Kristen SEDUCES Brady on Days of Our Lives!

That didn’t take long! This week on Days of Our Lives, Kristen’s (Eileen Davidson) plan to make John (Drake Hogestyn) jealous involves seducing his son Brady (Eric Martsolf). I wonder what Marlena (Deidre Hall) will think? Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!

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    I agree that Kristen and Brady are hot. And why would Kristen pine over someone like John when she can have Brady??? Other than to just drive Marlena crazy, which I approve of lol.

    But Days please keep Kristen and Brady together, don’t keep them apart like Sami and EJ.

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    hey mon

    Oh yeah. Oh yeah! Oh #ell the yeah! This fire-trucking session has something for everyone!

    And I must digress… to think this could have been Cane and Ashley back in April.

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    Hi All….I’m not as down with this pairing as many are. Kristen helped raise Brady after Isabella died. Ick. I think a much better idea would have been Kristen and Eric working together at the church and then Kristen seduces MARLENA’s son, who just happens to also be a priest (John’s former profession). I think that would be a helluva lot more scandalous and would cause Marlena to explode even further, perhaps even causing a total breakdown. Marlena and Brady never had a super close relationship, so the Brady and Kristen pairing wouldn’t wound her nearly as much as Kristen and Eric would. Let’s face it, this should ultimately be about Marlena and Kristen, not Kristen and John or even Kristen and some young stud. The could heighten the drama between Eric and Marlena by having him confront her over him being the “lost” child she never has time for. She’s always been in the middle of Sami’s business and she actually raised Belle from birth, but Eric never seemed to be a priority. Hell, her step children Carrie and Brady and grandson Will received more of her maternal attention than Eric ever did. I’d love to see a confrontation between those two where he brings that up and actually goes THERE and says “DJ (Don Craig Jr) seems to be the only child you spent less time with….”. She’d slap him so hard that collar will be knocked right off….

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    This just makes me think of Ashley’s story with Rick Forrester when she was on B&B. Plus it doesn’t help that Kristen is bat-crap crazy, because all I can think of is why Ashley Abbott in Salem? Is Ashley Abbott at the Abbott Cabin with John Black? Ashley Abott’s working at a cosmetic company, but she’s not calling in Jabot, WTF!? Why Ashley Abbott screwing Brady Black?

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    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I can’t get past the ick factor that Kristen knew Brady as a baby, and probably even changed his diapers once or twice. I agree with dewlove above that the better story would’ve been Kristen seducing Eric.

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    Kristen/Brady are the best thing about Days, especially now that the writers have/are about to fuck up the only other great thing about the show(WilSon)by throwing Gabi; her homophobic, murdering boyfriend; and her unborn fetus in the mix. Still, the way this show’s writers work these days they’ll prob fuck this up too. But hey, at least we still have chemistry-free Jennifer and Daniel to look forward to 3 to 4 times a week!
    P.S. Eric Martsolf is trying really hard to out-hot James Scott right now and I gotta tell you it is so working for me.

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    DAYS needs to do an Eric/Kristen/Brady triangle, but the writing on this show is still so generic and anemic that it seems that these actors have their hands tied.

    This writing seems sloppy and rushed. The proper beats haven’t been played and I wish the writers would do more, but it seems that until a new team is found, this show is gonna remain on AUTOPILOT.

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    The poster saying Kristen should seduce Eric is genius! Since he’s Marlena’s son and a priest! If only Days could do something so scandalous! They already dropped the ball with EJ and Will, so they’ll probably do the same with that. Days needs more wild, controversial stories.

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    :love: I love Kristen being back and stirring up some excitement because,Marlena is so boring. Please give us a love triangle between Kristen,John and Brady wow,that would be fun!!!

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    [quote] especially now that the writers have/are about to fuck up the only other great thing about the show(WilSon)by throwing Gabi[/quote]
    Oh HELL to the NO! That sh*t is boring. I don’t care what bed Will is thrown into, the man is asexual (with the exception of EJ). Hell, I think Will has more chemistry with Gabi than Sonny. BTW, are we still pretending Sonny hasn’t gained weight?

