‘Tis the Season For Lucy Coe and Feuding Fathers on General Hospital

Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is back, bitches! SOAPnet has released their promo for General Hospital this Decemberand boy-oh-boy does it look like things are going to be fun in Port Charles. 

Todd (Roger Howarth) gets a surprise when Lucy returns to town. Meanwhile, AJ (Sean Kanan) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) come to blows over Michael (Chad Duell), as Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Anna (Finola Hughes) search for answers.

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    I’m guessing she won’t be slaying any vampires this go-round…. (PC is much-missed by this fan, at least). When Lucy does return, I hope there is some mention of how familiar Livvie and Caleb look, I mean, Sam McCall and John McBain.

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    Hmmmm I hate to say this as a fan of the character of Lucy AND Lynn Herring, BUT I was thinking the exact opposite TV Gord. I thought she looked all tight and stretched up, like they do after visiting too many doctors to keep that forever young look. Jane Elliot and Finola Hughes, are the only two actress that are aging naturally and gracefully on this show. I think both of these two ladies should be commended for not going under the knife, and also think they look fantastic for their ages. I am not sure but I think that the reason Bobbie disappeared is that people were upset with her plastic surgery and how it made her look. I am happy to see Lucy/Lynn back howerver, and look forward to this story line.

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    Lynn Herring has it. That one line read brings me back. I don’t think there will be a re-learning curve for her, like some others.

    I agree that she looks great too. I am glad too because it make me feel less old and really that’s all I care about. I think Lynn has always had an angular / tight look, so I don’t think she looks that nip / tucked. The fact that she hasn’t botoxed the hell out of her worry lines above her nose gives credence to that. I hope that she stays on for an extended period.

    That Cruel Intentions / Les Liaisons Dangereuses story from back in the day with her, Bobbie, and Damian Smith was the absolute best. I need to see if that is on Youtube.

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    AHHHH….My Lucy Coe is BACK!!! I SOOO hope she stays on the canvas for a long time! Once the real Duke returns, let’s pair her up with him! I think she looks like she’s had work done, but I don’t think it looks awful. I think she looks fantastic! Love that she continues to rock her long hair!

    LOVED and miss “Port Charles” so much! Hopefully she will mention some of the characters we love and miss (Kevin, Rafe, Alison) and how abought a mention of how familiar Sam and John McBain look. I was just recapping myself on some of the supernatural stories of “Port Charles” and I gotta say…”Port Charles” was WAY ahead of the vampire/witch/supernatural pheunonominon and it was a highly underrated show! They were “True Blood” and “Twilight” before “True Blood” and “Twilight.” And they weren’t silly supernatural like “Passions.” Godd stuff!

    Only in soaps can a character include librarian and vampire slayer on one resume :) Here’s to Lucy Coe!

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    WHEN & if GH gets cancelled next year, at least it’ll go out on top.

    isn’t that what everyone is always saying, that it’s better to go out on top or something???

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    This show has to stop with the STUNTS! Bring characters back but stop letting them go!!! Lucy Coe is the perfect foe for Todd on the show, as would Sky. Carly needs a woman to battle against otherwise she is just a pushy, uneducated tramp who likes to stir up trouble.

    Since the new regime came on board there has been more and more people brought back from the dead ro oblivion and just for stunts. It’s not drama if there is no fallout or continuation of the story because of it. I for one am done with all the stunt casting that GH is doing. Sure its bringing back old characters but those characters come and go and then we have nothing.

    This OLTL crossover was ridiculous because it was four days of “what/who/when/where” for characters that many on the show dont know or care about. Without having the Lorenzo/Tomas actor on the show to develop the story there IS NO STORY, just more stunt casting. There is no reason for me to return.

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    If Lynn Herring has had work done, she must have had it done the RIGHT way. Other actresses, who shall remain nameless, should have gotten the number to her doctor before they massacred their faces.

    Lucy would be the PERFECT choice to give Maxie advice on surrogacy, since she carried Scott and Dominique’s daughter, Serena. I wonder if Ron knows that? Aren’t Felicia and Lucy friends?

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    I have to agree with you. I think the reason Bobbie Spencer hasn’t been on the show is because she just over-did the plastic surgery, especially the lips. The last time I saw her she looked like a mannequin. I read Jane Elliot does not believe in plastic surgery, she has aged well, has great cheek-bones. Finola looks natural also. Monica has also over-done it, at times her eyes seem to be popping out because they are pulled so much. Why not just age gracefully, but they are on TV and our society worships the youth so I guess some of them feel they have to go the plastic-surgery route. Lynn Herring was always an attractive woman. I’m curious to see if she has had anything done.

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