Will Nikki Learn The Truth About Sharon on The Young and the Restless (SPOILERS)?

Nikki/Chelsea/Sharon: The socialite and the grifter bump into each other at On The Boulevard. When Chelsea tries to chit chat with Nikki, the diva is a little snotty with her. Nikki apologizes right after her outburst and confides in Chelsea how the two aren't so different, as Nikki was just like her when she was younger (Say what?).

The pair begins talking about the Newman Ranch fire. Nikki admits she doesn't know who the culprit was, but remarks it isn't kosher for someone to destroy a family's history and memories. Chelsea is moved by Nikki's words, as this is pretty much what Sharon is doing to her and Adam's relationship. Will Chelsea tell Nikki who burned her home to the ground?

Victor/Adam: Mr. Mumbles gives his prodigal son the ammunition he needs to take Jack down.

Nick/Noah:  When Avery cajoles the Newman playboy into buying a nightclub, he asks his son to come work for him. Before father and son can start bonding over mixed drinks, Phyllis snitches to Nick about Noah spending time with Sharon. Nick isn't fazed by Noah seeing his mother, but he is upset with his son for lying about it.

Alex/Noah/Kevin: New York detective Alex Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) is on the hunt for some missing money, which leads him right to Noah and a desperate Kevin.

Villy: Reeling from learning that Billy knew about Victor's whereabouts in Los Angeles, Victoria has a lot of thinking to do about her marriage.

Jamie/Summer/Fen: Michael Baldwin's son begins to show he can be just as jealous and unhinged as his dad was when he first came to town.

Carmine: The mobbed up hunk returns on Dec. 6. With Abby out of town, who in Genoa City will he mix it up with?



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    I hope Chelsea spills the beans and let’s Nikki know that Sharon did indeed torch the ranch. Sharon isn’t going to get any help until everything is out in the open.
    I can see her face now, all wrinkled up, scowling, hands in her hair acting like she doesn’t know what is going on. ‘Everyone hates me, why do you treat me this way, what did I EVER do to you.’
    Well we will have answers or a whole bunch of entertainment when Nikki lets her have it!

  2. Profile photo of Bartman202

    I’m really starting to like the unfolding of these stories:

    I waiting for Chelsea to drop the other shoe and reveal to the Newmans that Sharon torched the ranch – the fall-out from the revelation should be good!!

    Phyllis staying one step behind the shifty Adam is working for me – could Phyllis be the one to keep Newman Exterprises in Jack’s hands knowing what information Adam has courtesy of Victor? Or will she keep quiet about it, allowing the Newmans to get back the family company and Phyllis in Nick’s good graces again?

    Fen is slowly becoming the Michael Baldwin of old – close-mouthed, defensive, plotting. Like Father, like Son! This story could go in many directions…!

    There must be some reasoning for JFP & JG for keeping the character of Carmine around – hmmm…..

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Hmm. So in Nikki declaring that she sees herself in Chelsea, are TPTB trying to set up Adam and Chelsea to be Y&R’s 21st century younger version of Victor and Nikki?

    I always thought that Nick and Sharon were set up to be that 2.0 version but since the last regime wrecked Sharon, I have to wonder whether the new regime has opted to go with Adam and Chelsea.


  4. Profile photo of bobbyew

    I think they have. Cause Adam is Victors namesake and Demon Spawn just like his daddy. He is also a better actor than Nick too. Remember with the Carringtons, Steven left and it was Adam who took the reigns at Colby Co and Denver Carrington. As for Carmine just glad to see him back and I hope he stays around to have a long distance relationship with Abby. She might come back after she takes care of them baby’s at home for a while. Her salary and Debbie’s salary opened up the opportunity for them build those sets we are seeing and also hire some new cosmotologist.

  5. Profile photo of kintex

    [quote=MsAgentProvocateur1]Hmm. So in Nikki declaring that she sees herself in Chelsea, are TPTB trying to set up Adam and Chelsea to be Y&R’s 21st century younger version of Victor and Nikki?

    I always thought that Nick and Sharon were set up to be that 2.0 version but since the last regime wrecked Sharon, I have to wonder whether the new regime has opted to go with Adam and Chelsea.


    I hope not because I see Adam and Sharon more as the 2.0 version. Adam is more like Victor and Sharon is more like Nikki which is why she can’t stand her. They both married into money and have a tendency to breakdown with Nikki ending up in rehab and Sharon in pysch ward or going away.

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Nikki sees herself in Chelsea!? That is ridiculous. Not to mention how much pain Chelsea caused Victoria when she first came to town. Nikki seems to forget fast there but feels completely innocent by things where Sharon is concerned!? Something doesn’t add up.
    I think Sharon was bullied enough for a life time. The fall out should be pretty good but then the bullying should finally stop.
    I enjoy that the writers clearly want to write for Sharon/Adam again but I think in her current state Sharon shouldn’t be in a love triangle. Her new rivalry with Chelsea is going to end badly. I can feel it…

    Let’s hope Noah can get this New York detective off his back by seducing him. ;) There is still hope that Noah is gay right!?

    Fen proving that he is his father’s son I don’t like. Michael’s behavior was explained, he even paid for his crimes for five years in prison. I don’t get why Fen would turn out this way. He comes from a loving home, knowing what is right and wrong. Michael didn’t. I see no explanation in Fen’s behavior … well at least not yet. I only hope we don’t see another young psycho that’s written one-dimensional. We just had a story like that with Ricky.

  7. Profile photo of tedew

    There is no doubt that Chelsea will spill the beans either on purpose or by accident. But wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace if Nikki showed Sharon some compassion instead of the usual stance she always takes when it comes to her ex and future daughter-in-law?

    soapjunkie88 … we now have proof that SORAS results in VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED like BAD SEED children. These kids need to grow up normally to become well adjusted young adults.

  8. Profile photo of Van

    There’s plenty of hope and belief that Noah might still be playing for the other team as far as I’m concerned. Unless and until they SHOW ME that Noah’s lady friend actually exists, there’s always room for a twist. I mean, where is this girl? This storyline is about to kick in and she’s still nowhere to be found. She did allegedly send him the money, didn’t she? And how would Alex know to go sniffing around Noah about the money?

  9. Profile photo of Brando

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz UGH. Jill Farren Phelps is written ALL over these spoilers…I dont know about anyone else but I am finding “Phelps and Griffith’s Y&R” a complete and utter snoozefest! I used to watch Y&R 1st (I watch DOOL and GH too), but now GH and DOOL are WAY better then Y&R…I may be alone in this, but I miss MAB’s writing…albeit it was WACKO sometimes, but it was ALWAYS entertaining IMHO…now I am FF’ing and sometimes not even finishing an episode. What I want for Christmas? IS FOR CBS/SONY TO BRING BACK JACK SMITH AND KAY ALDEN AS HEADWRITERS AND ED SCOTT AS EP!

  10. Profile photo of Van

    Marcelle, casting calls quite often end up being something completely different OR they don’t pan out at all. Still, that casting call came out a while ago, so where’s the actress? We’ve not been given any info on her the way we were given info on all of the new guys. I can’t believe that it’s been difficult for them to find SOMEONE to play a role that is only supposed to be recurring. And again, the storyline in which she’s supposed to be playing a pivotal part, is about to begin. Where is she?

  11. Profile photo of pferrando

    Brando, I’d like nothing more than your Xmas wish as well. But you do remember that Jack, Kay and Ed’s Y and R were more like the current team than MAB or LML.

    Maria’s look of the show was true to them, but not the writing.

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