General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Helena’s not happy to see Robert, since he apparently helped Nikolas hide from her. She mentions Robert never paying for Mikkos' death, and wonders what he wants. Robert needs information on Faison, but Helena claims Faison is dead.  Helena questions why Robert is inquiring about Faison. Robert explains his theory, and Helena thinks Robert is making the whole thing up in an effort to get Anna back. 

Dante wants to celebrate his and Lulu's future parenthood, but Lulu’s having reservations about Maxie’s inability to take care for herself.  Dante thinks they should be with Maxie at all times, when they aren’t at work. However, Lulu points out they wouldn't have any time for them. She comes up with idea to have Maxie live with them.  Dante is against Lulu's suggestion, and knows they can work up a contract that would be beneficial to everyone. The two make love. 
Maxie returns home, and Ellie wants to settle things between them.  Maxie assures her that Spinelli has moved on, and so has she. She tells them about her plan to be a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. Ellie thinks it’s a noble cause, and a blessing for the parents.  Spin wonders if Maxie is getting in over her head, but Maxie feels it’s none of his business.
Spin worries about Maxie, but Ellie says she’s doing something truly unselfish.  Later on, Spin confronts Maxie alone, but she refuses to let him judge her. Maxie brings up Spin's choice and storms off.
Duke admits to Anna that he's not the man he used to be. He blames the twenty years he spent in prison for his change, but wants Anna to get to know the new him.  Anna asks him to respect her need to take things slowly.  Duke agrees, but at the same time, doesn’t want to lose her. He asks her to go away with him for a few days of skiing on their favorite mountain. He gets the name wrong, and Anna corrects him.  Anna agrees to think about his trip proposal.
Todd opens the door to find CIA agent Theodore King, who informs everyone that Tomas has been called back to duty and is on secret assignment.  He proclaims the wedding is off, which angers Blair, but thrills Todd.  Carly wants to know if Tomas is Lorenzo, but Agent King claims to know nothing. Blair tries to use her Aunt Dorian Lord's name to sway the agent, but it doesn't work. 
Blair thinks Todd is behind Tomas’ disappearance, and slaps him.  Carly vouches for Todd's innocence in the situation. Blair backs down and decides to go with Tea and Skye to track down Tomas.  Carly questions Todd about his possible involvement with Tomas, and he swears he had nothing to do with it. Carly believes Tomas' disappearing act gives Todd a chance to woo Blair back, and wonders if that’s what he truly wants. 
Robert runs into Anna and attempts to tell her about Duke/Faison. However, he can't find the right words to say, and misses his chance.
Helena calls Faison and tells him about her visit with Robert.

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    Meant to put this in the Friday thread but I forgot. The first time the actress who plays Britt was on a soap was on DOOL as the skanky bar chick fake rafe slept with after Sami left him. I hated her character there and I hate her here too.

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    1) Loved when Helena was on her rant and Robert said he’s sorry to interrupt a “Revenge Rant”.

    2)Loved when Helena called Robert’s haircut a Dutch boy hair cut and said he looked nice in it.

    3)Loved when Helena was going over Robert’s story about how Faison is Robert. Her gleeful expressions cracked me up.

    4)Loved Helena called and warned Faison and how she said don’t ever say I did help you.

    Basically I just loved everything Robert and Helena. They owned this episode.

    Still can’t get over the fact that super spy Anna can’t spot a mask.

    So over the Ellie/Spinelli/Maxie/Dante/Lulu storyline. This storyline needs to be backburned until Maxie actually gets pregnant. Sick of them repeating the same things every single day!!!! The whole Lante scene was so boring. Just them talking about Maxie. Then we have to endure Spinelli’s puppy dog face looking at Maxie. Why the freak is he looking at Maxie like that? He chose Ellie over Maxie.

    I hate that Skye is going with Tea/Blair to find Tomas. I need Skye in Port Charles to help AJ out. I just need Skye peroid! So over Todd and Carly. Carly says she’s not going with Tea/Blair and Skye because she doesn’t care about Lorenzo, she’s got a business to run and she has a daughter. Since Carly didn’t care about Lorenzo, why the HECK did she go with Todd and Skye. There was no need for Carly to be there and show that awkward picture of Lorenzo and Carly.

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    I enjoyed today’s episode though I wish we were able to see a Ted King appearance and the Tomas Delgado/Alcazar story expanded. Blair, Tea and Skye teaming up to traipse around the world after this man when they have small children (Blair & Skye) or a career (Tea) makes no sense but if since the actresses aren’t contracted with the show, the characters Got short shrift. Would love to see Skye stick around as part of the revitalization of The Quartermaines. Skye allowed the hit of Alcazar to occur years ago, why is she suddenly concerned about his whereabouts when he hasn’t tried to take Lila Rae? Any way, loved Todd’s uncontained glee that Blair was not getting married and she gave him a helluva slap!

    I enjoyed the Robert/Helena scenes and find him to be infinitely more interesting than Luke Spencer with the same screen partners. Could we get a trade? ;-) Robert could not really have romantic feelings toward Anna after all of these years. It’s great that Anna is suspicious of Duke. I was afraid that the story would play out that she would be snowed by Fluke (my nickname for fake Duke.) Liking Ian Buchanan more with each viewing. Finola Hughes looks fabulous with the blonde growing out of her hair.