    As for Kristen and Brady, I see the ick factor, too.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon][quote=Dyllan BTW, are we still pretending Sonny hasn’t gained weight?

    Maybe we just don’t give a flying f*ck about the actor’s weight gain. He’s still hot.[/quote]

    Thank you!

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    hey mon

    C’mon now, enough about Sonny and his weight. He seems like a sincere kid on the show.

    I like the story-line so far, with the new baby on the way for Gabi and all. It reminds me of my own son, and how he is 20 yrs old, and has a baby coming next year, although my son is straight. I think that we should give the writers time to tell the story of the new child, and how it affects the dynamic of Sonny, Will, Gabi, and Nick.

    Obviously, Will has some bi-sexual feelings for girls, and definitely, that would be ground-breaking for Daytime. Or they may want to take him down the road to realizing he is exclusively gay. But the s/l is very interesting, and not a ‘fuck’ up.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon][quote=Dyllan BTW, are we still pretending Sonny hasn’t gained weight?

    Maybe we just don’t give a flying f*ck about the actor’s weight gain. He’s still hot.[/quote]

    Wow can’t believe people are still talking about this. Who gives a shit if he’s gained a little weight; Freddie Smith is hot as hell in every sense of the word. All I know is you posters throwing digs must be physically perfect specimens of the human form. Or just completely judgmental a–holes. I suspect its probably the latter.

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    I am tired of the we can’t talk about “Freddie’s weight” that’s being preached by Wilson’s small fan base. Are we 12? Who decides what topics are appropriate? I believe Hey Mon got b*tched out for dare mentioning the topic. If your ass is on television stripping, it is fair to talk about a drastic change in weight because his size has changed noticeably in a short amount of time. They are trying to sell him as a sex icon, so it is completely reasonable to question this pitch. When Y&R’s Daniel died his hair blonde people were b*tching about that. Its the same concept. By becoming a public figure (e.g an actor) you open yourself to this type of criticism. If they cannot take the criticism, then get out of the business.

    Most of the free speech suppressors are just ardent Wilson supporters who believes no one even dare speak ill of this boring ass couple. In every respect Wilson is the Days equivalent of Y&R’s Lane.

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    hey mon

    As the person who first brought it up, I want everyone to stop talking about Sonny’s weight gain. I am sorry I brought it up in the first place. I have a problem with vanity, and I let a flippant comment, fly. I simply feel that all men could and should be within 4 pounds of ideal body weight, and should spend 60-90 minutes daily in the gym.

    I also prefer women who are over-weight, but look great. The 1st Summer, the 2nd Colleen Carlton, Nikki last Winter, all looked fantastic.

    Instead, it is good that we talk about the story-line that we find Nick/Gabi/Sonny/Will in. I think it would be good for DAYS to really get into what happened between Will and Gabi, and how it would affect Will and Sonny. We don’t need DAYS to have Will portrayed as the the greatest saint who ever lived, cause he did have sex with a woman he may not love. Conversely, the whole s/l that Nick is the worst person on 2 legs cause he is concerned about his girlfriend could be stupid, too. Let’s keep it real.

    I think this is a perfectly plausible s/l, with Will having bi-sexual feelings, and not *ucked-up like some have said.

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    [quote]And I certainly am not repulsed when I look at him, quite the opposite in fact.[/quote]
    No one said you had to be repulsed by his body, but it is fascist to imply a drastic change in body weight is somehow taboo to discuss on a soap forum. The soap industry is known for its chiseled men. And Freddie’s weight change happened rather quickly. Its noticeable.

    Plus, if this was ANY other couple, without a doubt everyone would be talking about it.

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    It is small-minded and discriminatory to believe that male sexiness must come in the form of a human Ken doll. THAT is the real 12-year old thinking.

    I am the vainest son-of-a-bitch there is when it comes to the mind I’ve spent 30-plus years educating and the body I’ve spent 15-plus years building. If the guy were obese, I would be the first one to say it. He is not obese. And I certainly am not repulsed when I look at him, quite the opposite in fact.

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