Lisa Rinna to Guest Co-Host Anderson Cooper Live December 7

Former Days of Our Lives star Lisa Rinna will join Anderson Cooper as a guest co-host of Anderson Cooper Live on December 7. The episode will cover the controversial dating site and Good Housekeeping’s Top 3 Holiday Toy Picks. Glee’s Melissa Benoist will be the featured guest. 

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    poor lisa rinna. she has to help struggling anderson’s already axed show. the manhattan mainstream media complex and hollywood only gave him a daytime talk show bec he’s gay. even before he came officially outta the closet everyone knew.

    anderson’s cnn ratings keep hitting new lows yet hollywood had to reward him w/ a daytime talk show bec he’s a gay liberal. he shouldn’t even be on cnn anymore bec he’s a ratings disaster yet he gets to stay at cnn while ann curry is fired and scapegoated for nbc’s ratings drop bec she’s part japanese and an Asian american woman. how sexist and racist. nbc pressured her to look younger and then replaced her w/ a much younger white woman guthrie who looks spaced out w/ those matt bomer esque crazy eyes. how ageist and racist!

    ann curry’s pressured to look young while ancient looking anderson cooper and his white hair gets to stay on cnn despite his tanking ratings. it’s bec the media and hollywood favors white gays who are the “right kinda minority” while Asian americans can be openly discriminated against by the the “tolerant” manhattan media and hollywood.

    blanderson keeps his job despite cnn’s ratings being crappy bec he’s gay but ann curry’s not given more opportunity to grow at nbc bec she’s an Asian american woman. there are such few Asian americans that are a part of the media and hollywood that it is such a disservice to the Asian american community when they are under represented by the media and hollywood and bullied like how ann curry was bullied by humiliating her when she was replaced after a commercial. Would they have done that to any other “news personality” of any other race? Highly doubtful. She was bullied and humiliated bec Asian americans can be mistreated by the media and hollywood and any backlash is ignored by the “tolerant” manhattan mainstream media and hollywood types that are all for “diversity”.

    Talk abt alienating the Asian american audience who’s spending potential is at 718.4 billion w/c is equal to the planet’s 18th largest economy. It’s even more unwise to alienate Asian americans bec according to the LA Times Asian americans shop more than whites and have higher graduation rates than any group and are the majority at professional and managerial roles at 50% compared to all other americans. Yet Asian americans have to be “otherized” by the media and hollywood w/c is a form of discrimination.

    the mainstream manhattan media complex breathlessly report on gay bullying and suicide while hollywood rallies around gay bullying and yet according to the huffington post Asian american students are bullied the most at more than 51% among all students.

    Utah’s david phan recently committed suicide by shooting himself in front of other students bec of bullying and yet I haven’t read reports from mainstream media. but cnn and abc and nbc and cbs and msnbc breathlessly report abt gay bullying. only the huffington post and local utah media are reporting on it. is it bec the manhattan mainstream media complex does not value the lives of Asian americans? hollywood doesn’t value Asian americans and loves to discriminate against Asian americans thru racist portrayals and lack of representation.

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