Victoria Learns Billy’s Secret on The Young and the Restless

Victor (Eric Braeden) told Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about Billy (Billy Miller) knowing Victor was alive in California. She started to get angry with Billy, but quickly realized her father had been keeping the secret as well. Fed up, Victoria threw both men out of her house. When Billy returned later, she informed him she needed time to think about their marriage.

Kyle (Blake Hood) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) continued their plot to take down Adam. This time, Kyle wanted her to spend more time with Jack (Peter Bergman) to call him out on his crap.

Victor dropped by the Abbott mansion to give Jack a box of chocolates. The two discussed Victoria’s kidnapping, and Billy's recent actions. It didn't take long for Victor to notice the bottle of pills sitting in the room. I’m going to have a big problem with The Young and the Restless if Victor gets Newman back because Jack has developed an addiction to prescription pills.

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) tried helping Ronan’s (Jeff Branson) friend Jamie, (Daniel Polo) which didn't sit well with Fen (Max Ehrich). He decided to visit Summer, (Hunter Haley King) and update her on his solo bullying of Jamie. However, Summer told him to stop harassing Jamie, because the first text could be traced back to her phone.

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    First of all, I like the “new” macho, jealous Fenn….

    looks like he scared the crap out of lil chicken Jamie.

    Vicki knows Billy gives her the best sex she ever had, so girl be stupid if she dumps him for her aging Daddy.

    Wonder what “guests” are going to appear at the house warming for the new ranchhouse? Sharon? She gave the old place a decent ” house warming “.

    Kevin is headed for a meltdown….

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    I mentioned in another thread that it would be so much more interesting and a nice surprise if Victoria stuck with Billy. She should know by now that Billy must be out of secrets but her father will never ever change nor let her live her life. Staying with Billy would drive the old man even more bonkers than he already is.

    And … as someone previously mentioned, it isn’t Billy who has caused major havoc and grief to others on an ongoing basis. As we’ve seen over the past two or three years, Christian Miller has been a frequent catalyst resulting in tragedy or death. But yet he never pays his due. Is it not about time?

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    I’m liking this Fen more with attitude. He reminds me of his Uncle Kevin and I agree Kevin is heading for meltdown. I think this kidnapping has had more of affect on Victoria especially see him getting killed when he & her was coming to understanding and knowing how Billy’s actions effected him and his life.

    Once again TraceyAbbott you crack me up :) It’s safe to say Sharon won’t be invited to his get together. I thinking what will throw a wrench in Navery’s
    relationship will be Noah begging Nick to help Sharon….will she be hiding out with Nick and family….hmmm.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]It kills me to admit this, but Amelia Heinle is not doing too bad a job these days.:)[/quote]

    Yeah, I kinda agree about AH; she hasn’t been completely unfortunate of late though her attempting a backbone still doesn’t have near the force it would if Heather Tom were still Victoria(HT’s Vic would’ve handily kicked both Billy’s and Victor’s asses to the curb without as much as a drop of sweat). Still, not being completely unfortunate is a step up for Heinous.

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    Amelia Heinous still sucks, IMO. Her kidnapping is boring as shish. Hell, Clementine Ford could have performed those scenes better. I’m ready for her to get a pink slip.

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]For some reason, I just don’t care about any of these characters anymore. Thanx MAB! I hope that changes soon.[/quote]
    ITA. This woman ruined most of the characters for me. I just don’t care anymore. The kids were all aged way too fast & characters like Victor only get on my nerves.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]so far i’m liking the “new” Y&R.

    I know it’s early and it’ll be a while before they clean up MAB’s messes but it’s coming along.[/quote]

    I second that emotion – for me, it was a good week drama-wise: Kevin is up to his old illegal computer tricks; Ronan is gone (for now); Chelsea threatening Sharon with her secret; “Villy” is on the outs for now; Jack’s dependence on Oxycodone is building…

    Wow – good ol’ human drama!!

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    I totally agree with Bartman202 & The Moustache because I to enjoyed the entire week of drama. Geez, Jess’s rest has done wonders for her because she looks fabulous! Is Jill up to something and actually using Tucker? Be nice to see that side of Jill again. People have been complaining about possible Kyle\Phyllis falling in bed together and I question why? History coming back to bite Jack’s ass (then TL) as he did to his own father with Jill…I’m not opposed. Loved the Chelsea & Sharon scenes. Thank god Ronan is gone, he’s boring to me. Kevin is desperate, Fen is acting out and Michael & Lauren will have a mess on their hands. I’m was very nervous in the beginning but the changes have been on mark with the characters and stories messes are being corrected but it will take a minute to fully find it’s footing again :love:

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    Kyle has a spooky look to him. Put him in leather and he will look like the guy that played in “Christine.” Arrogant, angry. Jealousy rears it’s ugly head.

    Sharon crashes the party and Nikki let’s her have it. Wonder if Sharon brings a bottle of booze and a box of matches to the housewarming party?
    Lock that dingy heifer up.

    Ahhhh Jill and Tucker. They can be themselves when they are together. I hope they become a couple and don’t ruin it by getting married.

