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Sonny almost gets through to Kate, but Michael’s arrival breaks the connection. Connie returns and Sonny is disappointed. Michael is shocked by his father’s actions. Connie begs Michael to call the police, but Sonny knows he won’t.  Michael points out Sonny kidnapped Connie, much like he did to AJ all those years ago. Sonny’s angry that Michael has been listening to AJ. 

Michael tells Sonny to free Connie, and Connie threatens to call the police.  Sonny orders her not to, because he'll make it look like she tried to kill him.  Sonny unties her, and she warns him never to do this again before storming off.  Sonny complains that he was so close to Kate before Michael showed up.  Michael says Sonny has only himself to blame. 
Lulu informs Maxie that they want to take her up on her offer. Maxie wonders if they’re doing it because she’s the last resort.  Lulu says Maxie is like a sister to her, and knows that she wants to help because she’s a kind and generous person.  Maxie agrees to carry their baby. 
Lulu explains everything that's involved, including needles, catheters and possibly multiples.  All the color fades from Maxie's face, and Lulu assures her it's okay to be scared. She asks Maxie if she's sure about doing this.  Maxie declares that she is ready to give them a family.
Ellie is upset Maxie declared her love for Spinelli so recently, and asks if he’s still in love with Maxie.  Ellie wonders how long it will be before Spin breaks up with her, but he says he’s already chosen her.  Ellie doesn’t understand why, because Maxie is so wonderful and he loved her. Spin used to love Maxie, but he’s moved on with Ellie. 
Ellie asks if Spin would have taken Maxie back, if they hadn't met. Spin admits he waited a long time for Maxie, but they just aren’t right for each other. He feels he can be himself when he’s with Ellie.  The two make love on the couch and in the afterglow; Ellie decides she needs to move out. She suggests moving into Spin’s office with him, but Spin doesn't seem thrilled with the idea. 

Molly tells TJ about her novel, and it possibly being published by Todd Manning. She also gives TJ a copy to read. TJ is surprised she didn’t tell him before, and Molly confesses the only people who know are Todd and Starr. She affirms no one else can know it exists. 
Todd’s confused by Carly and Skye’s sudden interest in Tomas. Carly shows him an online photo of Lorenzo, and Todd puts the pieces of the puzzle together.  She explains that Lorenzo was killed, but the body wasn’t recovered. Therefore, Tomas could be Lorenzo.  Todd is thrilled, because he thinks this is the end of Blair and Tomas. 
Todd updates Carly on Tomas' story, and Tea not knowing his whereabouts for several years. Skye believes Tomas’ absence of time to everyone could have been when Lorenzo was in Port Charles.  Todd can’t wait to tell Blair, but Carly warns him that Blair won’t believe him. She concludes they need more information before approaching Blair.  Todd decides to head to Llanview, and both women want to tag along. 
Connie returns to her office to eat lunch, and spots Molly’s novel. She picks it up and begins to read. 
Blair and Tea are celebrating the upcoming nuptials.  Tea thanks her for being there after the loss of her baby.  The two complain about Todd and his many faults, and then talk about how wonderful Tomas is in comparison.  Blair is grateful Tomas comes with no drama, and has put his CIA past behind him. When Blair begins to wonder where Tomas could be, she gets a knock at the door. Blair opens the door thinking it’s him, but finds Carly, Skye and Todd on her doorstep.
Todd announces he’s there to stop the wedding.    

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    Love Michael telling Sonny off.

    Didn’t love Connie finding Molly’s book. You know she’ll mess things up for poor Molly.

    Loved the Todd/Carly/Skye scenes and them working together.

    Love the Maxie/Lulu scenes and I can almost forgive the fact that the heart transplant seems to have been forgotten.

    Love the possibilities of the Lorenzo/Tomas story.

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    Loved the Skye/Todd scenes even with Carly in them. I still don’t believe Carly has to go to Lanview with them. Blair and Carly together confuse me.

    Loved Michael catching Sonny doing to Konnie what Sonny did to AJ just without the meat hook. Michael always saw his father as this god. I am so thankful Jason is not around and Michael can take the rose colored glasses off and see what his father actually does to ppl.

