t the show almost get canned when all these people were on it? Why are they resetting the show to that period?

    Also, if DB does go back to Days, it most likely means Bryan Datilo (Lucas) is out. You know the show isn’t about to write off Gabi, Daniel, Rafe, or Chad, so they will once again deport Lucas. This time Lucas will go to Africa (rolls eyes).

    I don’t want the following characters back:


    If they come back, mark my words, the show is toast. Days doesn’t have long I fear.

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