Michael Cuts a Check to Help Kevin on The Young and the Restless


After being turned down by Gloria (Judith Chapman), Kevin (Greg Rikaart) went to Michael (Christian LeBlanc) to borrow the money to save his home. Michael whipped out his checkbook, but paused momentarily when Kevin told him he needed $10,000. Michael gave Kevin a lecture before writing the check. He told his brother that he was doing it for Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Delia, not him.

Meanwhile, Lauren (Tracy Bregman) dropped by the Chancellor Mansion to visit Jill (Jess Walton). In the middle of their conversation, Chloe burst through the door. She immediately shared with them Kevin's latest stunt.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Summer (Hunter King) met and had a very uncomfortable meal together. Summer talked about Avery being a good listener, which really got under Phyllis' skin.

At Avery’s (Jessica Collins), Nick (Joshua Morrow) made pancakes to celebrate their having made love.

At Newman, Kyle (Blake Hood) and Jack (Peter Bergman) were hard at work. Kyle soon became concerned his dad was overdoing it. When his son left, Jack started to take more pills. Since the prescription was out, he took an aspirin.

In pain, Jack returned home, where Phyllis later found him passed out on the couch. When she asked how many he’d taken, he tried to be charming and dodged the question. Phyllis saw right through Jack's act.

Cricket (Lauralee Bell) told Paul (Doug Davidson) that she needed to see Danny, (Michael Damian). He needs to hear the news about her and Paul from her. She didn’t want things to play out like they did with Nina (Tricia Cast).

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    hey mon

    Very nice summary, very accurate. The Bland-wins wont become interesting again until Judy Chapman is put front and center again, where she belongs. Cause Kooky Fen isn’t cutting it, and Kevin… well Kevin is just Kevin.

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    I don’t care for the character of Kevin Fisher he’s becoming very angry and bitter. I miss the crazy Kevin when he was setting fires and throwing people in meat lockers. Like Jamey said about Guiding Light seeing people paying bills. I don’t understand how come Kevin can’t go to Katherine and ask for some help. Kevin and Katherine have become fast friends over the years and he could explain the whole story. Katherine could have
    “tag & grab” under the Chancellor umbrella.

    These young people on this show is driving me crazy. Kevin could kick rocks and I wouldn’t miss him. I’m trying my best to stick with Josh & Co version and I know change doesn’t happened over night, but (big sigh)

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    [quote=The_Moustache]i hope Kevin’s current storyline is meant to usher the character off the show for good.[/quote]

    How great would that be? He outlived his usefulness years ago but the last two or three years have been particularly painful. And he’s utterly pointless in romantic pairings because he’s had chemistry with exactly one woman–Emily O’Brien–since he’s been on the show. Still say they should’ve made him gay.

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    I do not understand why Kevin seems so “jealous” of Chloe’s attempts to make something new happen for them?

    All he says is “tag and grab “, ” tag and grab “… he probably says it during sex, too….. I doubt Chloe has been giving him some of THAT lately.

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    hey mon

    They should make Kevin a bi-sexual or gay. I think that it would be very realistic for the character, and of course, Greg Rikaart. If a male relationship would bring some stability once and for all to Kevin Fisher, I am all for it. Cause this torturous trail that they have had him on for the last 4 or 5 years just isn’t working. Maybe Kevin needs some legal advice form Rafe…

    But definitely more Gloria…

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    Has Kevin ever received mental treatment–he did have a painful childhood. We don’t move on unless we confront our pasts. He is a good actor who needs a good storyline.

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    ^I saw that and he quickly deleted it. Gag. No one wants to see that sh*t last any longer. Their corny storylines are pointless. However, GR is hell bent on trying to make them work.

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    I’d like to cut the losses with Kevin and Chloe. I’d like to see both of them go back to their scheming ways. Both are great actors and I feel they definitely have a place on the show.

    Kevin needs someone quirky to be with. Sorry but the pairing with Angelina or Jana (sp?) worked better and fit his “odd” character.

    Maybe Chloe can mix it up with one of the new Jabot dudes hitting the screen soon.

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