    I love Skye. Just had to add that in. I do not agree with Maxie carrying this child. I’m sooooo over Spinelli. I see no purpose for this character anymore. Spinelli is not a “Mac”. Mac use to be a bad boy who reformed to raise other ppl’s kids. And he’s sexy. Let Maxie find a real sexy man. I agree with other sites that say to bring on Adien, Anna’s cousin. Maxie needs a dark, sexy man. Not getting pregnant with her best friend child. We all know what will happen. Maxie’s heart will give out, it will be a choice between saving her or the baby. Felicia will “cry”, Maxie will see Georgie’s ghost, Mac will yell at Dante, Lulu will cry about how this is affecting her, Olivia will have visions. Then at the end everything will come out ok. Boring.

    Why Konnie had to mess with that book. Why is Konnie still around?

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    I love Michael telling off Sonny. That was amazing. Bout time.
    I love even more that Sonny just seems completely stumped by it all. It’s great.
    I love even more than THAT, that the Q’s are more prominent than the damn mob.

    [quote]I still don’t believe Carly has to go to Lanview with them.[/quote]

    Carly is the only neutral party in this situation, so her presence in LV is necessary. Blair would not believe Todd on the Tomalcazar angle, given that he had the man kidnapped this time last year and doesn’t want her marrying him to begin with. And Skye goes without saying, given their history. Carly’s the only one Blair would see as having no agenda.

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    I wonder what Snarly must have felt seeing the man who wants to get into her pants so excited about destroying another woman’s wedding! She really is the odd woman out. Finally Snarly and the Sperminator are getting their just desserts.

    I hope the whole Sonny story is leading to his exit in a straightjacket!

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    [quote=Perkie]Love the Maxie/Lulu scenes and I can almost forgive the fact that the heart transplant seems to have been forgotten. .[/quote]

    I think the doctor will probably bring it up. It makes sense to me that neither Maxie nor Lulu would be thinking about how Maxie’s heart condition could affect the pregnancy.

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    Skye teaming up with Todd and Carly in the Tomas/Alcazar mystery is awesome. LOVED their scenes together. The excitement on Todd’s face when he realized who Blair is about to marry was priceless.

    I enjoyed Michael telling Sonny off but somehow I fear that Sonny is going to twist it around & is trying to get to AJ next. Don’t even want to know what the mobster is going to do if he finds out that AJ is planing on becoming the next CEO of ELQ.

    Why does Connie have to get a look on Molly’s novel? Poor Molly.

    I’m not enjoying this Maxie/Lulu/Dante storyline. I still hope it’s going to be over soon and that Maxie gets news from the doctors that it wouldn’t be wise of her to carry the child of someone else.

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    Love the Llanview connection with the Todd/Carly/Skye scenes and the Blair/Téa -friendship. It feels so organic. These two women have been through the ringer, with eachother and against eachother. It makes perfect sense for them to be friends now. KDP is just such a natural actress. It is as if her and FL were just thrown into a set and told to act a s friends without any script. That’s how good it was to me.

    Can you just imagine tomorrow? We are going to have a scene with Roger Howarth againt Kassie DePaiva, Florencia Lozano, Laura Wright AND Robin Christopher all at once?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen something as big.

    I hope later Carly addresses the issue of why Todd wants to stop Blair’s wedding so much, since he is supposedly so into Carly….

    I also hope we get a scene between Todd and Skye alone that addresses their past together properly. This was sort of “Oh do I know you?”

    I am really hoping there is something off with Ellie, otherwise I will be really disappointed. She is just too perfect imo. Through the whole episode I waited for it to end with Spinelli going to the other room and her making a phone call saying: “It’s all going as planned…” I’m sorry I need that from her, or something. Somehow I think she could make an outstanding villainess.

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    I love Skye being back on the show. I really hope she sticks around. I can’t wait to see what happens with Alcazar.

    I am not a Spinelli fan, but I do like him with Ellie…please just keep him away from Maxie….That brings me to the surrogate story line…which I happen to like…I think it could be interesting.

    The only characters I have absolutely no use for are Konnie, Trey and nuKristina. I hope they get rid of all of them soon.

    I miss Elizabeth and wish she had more airtime.

    Loving all my Scorpios and Quartermaines…but would like to see more of Patrick and Emma also.

    Todd has been a VERY successful addition to GH… as I think John would be if he ever got any airtime himself.