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    [quote=pferrando]She’s no Heather, but she’s the new Vic. Surprised everyone’s not over it yet. Tough crowd on here.[/quote]

    You are right and HT like VR won’t be returning to Y&R anytime soon at least I guess it could be more probable then VR, if HT ever left B&B and AH contract was up but slim chance she could return. Pferrando you’ve been a longtime viewer remember the Victoria recast they tried back in the mid to late nineties when HT left once before with that blonde “Victoria”? I think she came from Loving not sure it was an ABC soap…she didn’t last long. At least AH isn’t the worse actress to ever grace Y&R…YZ prime example. ;)

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    I like Amelia Heinle and have since her days on Loving. She’s a twenty-year soap vet for a reason. I happen to think Heather is also a good actress but overrated. IMO, Heather Tom would NEVER have the chemistry with another actor the way Amelia Heinle and Billy Miller have made their pairing work and popular. Amelia Heinle has been in the role of Victoria for what like 7-8 years! One would think the comparisons to HT would end from fatigue alone. Amelie Heinle has never had the opportunity to play Victoria Newman written by a Bill Bell or any good quality writer. Also, Amelia Heinle looked gorgeous all week despite Victoria’s kidnapping/return.

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    Soapbaby…point taken Amelia didn’t have the privilege of working with Bill Bell. LML & MAB wrote some hideous stories for Victoria but maybe it will change now with Josh and the character of Victoria will have a strong story that will highlight AH’s talent. I don’t mind AH, didn’t know her from Loving but I did know her from AMC as Mia and I liked that character. “Mia” had wonderful sense of humor on AMC so maybe that is something they could explore because AH did it naturally on AMC. I loved her in Purgatory the movie. She is the one that has the chemistry with BM and is the other half of Villy not Heather Tom.

  13. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Amelia was fantastic as Steffi Brewster on Loving. The reason I was opposed to her being on Y&R for so long was because I didn’t see much difference between the way she played the two characters.

    Steffi was a wonderful character who was a complete mess. It was an ingenue role, a spoiled young woman finding out who she was. Victoria is a confident, driven, almost forty-year-old woman. Amelia was playing Victoria like Steffi until very recently.

  14. Profile photo of tashikins

    I agree. It always annoys me to see how AH is berated. The first actress to replace HT was a poor actress but AH is pretty good! She and HT are different but they are not meant to be the same. AH is more subtle and her chemistry with Billy and JT was great. I have never found her heinous but actually quite good looking and if you want to make comparison better looking than HT (whose figure is slamming though).

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    SoapArmageddon I never saw Loving but you have to admit that despite Victoria’s confidence she was also spoilt and one can be spoilt at almost 40. Victoria has had to find herself along the way and I think she is almost there(if one ever does get there). I always hated that she lost her son to self righteous JT(is he her real life husband) who made so many mistakes along the way, like sleeping with his friend’s (or was she his girlfriend then) mother! Give her back Reed.

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    hey mon

    Theres a lot of good things on Y&R in November. The pace of the show seems to be evening out a bit. Fen is coming along as ‘real’ person. But it is a trifle boring and not ‘bang-pop’ enough.

    Need an organized crime family, a baby switch, maybe a doppleganger story-line, or some stalker drama. Let’s not forget that Bill Bell had his Sheila and David Kimble twice a year.

  17. Profile photo of harlee490

    hey mon…NO crime family, baby switch, doppelgangers or psycho stalkers! |( We just went through all that the last 5 effing YEARS at Ad nauseam (a Latin term for something not pleasurable that has continued to the point of nausea). I don’t mean any disrespect but I know you liked MAB but I think most more probable 95.9% would disagree.

    You are correct about Bill had heinous villains as any other soap but the difference was…it wasn’t twice a year but a 2 year story arc (not running rampant) by setting up the villains showing why and how their motivations were fleshed out. Sometimes you wouldn’t even know in the beginning, sometimes you did they were deranged for months or even the first year and then Bill knew how to drive a stake in their hearts. Sheila was the only one that ever returned or lived I should say because he already had a set-up for B&B ;) So in all the years of Bill’s wonderful career he knew to give the audience what they wanted…DEATH for the DERANGED :love:

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    Yes, JT is AH’s real husband, a few kids.
    AH is a good match for BM. They argue like a real married couples do. His attempts at fixing things are sooooo realistic! Sometimes it’s just easier and less messy to do it ourselves.
    Keep those 2 together but first Vikki has to stand up to Daddy Dearest and tell him that no one, except her, can bad mouth Billy. If he does, he’s outta there until he can be decent.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88][quote=NathanHastingsSr.]For some reason, I just don’t care about any of these characters anymore. Thanx MAB! I hope that changes soon.[/quote]
    ITA. This woman ruined most of the characters for me. I just don’t care anymore. The kids were all aged way too fast & characters like Victor only get on my nerves.[/quote]

    Like U, I find it disgusting that they aged all the kids so much. Might have been alright if they had gotten at least one decent actor out of the bunch, but they couldn’t even manage that.

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