Who is Naughty and Who is Nice on The Young and the Restless?

What would the holiday season be without family gatherings featuring all kinds of drama? This week on The Young and the Restless, will Sharon (Sharon Case) play naughty or nice? Meanwhile, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Avery’s (Jessica Collins) romance continues. Watch this week’s trailer after the jump!

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    TraceyAbbott…share those smellin’ salts, pleeze :) This is a good promo. I wonder if they have gotten new people in wardrobe & makeup because the look is going back in character. Nikki, with her wispy locks again, Sharon blonder again not as much brunette-blondish color, Amelia’s hair is back under control lightened up a shade of two in tone. Jill’s hair is back in shoulder length shag that Jess wears to perfection. Mrs. Chancellor’s hair has looked fabulous of late. The makeup is more flattering again on all the women. The wardrobe for both men & women are as the characters seem to dress again. Phyllis in those ultra form fitting dresses, Nikki is dressing again in more bright tight skirts. I love it.

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    Yes sir that is Carmine!!! Yes they have gotten some new hair makeup and wardrobe people. Yes, they finally got Amelia’s hair together. Todays epi was great actually. I like the fact that they have a new set. It looks like that bar that was on Hollywood Heights. At least they got some new sets. I cant wait to see the new Penthouse. I’m glad that it is finally taken the right course. Yea JFP. Now if Josh can write some good story it will go from good to great.

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    I wonder if Sharon is trying to confess to the fire and they dont let her speak. Did Adam finally get invited to a family celebration?

    Marcelle thanks for the link. I like Victor’s penthouse its so bright and modern. I hope they remodel Adam’s place next.

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    No prob about the link! I was curious about what Victor’s new place would look like, myself. I remember loving his old penthouse back in the day, when I was but a wee kid, LOL.

    His new penthouse reminds me a lot of Frasier’s on Frasier.

    There are SO many sets on Y&R that need new remodeling.

    Also, I’m not closely following the on air show too much these days, so I have a question. Is the ranch never being rebuilt?

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    OK… so they burn down the ranch and they give the NEWMAN’s a small NON-DESCRIPT PENTHOUSE with little view?!

    I am not liking the redeux on this show. Granted the motivations and the writing for the characters are better but it’s still as dull and NOT WORTH worrying whether or not I Tivo’d the program for the next day’s viewing. It’s just not exciting.

    The new sets aren’t that exciting. The new restaurant has less appeal and modern class then GloWorm (the worst name for a restaurant EVER!!!) and Jack takes over Victor’s office and they can’t even replace the furniture? Come on people, that would be the VERY first thing Jack would do.

    And why is it that everyone can beat on Jack but no one on Victor?! I mean, they blame Jack for everything. Jack takes over Newman and it’s as if he kick Katherine down the stairs. Victor did the same to Jabot (as well as many other companies… that’s how NEWMAN became a BILLIONAIRE) and no one batted an eye OR even said “well, Victor payback is fair play”. Victoria gets Billy to lie and actually do illegal insider dealings against his brother and Billy gets caught and fired but it’s Jack’s fault?! Victoria gets kidnapped because Billy ditched a debt (Jack had been covering all his other ones) and Jack is to blame?!

    I’m all for conflict but this is just downright stupid. Victoria should be mad NOT at Jack but at her father for always taking things too far and manipulating her into this stupid scheme. And with Billy for always taking things to the point of a problem. From his gambling, running away, cheating, stealing and all the rest. It would be more interesting if Victoria turned to jack for comfort and a great friendship occurred.

    As for Nick and Avery, I am loving the chemistry but Nick has a 5 yr old kid and he is never with her but can always just up and run out to play with his sister-in-law? I am all for love but there should have been more conflict with this relationship and more involvement with the child Nick always made Sharon guilty for ‘neglecting’.

    As for what seems to be coming with Kyle and Phyllis, it’s just gross. I am sorry if Phyllis does do the dirty with Kyle she will be ruined on the show. I like Kyle but Phyllis was his step mother for several years and is the reason that Diane, Kyle’s mother, hated Phyllis more than anything. Plus, Kyle was revealed to be Jack’s son when Phyllis was struggling to give him a child herself! This story if it happens is no different than Victor with Sharon. This is a perfect case of too many legacy characters still around and not enough new blood for the older folk (older mean TOO DAMN OLD FOR HER EX-HUSBAND’S SON)

    I am liking the fact, though, the show has opted to give tension to Adam and Chelsea’s relationship since they seemed too cutesy for a long time and now are being shown as a feisty and strong couple. I just want Chelsea to work in business and not fashion and to just give it to Phyllis or Victoria every day. It would be great to see Adam and Chelsea as a power couple.

    I don’t mind the teens story on bullying but the poor fact that FEN, who only weeks ago couldn’t get up the nerve to ask Summer out, is now calling another kid a nerd and is cyber bullying him.

    I don’t know how much longer I can hold out with Y&R. Jabot is now all about the Winters family when it’s a Abbott company which makes absolutely no sense. I dont understand how Neil would be given FULL REIGN of the company to bring in his 2 kids as executives when Lily, for all that we know, still doesn’t have a college degree, and Devon was truly unsuccessful at music and the only other job he held was… well, NOTHING. Sure, Neil is their dad and sees their potential but Jack should be saying something and Neil justifying it. As for Cane being worried about Devon taking his job is out of left field. Just a few weeks ago the idiot thought he was CEO potential, now he’s worried some music failure who couldn’t run the front desk at a Korean Karoake bar will steal his job?!!!

