Maurice Benard Staying at General Hospital

General Hospital leading man Maurice Benard has signed a new contract extending his time as mafia don Sonny Corinthos. Benard tweeted the news to followers. 

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    I am happy to hear that Maurice Benard is remaining with GH. I understand the unhappiness many have had with the character over the years but I have always liked the actor plus think he’s absolutely adorable. I think the current writers has gone out of it’s way to repair damage done by Guza & Co. Sonny is integrated as part of an ensemble and not front-burner only. Sonny has really shown his commitment to Kate/Konnie during her mental break, relating it to his own battle with bipolar disorder. Under previous writers, Sonny would have abandoned and blamed Kate for her mental illness. Sonny has been treated a heck of a lot better than Jason was under these writers as he abandoned and blamed his wife for being raped!

    I just wish the Kate/Konnie s/l would end and that Sonny would be paired up with Alexis as Maurice Benard and Nancy Lee Grahn have great chemistry and were on fire for that short period in the early ’00’s.

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    Drats!!! I was hoping GH would turn 50 sans Sonny. With Maurice gone the number of legacy characters that could come back permanently that are needed would be great.

    I hope the current regime continues to minimize his role and mob antics.

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    hey mon

    I think Im going to start joining my wifey when she watches the DVR of GH that she watches every day. I could fast forward thru boring-to-tears Y&R and not miss a thing. DAYS is only interesting when Eileen D is on the screen.

    Sounds like GH has got the right mixture of old, new, and has a bona fide organized crime family.

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    Hoooray!! Happy dance!! One of the best actors on daytime and TV in general. Part of me wishes he could spread his wings but with the stupid blackballing of soap actors it’s just not realistic. Here’s hoping this regime gives him a decent story now and gets him out of that stupid boxing ring already. I’m cool with him leaving the mob, but give him something where he show his skills. I’d even put up with pairing him with some of the newbies in some sort of story because he just makes young actors so much better.

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    Was there no doubt that he wasn’t going to sign another contract! He’s the leading star on that show

    (Sorry Anthony Geary) Yes your an icon, but Maurice is the lead and women 18-49 love him!


    Mickey Mouse & Disney Corporation

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    Marland Fan

    [quote=1titanman]Was there no doubt that he wasn’t going to sign another contract! He’s the leading star on that show (Sorry Anthony Geary) Yes your an icon, but Maurice is the lead and women 18-49 love him! Sincerely,
    Mickey Mouse & Disney Corporation [/quote]

    I highly doubt it would hurt the show if MB left. People said the same thing about SB and the ratings have gone UP since he left.

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    I have been a fan of MB since he was Nico on AMC. When MB was working with Megan Ward they had great chemistry. If we had the original Kate back with the new direction they are writing GH I think people would really enjoy Sonny and Kate. Megan Ward as Kate Howard brought out that cute, flirty MB. She made Sonny and hunk.
    Bring back original Kate back (Megan Ward) and I think people will like the rebirth of Sonny Corinthos.

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    I’ll second that NNNNOOOOOOOO! The character of Sonny is done. Stick a fork in it already. Same lines (probably why they are phoned in) same stories, same endings. Zzzzzzzz.

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    MB seems like a really nice guy. I am enjoying the lack of Sonny on my TV screen, so if that continues and we see the character lose more than he wins, then I have no issues with the character remaining on the show.

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    Seems to me GH has been ensemble since the new writers. It looks to me that Sonny is just part of the group now. The mob stuff is limited. I do hope it stays that way.

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    Bring Ric Hearst back as Sonny’s brother Ric Lansing!!! He is Molly’s father, and his presence would ignite Sonny’s story big time!! Maybe Molly gets published and Ric sees her novel and returns to PC…plus it would cause problems with Alexis and Shawn…Sonny and Shawn against Ric! And I will say this again, Ric and Elizabeth were FIYA!!! LOVED THEM.

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    I’m glad Maurice is staying with GH. Thought JFP would lure him to Y &R. When Maurice is given a good storyline, he shines with his acting. He has those intense eyes!! The last few years he looked like he was sleep-walking thru the role but I can’t blame him because it was the same story over and over. I think Frank V and Ron C’s writing has rejuvinated him because he seems so much more into the role lately. I actually see real tears in his eyes when he looks at Kelly Sullivan. He has a big fan-base so I am very happy he is staying on the show. I just want the ratings to keep going up and up. This would be a perfect time for Ric Hearst to return, another great actor!

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    I am always happy when someone gets or keeps a job. I hope they give him something worthwhile to portray. This Sonny and Connie biz just isn’t cutting it.

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