EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Loring Talks New Memoir, Sons Brennan and Robin Thicke, "Friends and Lovers" and Possible DAYS Return

DC: I mentioned it earlier, but your duet with the late Carl Anderson, "Friends and Lovers", is one of my all-time favorite songs. It was also Shane and Kim's love theme from DAYS. Did you and Carl realize the kind of magic you were creating when you first recorded it?

GL: We both believed in the song and I tell the story of how I found it and Carl in Chapter Five. He was a magical singer and it was a privilege to work with him.

DC: So many soap stars from the 80's are making return visits. Is there any chance Liz may pop back up in Salem one day?

GL: I did have lunch with the producer a year ago and proposed a storyline the writers liked, but haven't heard anything further. If it's meant to be, it will happen.


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Gloria Loring still looks gorgeous after all these years. I would love if she returned to DAYS with Neil Curtis.

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I had no idea Gloria is Robin Thicke's mother.

The Days of Our Lives that I miss is the Days of Liz and Neil, Calliope and Eugene, Anna and Tony, Marlena and real-Roman, Pete and Melissa, and Shane and Kim.

The show has never been as good since then.

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SoapArmageddon, I couldn't agree with you more about when Days was the best--it was then with Liz and Neil, Calliope and Eugene,etc. I would LOVE for the beautiful and talented Gloria Loring to return to Days as Liz--always loved loved loved her! Also loved her singing on the show--of course Robin Thicke gets his talent from her!!

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Awwww, Days of Our Lives in the 80's was EVERY THING in my whole world as kid! No one did it like DAYS did it then. Other soaps had supercouples but DAYS ONLY had supercouples in the 1980's! "Friends & Lovers" is my favorite song associated with a soap opera. I'll be humming it for the rest of the day!

R.I.P. Carl Anderson.

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Ha! I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I miss my Liz!!!!! She should come back to Salem with Maggie's estranged daughter Sarah Horton in tow...after all Neil Curtis is Sarah's bio dad, which caused a rift between Mickey and Maggie back in the day...and I think I remember Maggie not liking Liz when she was with Neil.