    It’s as if Jill Phelps and her writer are just using Maria Bell’s story outlines to create drama. Now of it is worth the 45 minutes a day to watch it!!!!

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    I’m also drifting away again from Y&R. It’s always a true indicator when I don’t see the current day’s show and don’t even care that I missed it. It’s just too dull and still all over the place with plots/character development.

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    I like Victor and Nikki’s penthouse. I never really liked the Newman Ranch. Actually, a lot of the sets need to be redone because where is the elgance, the glamour, the mansion types?

    I really didnt like the way that Nikki talked to Chelsea. I mean I like Nikki, I really do. Melody Thomas Scott is fantastic but sometimes Nikki gets a little too preachy. Who is Nikki to talk about anybody? Sharon was getting on my nerves too. I just didnt believe that she was going to get “crazy” again. I just didnt by it. Maybe its me.

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    [quote=pjc722]and Devon was truly unsuccessful at music and the only other job he held was… well, NOTHING.[/quote]
    He did work at Newman for a while back in the day, and seemed to be headed for the business track back then during that storyline.

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    Wonder how they will work Carmine back onto the canvas?

    I have a few ideas :) but Nick will probably buy the bar, call it Avery’s Place, and turn it into a gay nightclub, complete with a stripper pole or all glass showers in the middle of the lounge area.

    Preachy Nikki can then run through, holding up her bible, until she spots the stripper pole and she gets on it, just like old times.

    Jack, Victor, and half of the GCPD will “make it rain”.

    Apparently, since Noah doesn’t seem to be working much at the GCAC ( why was that even a plot point? ) he can pick up extra dollas at the nightclub.

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    I just watched yesterday’s episode online at CBS so enjoyed the episode. Loved the beginning with Adam & Chelsea. The arguing was on point and real for both characters. You could see both sides Adam hasn’t been unfaithful and very much I think doing this for his mother because of guilt and shame. Chelsea you could see her point on why wouldn’t you be paranoid if your spouse was “helping” a past love. I get a little off myself and not be happy. I liked how both are going to try to work through this situation. Adam stilling carrying a small torch for Sharon and not acknowledging this fact and is deep inside him. Chelsea showing she’s a wife wounded and could be scorn. Sharon needs a good rivalry and this has all elements to be one.

    I loved the stuff from Villy today. Soft, romantic struggle. Billy being remorseful was played so good today. I liked the Nikki & Chelsea moment and Nikki knowing how people talked to her in the beginning of her and Victor was on mark. Probably now from promo Adam & Chelsea being at the Christmas gathering will be Nikki will invite Chelsea & Adam. Victor will use this to try get Adam to help him. Loved the ending and Phyllis finding a clue what Adam hid and knowing Victor was there earlier. I’m loving the tit for tat between the Phyllis & Adam scenes. I know some would disagree but for so many years on how MAB was writing Phyllis as damsel in distress that need rescued and being obsessed with Nick was painful to watch…but Phyllis and MS are both getting back into the groove again because the character is more like the Phyllis how Bill wrote Phyllis. Phyllis was always independent snarky, bitchy, impertinent. She is acting that way again and I’m enjoying Phyllis very much once again. I think MS is having fun and it’s showing in her performances.

    I’m loving this about Kyle & Phyllis and the pause it’s bringing to the story. Some hate but I don’t because Bill did the same thing with John\Jack\Jill. Jack didn’t care for Jill it was a ploy to break up John\Jill. Kyle has motives because isn’t about him having a romantic interest in Phyllis I believe but an agenda so Jack doesn’t get involved with Phyllis again and because of his mother.

    I HOWLED at the scene between Kyle\Jack\Phyllis when Phyllis is leaving and they were talking Kyle trying to have Phyllis to stay and Kyle placed his hand on Phyllis’s ass and Phyllis the look on her face was priceless…I say full steam ahead because they aren’t going to throw Phack just back together but I do think that will be the end game. Phyllis does have Jack’s back ;)

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    The show may seem a little slow right now as Josh develops the characters a bit more.

    It seems that the posters on here who complain it’s boring or slow may be viewers that just started tuning in the past 5 years or so under LML or Maria, otherwise the pacing would seems more familiar to them and a welcome throwback to when Kay, John and Jerry were penning the show.

    I guess we are getting a night club. Ho hum. And I don’t mind the new restaurant, but now that’s the only eatery in town for the GC residents. Let’s not make that too stale! I still like the Athletic club. Let’s get Glo back on the screen somewhere too now that the Worm was torched.

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    After today’s episode ( Tuesday ) and the promise of things to come, I am really liking the NEW Y&R.

    Cast trimmed, re casts secure in their roles; new sets; new lighting and makeup; older characters set back on the correct path; and new plotlines, “fleshing” out some of the characters.

    I like Neil and family at Jabot; the addition of Leslie into the mix; Lily rocking that red mini dress at the office ( as her Dad tells Devon they need to maintain a “proper” image.

    Jill and Lauren back on the scene – nuf said right there.

    I do still feel a little “slighted” over the sudden ending to some of MAB’s plots – I like things to finish. Now I will never know who was tormenting Genevive or what happened to the knife Rickie was holding on Eden; not to mention the quite sudden disappearance of Abby.

    The show has gotten better.

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