    That is my only problem with the show at this time. Airtime is heavy for some characters, and too light for others.

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    [guote; ghfan4now] Carly’s the only one Blair would see as having no agenda.[/quote]

    But really, all any of them have to do is google Lorenzo, just like Carly did to show Todd. Blair wouldn’t be able to dispute that. (I did find it ironic that the google search has photos of Ted King that I’ve seen some people have as thier avatars!!)

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    I can’t help it, I just love Roger Howarth as Todd. Now he is an actor that has made a character his very own. I did like Trevor St. John as Todd, but I think he played the character more darker, and a bit psycho at times. Roger actually makes you feel sorry for Todd, like he seems like a little boy from a very dsyfunctional family, that tries to do good but always messes up. Loved the Todd/Skye/Carly scenes. Todd had me laughing when he was jumping in the air thinking he finally got Tomas. It’s so funny at times watching Laura Wright trying not to crack up. Todd is just so funny,and his ad-libbing is priceless. The smartest decision Frank V. made was to bring him on GH. I wish they would keep Skye on the show but I think I remember reading she lives in Pennsylvania now with her family on a farm, so she may not want to be on full-time. But if they can bring the character back every once in-awhile I’d love it. I love how Ron C. has been woving all these characters together in the storyline, Todd, Skye, Carly, Blair and Tomas, may-be being Alcazar. Very clever writing.
    I like Bradford Anderson, he has such puppy dog eyes and shows emotion so well. Ellie got a bit on my nerves with her yelling and she seemed to have a twitch in her shoulder every time she had to show emotion. It’s fairly obvious that when Spinelli sees Maxie going thru this pregnancy he will be drawn back to her.

  11. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Argh! I miss Llanview! Tea & Blair melt my heart.

    I thought this episode was good and that Skye brings a lot to the table. Robin Christopher has chemistry with all of her screen partners and such a rich character history. I wish she would stay.

    Love, love, love that characters “see” Tomas Delgado & Lorenzo Alcazar as potentially being one in the same! Normally soaps ignore recasts and new characters despite the actor playing them. I wish this story had a longer life-span, it feels like it will be rushed and conclude in a few episodes. Ted King must make an appearance!

    I liked the Ellie/Spinelli scenes and loved that she stood up for herself. I wish she had continued with her plan to move out, although her idea of sharing an office with Spinelli as a living space was absurd. Spinelli should not be flat broke and living out of an office! Jason’s penthouse has a spare bedroom. Sonny may find Spinelli annoying but Spinelli’s been a trusted adviser for years, there’s no reason why Spinelli would not be able to find a living space.

    As adorable as I find Dante/Lulu and Maxie, I am not that invested in the storyline. The decision to enter into surrogacy seems rushed and knee-jerk. But, it has already had great moments of levity and drama, so I’ll get onboard throughout.

    Overall, I think GH has too large a cast and too many repetitive points in stories that seem to never end and then too many rushed points in other stories. I wish Liz, Patrick and Mac were featured in compelling stories.

    P.S. I have caught up on several episodes last night and concluded that I find AJ/Sean Kanan extremely annoying! AJ wanting to takeover ELQ is stupid.

  12. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I freaking love Ellie and Spin. She has made him bearable to watch. I did not want Maxi and Spinellie to be together. Maxi needs a dark fella in her life. I love the fact that Ellie is showing us Spin in a more romantic light. She needs to be the choice not Maxi.

    Ellie and Sabrina need to find an apartment together.

    Connie is going to bring down the wrath of Rick Lansing on her head. I have a feeling that Connie may get her claws into AJ but I would rather see AJ and Brit together.

  13. Profile photo of Marcelle

    FYI, Love in Maine is a real book listed on Amazon as being authored by one Connie Falconeri, LOL. You can pre-order today, it’s scheduled to be released March 26.

    From Amazon:

    As seen on ABC Daytime’s General Hospital, the delightful first novel from Port Charles’s Connie Falconeri. Whether you’ve been a fan of GH your entire life or simply love a romantic romp of a beach read, Love in Maine is simply unputdownable!