    I think Dante/Lulu are super adorable. What a difference new writers make? I couldn’t stand Lante just one year ago.

    Ummm, I don’t understand Ellie’s logic in deciding to stay in that apartment with Maxie or that Maxie no longer has designs on Spinelli. Because I like Ellie, I’ll let her silliness slide.

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    J Bernard Jones


    Robert: Hey, I realize this kind of strains credulity…

    Helena: Strains?? Credulity was annihilated even before you got to the LSD…and that was my favorite part! You seriously expect me to believe this fiction?

    Robert: This is real!

    Helena: Science fiction!

    Robert: This coming from a woman who tried to freeze the world with a diamond powered weather machine?!?

    Helena: Not me. Mikos, may he rest in peace. That was the 80’s and this….this is 2012.

    I replayed that scene 3 or 4 times! LOL

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    TV Gord

    I agree that it’s ridiculous for Skye and Blair to take off on a wild goose chase when they have Lila and Sam at home. So, is Lila Rae staying with the Quartermaines for the time being?

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    I hope Lila Rae stays with the Quatermaines.

    I can so see Tomas being Lorenzo. Lorenzo could have been Tomas uncovered. Since Luis died, the CIA needed someone who looked like Luis to come in and resume what Luis was doing with the arms dealing stuff. Lorenzo could have done that. I totally believe this Tomas is Lorenzo storyline.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Secrets and Lies]Resemblance between Lynn Herring in that promo and the actress who plays Ellie is pretty uncanny. They’re both so beautiful. Good promo![/quote]

    So, I wonder if Sabrina is going to turn out to somehow be Lucy’s daughter. Perhaps Lucy was once an egg donor????

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    Secrets and Lies

    You mean Ellie not Sabrina right? I’m not a big fan of the so-and-so’s long lost child storylines (esp. since we just had one with Trey) but if they’re going there, great job on the casting, that’s for sure!

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    Watching Robert and Helena just made me miss Luke. I’m really starting to miss Luke a lot. Not only is it ridiculous for Luke to be sitting in a Turkish prison with everyone just saying “oh well, he’ll be back”, but this entire story line is suffering without him. Luke and Helena have this bizarre yet awesome chemistry that I just didn’t see with Robert and Helena today. I actually got a bit bored and I never get bored when Helena’s around! I do enjoy Anna and Robert together and I like the sparring between Robert and Duke/Faison, but I still miss Luke being a part of all this.

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    I love Robert and I’m glad he is back, BUT the scenes between him and Helena, though fun to watch were stupid!!! Why would Robert ever trust Helena based on her track record and show his hand to Helena. He is supposed to be a brilliant spy! Did he really think the crazy murderous Helena would actually tell him the truth about Duke/Faison?? All he did was alert Faison that he knows about his scam.

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    LOVED Helena today! Love that she’s not being wasted on an Ethan/LIW sucky story. Loved her lines today, especially the one about Robert’s hair. Hahahhaha. I want to see Helena and Faison (not the “Duke” face) in scenes together again!

    It is kind of funny that Anna couldn’t spot a mask seeings how when she first came onto GH back in the day she was sporting her very own fake scar on her face.

    Eh, I could do without Skye/Carly sniping at Tea about her brother. They’re standing in the woman’s house who just lost the baby she thought was her son and are snapping at her about Tomas not really being her brother. Crass, the whole lot of them, and Todd too for being so damn gleeful that Blair is going to get hurt when we all know he’s probably going to end up with Carly soon.

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    Really loved the Helena/Robert scenes. This coming from a woman who tried to freeze the world with a diamond powered weather machine!? That was the 80’s, this is 2012! PRICELESS wink wink nod to the audience the Carlivati and Valentino are great at doing.

    I am SO sick of Maxie telling people she’s pregnant and everyone thinking she’s pregnant right away and then cutting away to her still explaining the situation to dumbfounded looks. It’s really only a device to stretch the scene as far it could go, but she did it with Mac and Anna yesterday and it dragged so badly. Just start off by saying “I’m gonna be a surrogate.” And Spinelli, get over yourself and just stop thinking about Maxie. Ellie is awesome and you two have great chemistry, so do yourself a favor and run off to be a happy couple. Also, put some cucumbers on those eyes or something, because the baggage is gettin heavy! I like Ellie a lot, I just wish they would do something else with her and Spinelli. I am also predicting right here and right now that Maxie is gonna want to keep the baby. I just see it. Looking forward to her fight with Felicia on today’s show.

    As much as I love my OLTL gals, all the scenes with them and Skye, Carly, and Todd just seem SO FORCED! Like they decided “let’s get all these great characters that everyone loves together in one room and it’s gonna be amazing!” Not so much. The whole Blair/Skye fight was lame and Skye just acted like a 4 year old the entire scene. Let’s just say, this storyline better reveal something fantastic if they are going to go with it.

    I don’t mind Dante/Lulu…I like seeing happy couples on soaps. It’s a rarity.

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