    Maddie Post–outgoing, vivacious college athlete–does not belong in Blake, Maine. She does not belong in a riverfront diner catering to boat-builders, and she does not belong in sweet Janet Gilbertson’s $200-a-month guest room. And Janet’s dark and stormy son, Hank, back in Maine after 10 years as an active duty Army diver, isn’t without his troubles, either. Quiet and brooding, he’s happiest working with explosives underwater: talk about pressure! For all their differences, when bubbly Maddie and cautious Hank start spending time together, it doesn’t take long for the crackle of summer romance to grow into a blazing fire. They canoe and camp, watch movies and read paperbacks, fend off Maddie’s aggressive ex-boyfriend and encourage Janet’s blossoming romance with diner-owner Phil, and even spend a romantic weekend in Boston. Hank is softening up and Maddie is starting to feel more comfortable in her temporary home, but does this improbable couple belong together? And what happens to their relationship when Maddie heads back to college and Hank starts traveling the world again on a mysterious, possibly dangerous, assignment?

    Connie Falconeri hails from Bensonhurst, in Brooklyn, NY, where she had a colorful youth. After taking many years off to find herself, she’s back and better than ever. This is her first novel.

    “Newcomer Connie Falconeri writes with the confidence of a novelist who’s been around forever, and she brings her charming characters to life with effortless imagination and breezy good humor.”
    –Kate Howard, publisher of Crimson magazine

    “Reading Love in Maine is like spending a fun afternoon with an old friend. It’s warm and witty, and the characters feel familiar from page one. It’s a perfect summer read.”
    –Diane Miller, author of The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli

    “Connie Falconeri puts so much personality into her writing – it’s almost like she has two personalities!”
    –Ron Carlivati, Professor of Creative Writing, Port Charles University 4 0 1 3 2 4 8 9 4/

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    I also loved Michael telling Sonny off, although I wish Michael should’ve interrupted when Sonny was threatening Connie about her wanting to call the cops.

    I like Ellie, but then again I’m one of the few who really liked Siobian when she first showed up. Sorry if the spelling is wrong on that, I still can’t figure out how to spell that one from memory and I don’t have time at the library to go look it up… lol… what fun small town libraries are with time limits on the internet! Hahahahhaa. I don’t like her with Spinelli because it’s boring. Spinelli also makes Maxie boring. I think I’m over the Spinelli character. Maxie needs someone with spark to spar against. Why Spinelli thinks it’s okay to hook up with his girlfriend in Maxie’s apartment is beyond me. I just think it’s gross and crass.

    I don’t want Connie messing with Molly. I’m not a fan of Skye, haven’t been since her AMC days, so I hope she’s just here for a short visit. I kind of hope Tomas turns out to be Alcazar, just so he can pay her back for sending Jason in to kill him.

  15. Profile photo of Marcelle

    [quote=mipeony]Why Spinelli thinks it’s okay to hook up with his girlfriend in Maxie’s apartment is beyond me. I just think it’s gross and crass.[/quote]
    I didn’t get that either. Eillie was correct in wanting to move out. Whether Spinelli/Maxie still have feelings for each other is irrelevant, it’s just crass, like you said, on Spinelli’s part.

  16. Profile photo of FoxyMegan

    [quote=katehhoward]Why can’t we have Heather escape and find a way to get impregnated with Dante and Lulu’s embryo.[/quote]

    Maybe because she’s in her mid-50’s?

  17. Profile photo of Lana

    @ Marcelle, I wonder if Connie changes up the story because the characters name and the premise don’t jibe with Molly’s story. I believe the leads were named Kristina and Hank. Knowing Connie she probably sexed it up too. This should be interesting…

  18. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    Did anyone read “The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli” and, if so, how was it? As a fan, I sort just want it for my bookshelf, but I will have to read it. I am not sure I can take more than a page of that Spinelli-speak though.

    I still have “The Killing Club” by Marcie Walsh on my to-read pile…

    Actually, I still have “Having it All” by Erica Kane on my to read pile too…

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    If Tomas and Alcazar were the same person, wouldn’t he have been really, really nervous when Starr (his potential stepdaughter) and Todd (his fiancee’s ex) moved from Llanview to Port Charles, his former hangout? Blair has taken off for Port Chuckles a few times, as well–one would think he’d try every trick in the book to get her to avoid the very place where half the town knew him as someone else and could blow his cover.

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